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  2. Hey, would be awesome if someone could help me unlock advanced menus, vbios and remove the whitelisting of my bios https://www.sendspace.com/file/8cyclj Thanks in advance
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  4. These are soe good games https://bestinternetpackages.com/jazz-internet-packages/ https://bestumrahpackages.com/ https://goodmorningimages.info/ https://goodnightimages.info/
  5. Thanks .. it wouldnt let me upload the files here so i made a link through wetransfer https://we.tl/t-CMPxaCZnXQ
  6. Hello, im trying to use msi gtx 750ti using exp gdc beast and have follow all these steps but mu laptop wont boot and the screen just showing some garbage/artifact display.i am using aspire 4750g, same system spec as you.do you know how to fix this problem?
  7. Hi! Yes, I can prepare unlocked vBIOS for both your cards, but you should understand that GTX 980M can be overclocked very little even with unlocked vBIOS. You can post here or send me your files stock vBIOS from your cards.
  8. GTA is one of my favorite games. Perhaps you should try searching for a mod version of this game
  9. Hi! Are you still making these Bios patches? My laptop is a lenovo g400s. I am Brazilian, so the motherboard is slightly different if compared to the one present in the international version of this notebook (it doesn’t have an integrated GT 720M GPU). Does this make any difference?
  10. @Klem I have 2 dell precision m6800. One has a m4000m and the other has a 980m. I want to overclock both to get the maximum gaming performance out of them both. Can you help me
  11. There's a difference on Bus Interface but I don't understand this. Your GPU showing x16 1.1 instead of 3.0 not like your son's GPU. If they are completely the same laptop, try to equalize the laptop driver to the latest version for PCIe driver, GPU, Bios, etc. Then flash it again.
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  13. Howdy Klem May i please have my BIOS unlocked and whitelisted on my T440p V2.55 Link to BIOS file: https://computerjedicomau-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/peter_computerjedi_com_au/EapktvubBRhOvA1yIJeCVcUBYOOtN2sCMtaix_2TPBAoXQ?e=hedFQk
  14. Hello Klem I have a G580 , 2189 Could I ask for whitelist removal on my Lenovo ? A link for the results is here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/c8t3hk Thank you very much
  15. hi i have a y50-70 1080p non touch model can you help me unlock the bios menus and vbios and whitelist https://www.sendspace.com/file/wfkkky
  16. Thanks for your answer Mine https://ibb.co/kXr4Lz8 my son https://ibb.co/rZkk1kV Edit: ok so don't work https://prnt.sc/srlvxe
  17. Hi I have same problem did you solve the problem?
  18. Hi Klem I just wanna say thank you to you and to whom made this K3000M modded vbios. I've just realised that I got promoted then I try this modded vbios and it works perfectly. Screenshots Before After
  19. I think the modded vbios here have increased the base clock speed slightly for stability and better performance. That's why you notice a difference gaming performance in between your Alienware. It could be possible to overclock, just check it using NvidiaInspector or MSI Afterburner to see how many MHz that you can increase. So if you have decided to flash it, don't forget to save the original vbios from your son's Alienware. There's always a risk by doing this. Do not reboot if you failed to flash the modded vbios, just flash it again until success or flash it with original vbios. Good luck
  20. Last week
  21. Yes, i already modified the driver, but it tells me, i have the false Windows Version. And otherway as i was told, an unmodified Bios doesn´t support 120Hz and specially no 3D. So i´d really try to flash an unlocked Bios. So could you please unlock my Bios?
  22. Thank you for this answer, actually I just saved this vbios via GPU-Z, good I hesitate to flash, that brings me this VBIOS concretely because I never cared about a possible overclock on my machine, however I have noticed a difference in performance between my machine and that of my son so my question is, does a vbios already unlock this graphics card? which will explain these differences, thank you for all these answers in any case, this forum is great for your responsiveness. I will not go blind, I would like to have your confirmation for a flash without risk, thank you
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