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  2. Hi, could you please remove the whitelist so I can install any PCIe wireless card? This ThinkPad T540p has SPI1 and SPI2 chips. I copied both of them just in case. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VfQH5jiqxneLHkfHpA9F8cWptuXzTNIj?usp=sharing Thanks!
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  4. Hi, I have a GT70-0NE i7 3630qm-GTX680M laptop. I want to install a 120hz panel on the device. Is it possible to do this? As a result of my research, I have not come across anyone who has done this for this model before. The device has a 1080p LVDS 60hz panel. Panel code of my screen: B173HW01. (17.3" 1920x1080P 60Hz 40Pin LVDS type). https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/1005002950505191.html?src=google&aff_fcid=2d3537578cf74b08935ebb1233643b20-1631304359552-05811-UneMJZVf&aff_fsk=UneMJZVf&aff_platform=aaf&sk=UneMJZVf&aff_trace_key=2d3537578cf74b08935ebb1233643b20-1631304359552-05811-UneMJZVf&terminal_id=3f56dc67752a4612982289de4c445fd8 https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/10000220827960.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.2756243fz6VOcr&algo_pvid=3a82b84a-ac7a-41c5-883a-5112170bf683&algo_exp_id=3a82b84a-ac7a-41c5-883a-5112170bf683-0&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"20000000150280754"} I found two different models above. Both have 1080p 40pin inputs. It has 120hz support. But it has 3D capability and someone supports eDP. The other is LVDS. Do you think there is a model that can be compatible with my device?
  5. In bios setup menu: page "Boot" -> UEFI Boot -> Enabled or Disabled.
  6. Read this thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-bios-older-models-released-in-after-2012.740492/
  7. I don't have that option. There is no uefi mode for me
  8. Is there any unlocked bios for MSI GT70-0NE - i7 3630qm 680M?
  9. So unitl I get that promoted status, I can't download this drivers? And what can I do to get promoted?
  10. Please stop with this negligence. "Insider program" = "Beta". It is a marketing term. Running Beta software is risky towards final software. We saw this endless times. The real question, is the computer upgradable on TPM chip ?
  11. Hi! Try to go into bios setup menu, and then set to boot option in UEFI mode (if it now stay in Legacy mode), or set to boot option in Legacy mode (if it now stay in UEFI mode).
  12. Hi! Right now I checked links, all links works. If you can't download files, then just read "User Account Promotion Rules": https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-posting/
  13. Hi! You can download modified vbios for MSI GTX 680M from this page:
  14. Hello, I have a GT70-0NE i7 3630qm processor. I have a GTX 680M graphics card. I want to unlock the BIOS. And I want to overclock the graphics card, but I could not find suitable vbios. Links are broken or I can't access it. Anyone have a spare? Or can anyone help?
  15. Hi, the Windows 10/8.1 link is broken, may I ask for a new link? My M17xR4 audio drivers are broken on Win10 -.-'
  16. Very strange stuff indeed. So it goes back to normal when you remove the GPU? I've heard a lot of bad stories about secondhand 980M's
  17. I agree about the GPU being bad. I know that there's modded drivers involved but I shouldn't be seeing lines like this across my screen lol. The seller has agreed to send a replacement but I'm a little disappointed as I now have to return it and wait for the new one to arrive. I guess I'm too much of an Amazon Prime Zoomer who wants everything next-day delivery.
  18. Last week
  19. Hi I'm having a somewhat similar problem. I think I flashed my p150em but it still boots up into the dos. I know it's flashed because the bios version is different, even the name changed from clevo to style note. How do I get out of this?
  20. Hello, I request settings to edit fan speeds. you can pm me and tell me what it needs I can pay for your services
  21. You need to use a modded driver for anything higher than a 680M. But....if this is what it looks like on PEG mode then the GPU is bad. That really shouldn't look like that.
  22. So I just received a 980m in the post and after installing it I was greeted by multiple system crashes on my Alienware m17xr4 and was unable to install new drivers. Is there a step in the intallation process I missed? A bios setting I was supposed to change? The laptop is already set to UEFI mode in preperation for this and upon putting the old 680m back in the system it now works again. I have heard that I need to change INI files to install drivers but I expected it to at least function without large bugs such as these. Do you think that this GPU is faulty or have I done something wrong? Thanks for any help you can give. - M
  23. This option seemed to be the best alternative, so I did it and it's been working so far. Thanks!
  24. So I installed the new GPU which arrived today but my screen keeps looking like this. The 980m shows up on device manager but nvidia geforce experience can't find drivers for it. Is the GPU faulty or did I miss something?
  25. I have same plans to upgrade mine. Model is P151sm1. It should definitely work without hassle. You might need to buy a higher wattage PSU though
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