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  2. Hello Klem.. sorry for disturbing you.. not gonna do a new post for this minimal request .. can u mod my bios too with nvme boot support? prema bios p650se.. this is the link, thanks in advance https://www.sendspace.com/file/9mp0x5
  3. Have you found an answer to this, I'm new also and want to do the same thing to mine.
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  5. Hey, I need my G580 bios unlocked Please help me out here Link to bios backup: https://www.sendspace.com/file/yycgs8 Thanks I really appreciate it.
  6. Yes make sure the BIOS is set to pure UEFI which means switching from Legacy to UEFI and then disabling the Legacy Option ROM and Secure Boot. If you were set to Legacy before then the card shouldn't even work at all so maybe you have UEFI but not a few of the other options disabled. and yes, you will need to mod the .inf for newer drivers. Here is a guide that I originally used to learn how to do it. https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php One extra thing you need to do is first run the installer from Nvidia and let it fail. DO NOT close the failed installer but instead go to your C: drive and find the NVIDIA folder. Copy this and paste it in the same C: drive. It will auto-name itself NVIDIA - Copy. Now close the installer and the original NVIDIA folder should disappear and you'll be left with the copied folder that you can modify. Once you've learned how to do the modification to the .inf then do don't forget to disable driver signature enforcement directly before attempting to install the modified driver or it will fail again. Hold SHIFT and click Restart. Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Startup Settings Click Restart Press option 7 to restart with Driver Signature Enforcement disabled Go to the International folder of the NVIDIA - Copy folder and double click on the Setup.exe
  7. I probably won't be doing anything too crazy with this, or leaving overclocked much higher than what I can now for long. I'm mainly curious about what my (relatively) older laptop GPU can push. You wouldn't happen to know if it's possible to make/install custom bios for laptops to attempt overclocking the CPU and ram, do you? Also, I can't seem to upload my vbios, I keep getting an error popup that says: "/var/www/html/IPS/uploads/monthly_2021_08 could not be created. Please contact us for assistance."
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  9. Yes, sometimes if you set some settings to wrong value, then laptop may be can't start. In first post of related thread svl7 wrote: "... Dell has hidden a lot of options in the BIOS of the Alienware M17x R4, the modified BIOS versions here will show you all the hidden menus and allow you to further tweak your system and optimize its performance. Don't change anything you're not familiar with. There might be functions available which don't work on your system, so use this BIOS with care. It should only be used by advanced users. In case you mess up and your system refuses to boot after applying the changes you make, remove the AC adapter, battery and coin cell battery in order to clear the non-volatile ram of the BIOS. This should fix most issues..." Also, if you will set some settings to wrong value and after this laptop can't start, you can read info from this link: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m17x-r4-bricked-bios-recovery-not-vbios.683080/
  10. Thanks Klem !!! Managed to flash a modded BIOS which was working fine as it would let me chose to force the IGPU !!! But then i messed a bit with the settings and was dumb enough to exit while saving... Having both GPU and iGPU disabled... So now i'm getting a black screen + 8 beeps (LCD failures). Is it possible to revert to default BIOS settings without actually accessing the BIOS ??? THanks !
  11. Something else I don't understand. In win10, the card works fine in optimus mode. I ran furmark, everything works correctly. But if the peg mode is set in bios, I get 8 beeps. Why is that?
  12. Hi! Help pls with my Z710. I can't insert a wifi card. Thanks. https://www.sendspace.com/file/watw28
  13. I think Nvidia has blocked the installation of new drivers (without modifying the inf file) on some old ID combinations (Device ID + OEM ID + Vendor ID + PCI ID). You can try to install Nvidia drivers with already modified inf files from this link: https://premamod.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/j95-nvidia-inf/
  14. Thanks @Klem! gm204mod.rom still works and does not hang. I will be testing more. Another question: driver 471.41 is not installed ("This graphics driver did not find a compatible graphics hardware"). The last driver we managed to install is 399.24. Is this a feature of vbios-mod? Is it possible to install 471.41 without modifying the inf file?
  15. Hello! I'm posing here my request for lenovo g580(20150) bios unlock. Please send me instructions. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi! In your case the bios chip it is EN25Q32B (no Winbond 25X40BVSIG)! The bios dump should have size 4096KB.
  17. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/forum/69-alienware-m18x-aw-18/
  18. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/forum/55-lenovo/
  19. Hi! You can post here, or send me your file stock vbios, I can take a look. To create your file stock vbios, you can use GPU-Z utility.
  20. Can you remove WIFI Whitelist on Lenovo Y50-70 bios ,Thank https://www.sendspace.com/file/07fh0m
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