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Since there are no threads about overclocking M6700 and Quadro Kepler series cards, i decided to make one.

Does anybody here overclocked their "K1000M K2000M K3000M K4000M or K5000M"?

I have K3000M and it seems to be way underclocked and have huge potential.

With brand new alienware M17x R3 (GTX580M) i had throttle issues all the time without any OC and temps hitting 80-90c, noisy fans etc but with precision K3000M OC (+135MHz) there is no throttling and it even stays cool (65c under 100% load).

Scorewise originally K3000M scored 2600 in 3dmark11 but with simple software OC +135MHz core i got 3200 points, by the way 580M GTX in M17X R3 was 3300points).

So as it seems to me, precision is way better machine for gaming than that plastic cheap built kids toy Alienware (i did own M17X R3 for 1 year!)

And GPU wise K5000M seems to have great potential to beat M17x R4 GPU-s in gaming performance.

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Thanks Clyde, theres a lot of information about K5000M, unfortunately not about K3000M at all :)

My results with just overclocking core +434MHz


Temperatures under full load 100% core 1087MHz maximum 63c... And i remember my new m17x R3 with 580M GTX (3DMARK11 3300P) under load was 80c :)

Seems to be better gaming machine than alienware.. At least its my opinion ;)

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I have one question for you... after you flash the new vbios can you go back to stock?

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Why would you want to go to stock? vBIOS only gives you opportunity to overclock (UNLOCK OC), it does not change any voltages or speeds. But i guess you could flash your old bios if you would want to, just make sure when you flash new one to make backup from your old one. There is a guide somewhere how to flash bios via nvtool.

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Anyone know if there is an unlocked BIOS for Dell m6700 which allows performing overclock of the i7-3920XM processor? is very sad to have a processor that could offer a lot more power without been able to use it.

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I am also looking for an unlocked bios for my M6700, i7-3940xm.

Can somebody help me with that?

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Very curious to see if it's possible to overclock the CPU in M6700.

Also Curious about this. The cooling is good on the M6700 and lends itself to overclocking more than most laptops.

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I am having Dell M6700 3840QM +K5000M, It seems the latest vBIOS file is (Dell) K5000m - - 'OCedition' -> higher software overclocking limit, stock 3d clocks 758MHz, but I couldnt download it.

Anyone tested it?

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The precision line is great (I only say that because they are free lol). I've had M6400, M6500, M6600, M6700, to my current M6800. I don't think there is much that can be done in the way of OCing the CPU. With the 64/65 I was able to get to the engineering BIOS menu and disable the BIOS control of the fans. I would then use any flavor of fan control program to keep the systems cooler. I can't get that menu to come up on my M6800. Even though the cooling design in these laptops is pretty good, there are still some issues. With every precision I've had, I would take them apart and fix the shite thermal paste job that comes from the factory. I usually drop 10-15 deg C on the CPU and a few degrees on the GPU.

I have a i7-4800MQ in the M6800 and have tried many configs with Intel XTU. Not a one seems to beat the stock config. Some of them even produce lower scores than the stock config. The main problems are the lack of OC ability in the BIOS/ME FW and COOLING :52_002::23_002:.

The best I can tell you for your M6700 is to get a great thermal paste and do a better job on the CPU/GPU. Then get a good cooler for the laptop to sit on. Then get a vBIOS mod and OC that baby.

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long ago i saw this thread over here :

M6600 BIOS Menu unlock?

one more recently over here :

Dell Precision M6600 Bios Modding and flashing

Too bad, modder there are not familiar with the bios.

it'd be awesome if we can unlock the full potential of our workstation machine.

The only thing holding it back is the overclocking ability compare to alienware and other gaming machine.

i wish 1 day we can actually overclock it ... is there any talented modder here ?

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As per request by a large Dell Business customer the BIOS chip communication is encrypted and can not be dumped or written without signed tools by software means.

We had dumped and re-written a M6700 BIOS directly from a de-soldered chip. It's an AMI BIOS but uses a propitiatory BIOS overlay for the entire menu layout which can not simply being altered without resulting in a giant mess.

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So it's dead end unless dell themself unlock it for us.

...and you even went so far to desoldered the chip.. found out it's an AMI bios ...

if only they haven't put that menu layout over, we would get what we wanted ..

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Any M6700 owner want to scout for the HDA_SD0 signal on the systemboard? By jumpering it, you'll unlock the flash descriptor and then can use fpt.exe/fpt64.exe to take a whole bios + ME FW dump. A modded ME FW could then be created using the ME 8.x utils here. Result being an unlocked BCLK slider in XTU . That would net you an extra 5% performance.




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We did that when testing the dump, but had no effect...BCLK didn't show as ICC libs are missing.

Also at that time FPT didn't support the flash-chip either, but that was a year ago so idk...

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Would you like to try a software provided by Intel called Intel XTU? Maybe It can overclock your 3920XM. Due to my poor CPU, I can't try it on my 6700...

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Intel XTU will not over clock on most dell precision computers, it only under clocks. In order to overclock you would need to unlock the BIOS. So far, I have not found anything via search.

