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  3. link is broken. where i find unlocked bios?
  4. @BAKED Hi I have just tried to flash back to OEM bios but its not letting me boot up into the usb drive during the process how can I fix this?
  5. I am using 3.08 bios and ive tried reflasing for 3.05 to follow the steps shown here. However, i am having some trouble downgrading my bios. Everytime i run tge program it tells me that i have a newer bios version installled...
  6. +1 I really appreciate what u do, u're bringing our laptops back to life
  7. Sorry but I have no more adapters.
  8. Hm, looks like nobody knows anything about the GTX680M anymore. OK I'll go ahead and try to hack it alone. Thanks for the help.
  9. @BAKED how do I increase current limit or stop the throttling that's happening? I still get the EDP Other(current limit throttling) according to throttle stop even after flashing the unlocked bios on my i7 6820HK (Clevo P65-RSG)
  10. If you want go back to OEM bios, then you can download stock Clevo bios from Clevo repo, and flash it with Clevo official procedure. https://repo.palkeo.com/clevo-mirror/
  11. Is this good?
  12. i too will donate... but also want a way to go back to OEM bios backup without error
  13. Kindly waiting for a BIOS that fixes the typos and next month you can count on a donation for sure @BAKED as an appreciation for your work
  14. From a 680 to 980 it's preety much a PnP job, just make sure to have extra pads to mach the thickness required, and the sink to make a perfect contact with all the parts properly.
  15. baked why cant i reinstall OEM bios??? My post got deleted
  16. What is your current CPU, memory, and video card? You can upgrade the components on that PC without changing the motherboard. * Upgrade your ram to 4GB 800 MHz DDR2 ram * Upgrade the 375w power supply to a 500w * Upgrade the CPU to the Kentsfield Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz 8MB 1066FSB or the Conroe XE X6800 2.93GHz 4MB 1066FSB * Upgrade the video card to any of the newer PCIe x16 video cards Visit Dell Latitude E6410 Manual for more tips.
  17. This thread is just for discussing the mods and not how to mod, if you want to talk about modding then start a new thread.
  18. Here I am wondering why he does it... Not like someone is being rude to him. I'm just curious on how he does it.
  19. looks like he just deletes posts asking this question, mine just got deleted, i got no message as to why, hard to trust the guy
  20. Answer just two questions @BAKED : if you modify the BIOS in a Hex Editor does it lose the signature it has? You sign it with Clevo's tools or those tools can be found in the web? (to sign the BIOS or preserve its original signature)!? Thanks
  21. There's instructions in the first post.
  22. Yep I reckon 7700K is the way to go as well cheaper and same IPC
  23. The Intel core i7 6820HK throttles due to Current limit throttling (according to Intel extreme utility) and EDP Other (according to limit reasons in throttle stop)This only happens once the GPU GTX 1070 is under load(CPU+GPU workload) but when its a CPU only work load such as CPU-Z benchmark or throttle stop bench it doesn't throttleIt drops its frequency from any set frequency apart from the 3.2ghz default so if I was to OC to 3.5ghz it would keep dropping to 3.1ghz and sometimes even lower. More information can be requested and sent.Any help to alleviate this issue will be much appreciated? thanks
  24. Any help with the bios install anyone? (I mean I have done it on a desktop before but not laptop) and I figured out why the download isn't working apparently I need about 5 post if am correct?
  25. Sweet any idea how to install bios? BTW download link not working not sure why
  26. Hello new here was just searching on internet for unlocked bios to stop Clevo P65RS-G(core i7 6820HK)) from throttling (throttles due to EDP OTHER according to throttle stop) will the P650RS bios work for this laptop? Whats the use of paying extra for unlocked CPU but can't overclock clock due to throttling
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