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  3. If you've correctly installed the alienware drivers you can switch from optimus to dedicated only by using FN+F7. If that doesn't work then you could resort to installing the unlocked bios, it's quite simple if you follow the correct steps.
  4. Hello, thank you very much for the information.I have this bios file: M18x_R2_A11_Maxwell_Legacy_Improved.rar Is this the right file? So there's nothing else to do? just set up the bios? but it must be configured before installing the 1060 gtx with my gtx 780? Or the 1060 is detecting before bios setting?
  5. I'd kill for this too. The ability to turn off my graphics card would be a bloody amazing feature (currently battery life is garbage on linux because of the lack of a hardware mux)
  6. How do i download?
  7. Hello? Did I not post this in the proper channel?? I see a lot of people getting help and I have yet to get one response...
  8. i cant find a way to save it. wont let me or im doing it wrong. anyway you could help? thanks for your time
  9. Thanks for this great forum. However, I was in such a rush to send the PM that I forgot to attach the results.rar file...lol. Due to the limitations of only 1 PM per day, I unfortunately have to wait now for 24 hours
  10. just clarifying for need to post 5 time in a week or is it 5 actual posts?
  11. For creating backup of your vbios, use Nvflash.
  12. My link for beer: https://goo.gl/DxyK55
  13. I bought a display model Alien Ware 17 R3 and am trying to figure out why when i plug a usb c hub into the thunderbolt port nothing happens. No sound no added anything at all. I saw that some places for dell said check the bios for thunderbolt port settings and I can see none. Today I say there was a new version that just came out Alienware_15R2_17R3_1.3.12.EXE can anyone maybe unlock this And point me in the correct direction on why the usbc dock that i know its not a thunderbolt dock does not work in the thunderbolt port. I thought it supported both thunderbolt 3 decvices and docks and usb 3.1 protocols. https://mega.nz/#!oShFwQ5Y!-jOVRBgDjnADTOHTmtuFlae-FAdTjN0wqr4nDQ2fytA Thanks in advance. Joe
  14. Hi Baked, I have a P670RP6 (Bios MB Series says P65_67RSRP). I am looking for a way to enable VT-X, but there isn't an option for it in the stock bios. Would your bios allow me to enable it?
  15. Yesterday
  16. @Klem Donation link please.
  17. You are correct; the P150EM is an Enduro/Optimus system, but the P370EM is dGPU-only (it's an SLI system, after all). Flashing one of these non-enduro versions will solve that: HD 7970M vbioses, P370EM.7z
  18. Does anyone have the nv_dispi.inf_v384.94_Win8.1 64bit dedicated Alienware file please Thanks in advance Ian
  19. Just install an unlocked bios for m18x-r2 (search here for "swick's" modded bios, but you need 5 posts to download or a premium subsciption) From unlocked bios navigate to select graphics option, change it to "SG graphics mode" (it mean switchable graphics) and then not move from there (only selection aviable after 1060 install is SG or IGFX, not PEG because the lack of EDP connection make it not bootable in this mode) Remove the tab on heatsink to fit 1060. Do not tight too much the gpu's screws because push on motherboard. Mod a driver inf to accomodate your gpu ID. Play!
  20. Hi, mate. Was just wondering how you dumped and used the SPF1 EDID Prema gave? Just by opening the bin in moninfo? Thanks!
  21. Hi, sorry I am French and my English is very limited, I recopy your text to elicit a reaction because I do not understand how the 1060 can work? Because as you said it is not compatible with the screen, sorry to have done like that, and for my translation .... My configuration : Alienware M18xR2 Type de Bios Insyde EFI Version du Bios A11 Type de Bios Insyde (05/17/2013) SMBIOS Version 2.7 Chipset: Intel i855GM/PM Non (Intel Panther Point HM77, Intel Ivy Bridge) Type de processeur Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-3740QM, 3500 MHz (35 x 100) Carte vidéo NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M (4 Go) x2 sli
  22. not sure if you're still checking here, but you can see in the BIOS for R1 or R2 versions.. it will say right on the main screen. The same goes for A08 or A05 version. the unlocked versions will reveal hidden areas that the OEM has blocked from our view for possible access... doesn't mean everything will work though as the OEM has to also supporting code/hardware for those features. but unlocked gives us access to look and set properties. instead of modding the BIOS to control fan speed you should look to software for controlling that such has OpenHardwareMonitor or FanSpeed.. both work very well for controlling this capabiltiy. for measuring HD/SSD speeds, you can use a tool such as ATTO Disk Benchmark to run tests against the drive to see the actual speed (it will nearly never fully reach 6gb/s in real world)
  23. i hope these are still downloadable.. looking to unlock, disable optimus for A08 to build a hackintosh with this unit (m14xr1)... i'm so excited (in geek ways). once i get promoted.. look out Dell!
  24. i see a few post from folks in texas here's another... read a few posts in other forums regarding svl7's bios mods.. and seems to have found the source here. was looking to get the unlocked A08 for my alienware m14x r1 to do some variants for hackintosh as the system does not support EFI. anyway. i see some time must past before i can access the download, I'll wait patiently.
  25. Hey man, why you quote me with not mine written words? Where did you get this weird message? ù ù to remain in thread, Optimus act like an emulator for convert edp signal in lvds, so no issue with notebook equipped with it
  26. To whom it may concern, Hello all I am rather new to to this community! Anyways I am trying to flash my BIOS to an unlocked version so I can disable the IGP. I have some trouble with thermal control while gaming and was wondering if doing this would help at all. Can someone please help me out? I appreciate any assistance. Thank you for your time!
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