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  1. I've been using a 65W PSU since 2014, - no issues so far. I run both Linux and Windows.
  2. There's a lot you can upgrade in this machine. CPU, RAM, SSD. Keep in mind that quad core processors will require a cooling upgrade. A good thermal paste is not going to be enough. Check the owners thread for details. But for a time being you could set max CPU power to 99% in the power settings, that disables turbo boost.
  3. Hi Guys, It's good to see this thread still alive and kicking! What's more, some passionate people are still looking for more mods, upgrades and improvements! 4 years later, my machine is still my main workhorse, no regrets, no failures! Would like to chime in with regards to cooling mods. @Batyanko and Shikyo, - good job guys! Few years ago I did some modding of my own, then reached out to a couple thermal engineers for insights. Potentially, we could tame a 3x40QM by adding another pipe to the heatsink. The fan is pretty strong at max RPM and wouldn't be a major bottleneck in this case. Two pipes wouldn't double the termal dissipation envelope, of course, but we would gain about 10-15W IF we can successfully get it out of the system. The radiator/grills is the main issue here. Which can be somewhat mitigated by adding layers of PGS - Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet, It can also be slapped on the pipes and heatsink. Pipes can be ordered from enertron and PGS from digikey. We can also slightly improve the air circulation inside the system by drilling small holes in the back plate. I think the cooling can be improved sufficiently to keep a 3x40QM under 85c running at max clocks 24/7. Right now, for reference, my heatsink (single pipe) can only manage about 30-32w with stock fan control and about 35-37w at max RPM. Game on!
  4. The ram is totally fine and working at advertised speeds. I'm too busy these days, trying to squeeze study in between full time work and family. Specs are in my sig. 3840QM, OS - Win7, downgraded from W10 (a joke of an operating system designed to completely ruin both user privacy and OS experience).
  5. First, let me correct myself. Previous runs of passmark were done with turbo off lol. Here's the normal score - no OC.
  6. One thing noticed right away was that FPS in CS GO went up by about 40% (moved from 1600 Cl-11 to 2133 Cl-11). Which benches do you guys want me to run?
  7. F.50. Ran a bunch of tests, passmark memory score in line with 2133 cl-11
  8. Hey Guys, it looks like you actually can get 2133mhz RAM working at advertised speeds. I just installed 16GB Gskill Ripjaws and it's reporting correctly in CPU-Z and other tools. Am I missing something?
  9. Is this a valid original iso? The checksum isn't matching any of the microsoft ones.
  10. Looks like the mode I was using in tpfancontrol is not 100% lol. It's the "insanity" mode, or "damaging". The thing is, I switched over to linux and the temps are too high at times, so Im looking into ways of managing the fan. Appreciate any insights on the matter. Edit : Just read this post again and it doesn't make any sense lol. Missing too many hours of sleep.... So, to clarify, NBFC has a linux version which uses the same profiles as under windows, so I was hoping to make it work. I was especially interested to get the same fan speed as with tpfancontrol - which is the "damaging" or hairdryer mode. But it looks like I can't get it to work at all under linux mint 17.2.
  11. Hey M8, long time no seen! How's life? Looks like I've missed out on a lot of action here.... Sorry for the necro here but did you actually manage to run the fan at 5k rpm using this program? if yes, what settings did you use? I tried loading both 8560p and zbook 15 but both are not doing true 100%. It's showing 100% inside the program but the fan runs at about 3k rpm. Looking at the xml config files Im not seeing any settings with RPM, only percentage % of the fan speed on a scale 0 to 255. I guess it's reading the registers somehow but those readings are clearly incorrect. Am I missing something here?
  12. Yeah, it's been a while.Too busy with work and other stuff. How are things around here? Any new exciting developments? Has anyone managed to run 1866mhz+ 16gb RAM yet? Last time I checked it was still capped at 1600... Will submit the data when I have a moment. I'm finally going for eGPU this Xmas!
  13. I wouldn't say the 3840QM is a bad choice. Mine is able to maintain stock speeds minus ~100-200mhz and up to 4Ghz on a single core with OC. But that's when running on IGP and I bet it would go full gas on eGPU (will test). But the part that I like the most is that it runs ICE COLD! when locked down to 3632QM frequencies. I had both CPUs and the 3840QM wins hands down in every respect. As for 3820QM/37x0QM I saw those dropping 100-200mhz too when fully loaded on IGP, so dunno if they are more efficient.
