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  3. Hi Klem! I reach this Forum in Turkey Ankara I have a problem with my Thinkpad T440P. There are 2 Bios that operate my device, one of them is requesting a White List, someone is requesting a Supervisor Password. I would really apreciate if you help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kyG1HX6AU9Cov3xYCWuFc9_867vBHUsc/view?usp=sharing Supervisor password Problem Bios https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a97Ek89oFAzER_1Fns_Io0zloAphJSTS/view?usp=sharing Whitelist Problem Bios
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  5. ligo6 This mean that conversation has been deleted. You just delayed watching and answering. This was due to the limitation of the number of letters in my PM Inbox.
  6. Hi everyone. After five, grat years of usage of my Clevo P377SM-A a battery pack needs replacement. I can by a new battery pack but what would be fun of that. I disassembled the pack and make some measurement. The battery pack contains 8 ICR18650-30B hi voltage cells. Those cells are simply where out. Voltage on all is pretty the same even after complete discharge. +-50mv. But it is going down in 10min . And there is a problem. I can exchange those cells for a new high capacity cells like INR18650-35E. INR18650-35E has max charge voltage of 4.2V. Acording to the service manual the charge voltage should be 16.8V (4.2V/cell). Unfortunately after measurements the charge voltage of the patery pack is 17.60V (4,4V/cell) which is good for ICR18650-30B but not for INR18650-35E. The new pack will last for about a month. I have no idee why this battery pack is charged so high. I would like to change the charge voltage to 16.8V. Now, the main charge IC is OZ8681 and I have no datasheet for this IC. And there is two possible explanation how this charging circuit works. 1. Charging IC is "talking" with the battery pack IC ( I2C) and receive desired charge max voltage. Since the battery pack IC does not do the current limit ( only current balancing, and cut off) charge current is set in OZ8681 to 2.8A (according to the manual). 2. OZ8681 is doing both current and voltage limiting by sensing the actual output voltage through one of the currant detection lines ( ICHP, ICHM) or by detecting output voltage through LX line. In first case there is really nothing to do since the battery pack IC will continuously demand higher voltage. But in the second case the voltage can be manipulated to lower it. However the LX signal line is connected before the choke and capacitors that are filtering the PWM distorted current. If anyone have an idee how to change the output voltage in this circuit please give me some hint. Best regards, Chris
  7. I got Sapphire Radeon R9 380X card. I bought it just to test with @gerald adapter on PCI Express compatibility. Card is old, was repaired, but still in working condition (i complete Mass Effect: Andromeda with it). Card itself support both PCI Express 3.0 and DirectX 12 and GPU-Z indeed see it max bandwidth as x16 3.0, but card work only at x8 2.0 (5 GT\s). So, maybe difference between GeForce and Radeon how maximum working bandwidth is shown to user. Radeon show everything, GeForce show only it's working conditions. I also must say, that after i install driver for Radeon i didn't got Error 43 on card. Simple and easy. I got UL 3DMark Advanced Edition benchmark and it's PCI Express test, so i actually tested bandwidth for both: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming and Sapphire Radeon R9 380X. It's same - 3.28 GB\s.
  8. Hi Hello Great that i found this forum Please unlock my bios i need to change my WIFI card in my parents laptop. Here is my file from BACKUP Tools 12.2 https://www.sendspace.com/file/oqhozu?fbclid=IwAR0p6K2wF-atRXSc5584DSB2Ucw9Pmx6UFBmT4Vob3z_to_gJCRqdY7FDrc Thanks a lot, great job, all the best
  9. Hello! It's been 5 years since this but anyways xd, did you finally get that bios cracked? If so, how did you do that? Ty!!
  10. Hi Klem, Could you please help me whitelist my T440p bios version 2.55. Thanks a lot! https://mega.nz/file/3dR11a4C#L2cN8S8m2X1Pc-x_2BFNaYPeP94PJ9YvvO16GESSs-Q
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  12. Hi, Klem! You can help me with removing whitelist in Lenovo G710 (20252) (Main Board) DUMBO2 REV 2.1 https://yadi.sk/d/yCxIHroYtrVIiw https://yadi.sk/d/POzwaJNko0H0WA
  13. Hi! Just read the first post of this thread. To unlock your bios, as first step, you need to read your bios chip with hardware SPI programmer.
  14. Hello, I need to whitelist removal for wi-fi card, please help.Bios version : GIET76WW(2.26)file : https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/z5g45ZqgwnHXBClt7zV2agThanks
  15. Hi I bought a NVIDIA M3000M and installed it into my Dell M6800. The GPU card was in a HP ZBook G3. When I installed into the Dell it kept saying unknown device and keeps installing the default Microsoft drives. I installed GPU-Z and it shows that it is a Nvidia M3000M. NVFlash the GPU with a rom file I downloaded from TechPowerUp however still cant load the drivers for Windows 10 64bit. As far as I know the rom file dit load correctly. Any advice to get the card working correctly will be appreciated Thank you,
  16. Hey, sorry I'm a bit late to this one as I've been away but the additional tools can be found in the M18x R2 download file. It would be great if they could update this one to include everything it needs.
  17. Hi, Klem - Unlock hidden additional menus- Remove whitelist - Unlock vbios https://mega.nz/file/PiwnzYrS#ZxmKgud152sKVFjqBC1C6jhloXBkHGAm9WCY6K711Tw
  18. Hello I need to unlock my bios (20150) https://www85.zippyshare.com/v/6XWR2nD5/file.html Thanks a lot for doing this job
  19. Klem Selam Ben Turkey Ankara bu Forum ulaşmak Thinkpad T440P cihazım ile alakalı bir sorunum var. Cihazımı Çalıştıran 2 Adet Bios var bunlardan birisi White List istemekde birisi Supervisor Şifre İstemekte Yardımcı olursan çok sevinirim. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kyG1HX6AU9Cov3xYCWuFc9_867vBHUsc/view?usp=sharing Supervisor password Problem Bios https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a97Ek89oFAzER_1Fns_Io0zloAphJSTS/view?usp=sharing Whitelist Problem Bios Şimdiden Çok teşekkür ederim.
  20. Hi Klem, I'm contacting you because I just bought a new T440P motherboard and I would like you to unlock the bios at 100% hidden menu as well as remove the wifi and wwan whitelist and add the RSA digital signature so that my thinkpad beeps at startup please ? Bios Original : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e5Mk8uzIi8GGs95Vs0mj72-QBHWc--2Z/view?usp=sharing I donate $ 10 to you on paypal right away I would need you to send me your paypal email please. Awaiting response very quickly please and thanking you in advance.
  21. Hi Klem, I would like to unlock my bios and vbios for my y50-70 for overclocking the GPU. I would really appreciate your help if you could unlock my bios for me. I couldn't attached the BIOS in PM. Here is the link for my BIOS : bios Thanks.
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