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  2. ACER E5-553G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Hello klem, this is my vars.txt. I need your help to enable amd-v on my acer E5-553G-F79R vars.rar
  3. Today
  4. Sager p157sm beeping for a minute then turns off

    Hi, i'm having the same issue with you. But i did more than you but still not manage to solve it. Mine is P150SM with GTX780M. Old but still rock solid until yesterday. I've never touch the BIOS not the EC. It still at stock. I've done re-pasting both CPU and GPU. -I've tried re-seat the ram, i even remove both the ram and the problem still the same. -I'm able to boot in windows 7, then it started to flash. -Problem also happened on Bios. -I've tried to boot with all mechanical drive, msata, RAM, even GPU removed.. and it still Beep and shutdown (No display due to no ram inserted). -I'm about to purchase CPU and GPU fan replacement, which some suggested it can be the issue. I read on another thread that for Clevo, if the bios unable to detect GPU it share the same error as Overheat. So i not sure whether it's my GPU dying.. or the board or EC FYI= I got HW monitor installed, the lowest temperature i got before it start beep are CPU <37C and GPU <35C .
  5. Hello! Could you please help unlock my Bios (wifi whitelist fix vibios)? Thank you in advance. https://www.sendspace.com/file/x7j5uj
  6. Acer Iconia 6120 - 'unlocked' BIOS

    ....so for all who are interested.....I was able to purchase a 1st gen. Intel i7-640M, the highest-level chip that may work to upgrade the Iconia 6120. I found out the Intel i7-920XM or i7-940XM (Extreme Mobile series) won't work because it does not have on-board graphics like the i7-640M does. I've downloaded the "unlocked" 1.07 BIOS, so I need to work with that first to see if any settings need to be tweaked for upgrades to the CPU, fixed memory, and SSD drive. I will let this site know (once I receive all parts in and attempt the upgrade) whether or not it was successful. I will also let you know if the 8G memory limitation can be breached.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Hey all, Do you think I could get my hands on the adapters CAD (Computer Aided Design) board? This is because I am currently an electrical engineering student and with the equipement provided at my Uni I can actually fabricate it myself(hopefully).
  9. Clevo P150EM + GTX 970M FPS Issue

    15/12/2017 reporting : solved
  10. M18x r1 upgrading

    The above trick worked for me. Once you clear CMOS, settings go to default. You should be able to see your card on the first page of the BIOS when you hit F2. I am assuming your card is brand new. You should NOT need to change the voltage settings; it should run with the default BIOS settings to POST. If you do not see the new 580m and your 560m works just fine you may have a bad card or the vBios may not be compatible with the M18xR1 (e.g. MSI) and needs to be re-flashed. These are possibilities. The 580m should be PnP if the setup works for your 560m which leads me to think there is something wrong with your new card or it is not seated correctly in the primary slot. I am out of ideas at this point. I would re-trace your steps and graze more threads.
  11. Clevo P150EM + GTX 970M

    Hi Buddy Sorry for late responded,i did not get on this thread for couple of days,until today n saw ur post ! i've download the file,restarted n disable driver signature ( i think u only do this if u run win8 and win10 , win7 no needs,as i seen this in some other post,but i did disable it to make sure any way) then a failure again ! the NV installer showed the driver is incompatible for the hardware ! what's a wasted lots of your times n efforts into this,n at the end it's still not works out ! so sorry Buddy ! n i'm so grateful n much appreciated for all the help you've done ! any way like u said,i don't play games,so with this old driver it is settled for me now , but i did want to tried the new drivers and it won't works out,so i can live with that ! hey,just want to ask you : as u said u have P150EM running GTX 980M , r u still had it ? did u ever put the mSATA in it as a boots disk n the 2.5 HDD for game n storage ? coz i run my with 500GB mSATA for the OS n 1TB HDD for movies,photos n storage ! but i found out the mSATA is not run in the main port,instead on the port 4 ,n the 2.5 HDD run on the main port, when i seen the mSATA a bits slow to write n lower score in win7 index,i checked with intel rst control centre n i seen the port which the mSATA in,it running only SATA2 3GB but not SATA3 6GB like the port running 2.5 HDD ! i thinks it's strange,because this is the first laptop i ever had which runs 2 different speed for the SATA port,all my others laptops,they're all runs the same speed,but this P150EM is not ! ?? yes,i feels it's should run same speeds,i worries may be something wrong with the mobo,so i just want to find out : is ur laptop,or any others gentlemen here,any one got this problem ? please respond ! any way,i'd like to said to you, my Aussie Buddy,that's i 'm thank you so much for all the works and efforts u've done to helped me to installs the latest driver,i'm appreciated Mate ! cheers.can u reply about the mSATA things ? please ! Warm regards.
  12. Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    I'd try contacting Gerald, the maker of the adapters.
  13. Are you on the latest updated bios from ASUS 210? Are you trying to flash from windows, dos, or within the bios?
  14. Last week
  15. Hi Klem! Can you help me with my Lenovo ideapad z510? This is my results file: Results Z510 And one more thing... Can you explain me or send me a link of how I can flash the file that you will send me? Sorry for my English Thanks in advance!
  16. 1060 1070 Work in p570wm

    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/successful-mxm-gpu-upgraded-laptops.805136/ -p570wm with Gtx980m SLI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2yH4BD3ID0 -p570wm (Panther 5) with MSI Gtx1060 (120hz panel and not LVDS) -p570wm (Panther 5) with Eurocom Gtx1070 (120hz panel and not LVDS) -p570wm (Panther 5) with Quadro P3000 (120hz panel and not LVDS) https://twitter.com/EurocomTech/status/925396049006645249 -p570wm (Panther 5) with Quadro P5000 (120hz panel and not LVDS)
  17. CLEVO P370EM Upgradeable with GTX 10xx series cards?

    you can easily use an MSI Gtx1060, an Eurocom gtx1060 or also an Eurocom gtx1070 Or check also this thread about and upgrade with a MSI Gtx1070 -p370em with MSI Gtx1070 SLI http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/msi-1070-mxm-into-p370em-an-adventure.806069/
  18. Hey @Klem, such a generous soul you are, for helping everyone get the best out of their rigs. Do you think it's possible to unlock my 970m 6gb on a XMG P706 ( Clevo P671RE ) ? I would gladly send a few beers your way. .
  19. Asus G751 disassembly/repaste, bad OC fix

    Hi! You can reset the settings very simply. If you temporarily remove all your RAM sticks, and instead of them temporarily insert one another RAM stick (with different RAM size, or from different manufacturer).
  20. Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Anyone still selling?
  21. Alienware M17x R4 suddenly stops working

    probably something is wrong with the charging mosfets or some other internal issues..try running it without battery a see the difference
  22. Clevo P370EM

    Hi. I have a Clevo P370Em laptop Currently, BIOS Revision: 1.02 PM v2 Is there another version? Or is it possible to activate the I7 cpu's integrated (HD vga) video card somehow? AMD's video card is the biggest I can put in crossfire. There are currently 2 HD 7970s in the machine. Thanks.
  23. Asus G751 disassembly/repaste, bad OC fix

    Reviving old thread. Question, Klem I locked myself out of PC like it doesn't turn on or anything after XTU overclock. Is there any other way to return bios to stock other than USB method as I don't have any reaction at all from my computer or is it screwed at this point ?
  24. ACER E5-553G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Hello klem this is my vars.txt i need your help thank you vars.rar
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