  14. tried hynix 1866 and it was downclocked to 1333. maybe Crucial will have a better luck, hard to say.
  15. before you guys spend money on RAM, make sure it supported. Last time I checked the system wouldn't accept anything above 1600mhz. If you put 1866 it would downclock to 1333
  16. @jacobsson, Good stuff, Bro! Keep at it, I might be able to join you soon (currently too busy with work and D3 lolz). Keep in mind that you will need to completely disassemble the machine to mount the new HS. If everything is done correctly, the radiator will become your new bottleneck and I don't really know how we can improve that. I thought about using a thin copper wire and wrap it around the bottom pipe a gazzilion of times but that would only slow heat buildup and we need something to take it away from the system. Ideally, we would need a complete redesign of the HS, replacing the pipe with a 8mm and less flattened one. maybe adding more fins on the radiator's side. Then we would see a serious improvement.
  17. @Nando, You got a lucky chip, bro. In my case it's not about temps, but rather a bios locked power envelope. Even when I run my machine without the back panel, elevated with a modded HS at very low room temp + maxed out fan, while I never cross 80c during load, it still won't hold 3.6 on all cores.
  18. I had F.41 when flashed ME FW but updated to F.42 later on. I think you have to reinstall XTU several times to get the BCLK slider. Not sure if that makes any difference but I also did a complete power cycle of the machine between the installs.
  19. U can run it at the 35W performance level and have far better temps than with a 35W quad. You could also run it at the performance level of a 35W dual core and have even better temps. That alone is big pro in my book. Other than that it's about bragging rights mostly and potentially making your system a bit more future proof. In everyday life and even gaming, I don't notice any difference between a 3632QM and 3840QM. But I do a ton of virtualizaiton and there those extra clocks shine. I was hitting 70% utilization on a 3632QM when running my virtual environment. Now it's like 35-40% tops.
  20. See there's been some progress here! A couple of things: The CPU is definitely limited at about 35W, hence all high end quads show reduced clocks. Your processors are not faulty, just locked at reduced clocks by 100-200mhz. The good thing is you still benefit from the relatively high clocks, extra threads and cache. Also, the reason there's a temp drop when putting a cooper shim between the cpu and the hs is because of the increased pressure. You could also put thin washers on the HS screws and get better results without using any shims, the fewer layers you have between the cpu and pipes - the better are your temps. I was gonna do that but my current mod is adequate to control the temps as is, even at 30c room temp. But if you are aiming at the perfection: 1)put washers on the hs screws to increase the pressure between the cpu and HS. 2)glue extra copper on top of the hs. (if you can mod an extra pipe in such a way that it would get enough surface contact with the radiator, would be legenDARY!!) 3)drill holes in the back cover to improve air circulation. 4)* If you don't mind the noise, max out the fan whenever benching or gaming.
  21. Great effort, M8! Alas, we all know the answer. If HP honors you with a reply, it will probably be somewhere in the "not tested, not supported, not designed, no..." ballpark I'd be surprised if the was a constructive and positive feedback from them (or any other vendor for that matter). Still, crossing fingers and toes wherever possible. Good luck!
  22. Now, when you say bang for buck do you mean the performance? If so, Clevo and their resellers (some mentioned here) would be the best option. The thing is, when it comes to high-end laptops, there's more to it than just power. What about durability and long term reliability? How good is support? Can I overclock the components and will the cooling system handle it at full load? What about the extra features, ports, upgradebility options? If you try and look for answers to the above questions, you may find that Clevo's aren't always the best choice though I agree, price/performance ratio is their top selling point. Personally, I'd look into something that will last and handle everything I might wanna throw at it.
  23. Very curious to see if it's possible to overclock the CPU in M6700.
  24. ^^ Here's a W7 (stock) score for reference: i73840QM+iGP on 90W PSU. Wonder why there's about 15% difference in the GPU part?....
  25. It shows unlocked here too. To check the cpu clocks click sensors and look in the maximum column.
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