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    • By Brentjuh2000
      Who can help me with modding and getting my 980M working?
      I replaced the M6100 that was originally in the laptop with a 980M but I can't seem to get it to work. I keep getting Code 43
      the Hardware ID : PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D7&SUBSYS_15CD1028
      I heard i need to modify and INF file but i have no experience with it
      The vBIOS is from MSI
    • By Mnky313
      To anyone wondering about eGPUs on M6700s, its not too complicated, there is just a process that must be done on boot every time:
      You need to have the eGPU connected and powered on before booting the laptop, once you get to the Intel RAID screen disconnect the eGPU and wait for windows to load up, once windows is loaded reconnect the eGPU and you *should* be able to use it and be able to hot-swap it (though you should disable it in windows before unplugging it) installing the normal AMD drivers worked fine for me, though the original release of Adrenaline 19.1 blue screened the first time.
      I usually run with 3 1080p monitors attached to the 480, replaced my old i5 desktop with this laptop due to the convenience of storing everything on one machine, the laptop has a 256gb SSD and 2x 750GB hdds in raid 0, there is a 2TB WD black attached to the eSATA on the dock.
      eGPU and external HDD are powered by a 500W evga desktop ATX psu, the EXP GDC's ATX power adapter was clunky and broke while trying to use it, so I just plugged in a CPU 4 pin cable upside down to power it, not worried about it because the bulk of power is coming from the 8 pin on the GPU anyway.
    • By yoshomiamoto
      Hello Fellow Tech Gurus!

      I am having a huge headache after upgrading the ram memory of my m17x r3. 

      First let me start by saying I have been experiencing issues with my current ram setup recently, and so i decided to replace the ram inside of my computer, thinking they had gone out on me. It originally came with x4 2gb memory sticks, and as I started to experience issue, I started to removed them, and I was down to 1 2gb stick. It seems to me ram slots 1 & 2 are not working properly as when I put ram memory into them I would get BSOD in 5-10 mins of computer usage after boot. So I am thinking the slots have gone out. I also tested each slot individually and still same effect.

      So I went on the try out slots 3 & 4 under the keyboard, which seems to work just fine when I use only 1 ram chip in one or the other. But the problem occurs when I try and fill both ram slots in slots 3 & 4 under the keyboard with crucial 2x 8 gb of ram sticks, which total to 16gb total ram memory.

      BSOD and freezing occurs like crazy. But if I use just one of the ram sticks in either slot, no problem.

      I dunno if this is hardware or software. I am think that my motherboard is on its way out the door, but any suggestions you all have would be great. I have already clean installed win 7, and is currently running bios A10 (unlocked, I believe)

      I would also like to note that my motherboards internal vga is not detected, and just noticed this a few days ago upon trying to figure out the ram situation.

      other issues is my laptop battery is pretty much dead, and the only for my computer to cut on is if the AC adapter is connected

      I would also like to know can 1x 16gb 1600 ram stick run in my computer? or is it not supported by my motherboard? 



      Alienware M17xR3 (2011 3D FHD ed)

      Service Tag:

      Bios ver:
      A10 (should be unlocked)

      Operating System
      Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

      Intel® Core™ i7-2960XM CPU @ 2.70GHz

      Intel® 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family

      Nvidia GTX 680m

      IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
      High Definition Audio Device

      Networking and I/O
      DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card
      Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)
      HMA TAP-Windows Adapter V9

      Crucial 8 GB (x2 qty) DDR3 PC3-12800 • CL=11 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1600 • 1.35V • 1024Meg x 64 •

      (these only work under bay 3 or 4, but not dual 8gb at the same time, otherwise BSOD)

      Configuration ID:

      WDC WDBNCE5000PNC SSD (installed into bay 0)
    • By Munchicken
      I just got a Dell r9 m290x card for my m17x r3. I'm using the stock A12 BIOS. Had PEG set in the BIOS and on boot had a black screen. I cleared CMOS, most likely reverted back to SG and on boot had a black screen with 8 beeps.
      I've seen people on here report that it is working for them. Do I need to use a different vBIOS? Or maybe the unlocked A12 BIOS with some settings changed?
      Any help would be appreciated   Thanks.
    • By natasha123
      I use Dell M6700, 2GB K3000M graphics card.
      I see the overclock is hopeless.
      Computer M6700, Windows 10.
      I installed the Msi afterburner, but could not unlock the voltage.
      I flash vbios as per instructions:
      I open the CMD to the desktop (the folder containing rom and nvflash)
      nvflash --protectoff
      nvflash k3000m.rom
      K3000m rom i downloaded here:
      I heard a beep when using the nvflash --protectoff command
       and another beep when using nvflash k3000m.rom
      However after doing all that. I installed the afterburner msi, everything is the same. I have edited the MSG afterburder CFG file by making changes like:
      Format = 2
      CoreVoltageBoost =
      PowerLimit =
      ThermalLimit =
      ThermalPrioritize =
      CoreClkBoost =
      MemClkBoost =
      VDDC_Generic_Detection = 1
      All have no effect.
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