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  2. Hi Klem, Absolutely great work. If you have a contribution page then please send details.... Would you mind removing the whitelist from my Lenovo Y50-70 please.... https://www.sendspace.com/file/vsmnf3 Thanks
  3. To set up Echo Plus with Alexa go through these steps: · Download and install Alexa app on your mobile phone from App store or Play Store. · Then plugin the Echo plus with power supply and press the power button. · In 3rd step open the Alexa App and tap on my device then select Echo plus device of yours. · Then press the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth button available on Echo plus and the Ring on top of Echo plus will glow orange. · Then connect this Wi-Fi with a hotspot of your mobile phone. · After this process then the ring will turn to blue and greet you very nicely. Contact with Echo Alexa helpline number if you find any difficulty in given steps. For more information visit at: Echo Alexa support number
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  5. Marmoola

    G752VT GTX970M vBIOS

    HI there. im new and a noob. ive a G752vt gtx970m. i would like to overclock using vbios. anyone could assist?
  6. Hello. I'd like to upgrade my wifi card in my lenovo g500. Could You help me? My backup file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/1cfu9z Thank You.
  7. Hi! Device Id: 10DE - 1430 it is Quadro M2000 (GM206GL) Device Id: 10DE - 1436 it is Quadro M2200 Mobile (GM206GLM) It's different GPU. I think that you can flash this vbios: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/205283/dell-quadrom2200-4096-161024
  8. Hi, I'm working on a GPU upgrade I haven't seen yet (M2200 into a Precision M4700) and thought this would be a good place to share my experience and learn from other users. I've seen and used guides from here in the past, so I'm glad to be able to contribute in some way! I have a thread up in another subforum here, check it out if you believe you have anything to share on the subject.
  9. Klem

    Need AW15 R2 VBIOS mod for 965M 2 GB

    Hi! Ok. Check your PM.
  10. I would suggest a laptop with a 144hz refresh rate if you're serious about this and plan on purchasing a new one.
  11. Want highest power, voltage, and OC limits as possible. GPU is a 965M 2 GB and CPU is 6300HQ if that matters. Need mnvflash as well. Willing to donate. Stock VBIOS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15l7mkXupXA-ktq2YBcUmHZj9fUvHfd3C/view
  12. Small update here.. I attempted to flash the card with its own vbios (using the file that came from backing up what was currently on it). This was the result:
  13. Hi Klem, I am really impressed and grateful for your service. I'm on day 2 of trying to get my y50-70 UHD to run Mojave and its awesome to see that this thread is still going after all these years. I would love to send a donation. I'm looking to unlock my bios: DVMT Allocation to 128mb, hidden menus, and whitelist. https://www.sendspace.com/file/x39yyt Thanks!
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  15. Rhyker2U

    12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    Yes, but with a sidenote. HP 2570P has an intel HD4000 GPU. Thus the maximum resolution is 2560x1440 pixels @ 60Hz. The only way to get 4K / 2160p is to set the refresh rate to 24-30Hz; not a very pleasurable experience to the eyes. Or -- to get those proper high resolutions -- by using a eGPU solution connected through the express card slot. Very neat to have, but its cheaper (and easier) to get an Android / Kodi media center for 4K movie playback. Hmm ... just got an idea. It might actually work using a Google Chromecast Ultra, but not cheap either. Will try one before Xmas.
  16. I'd like to add a message I received from the seller since I posted this. "These cards are pulled from HP ZBook 17 or 15 G4 Notebook.We know for fact VBios is part HP Bios.Drivers you can try this drivers from HP:https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp90001-90500/sp90105.exeIf you do not have HP system just simply unzip itThanks" That link he sent me seems to be an HP bios file.. I don't think that helps me any! I took a look at the HP Graphics driver for that model, though, and saw lots of entries for Device ID 1436 but none for 1430. Should I try using the Section###'s listed in the HP .inf in my Dell .inf?
  17. mikmaze

    12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    john, where did ya find the 3940xm cheap?
  18. mx90

    Interesting pics

    That laptop in the pizza box is great.
  19. Hello, I purchased an M2200 (mxm 3.0a) off eBay. I'm attempting to install drivers for the card on my Dell M4700 Precision laptop. So far, I've tried editing the .inf file according to null's guide. After so many failed to work, I began to suspect something else may be off. At this point, I backed up + checked the vbios on the chip and it turns out that it came up with the version listed here, for the M2000, which quotes a hardware ID of 1430: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/186135/186135 Note that the version on the card is I found this vbios online for the M2200, which quotes a hardware ID of 1436: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/205283/dell-quadrom2200-4096-161024 Note that the version on this firmware is: Now what's interesting is that in Device Manager, the card itself shows up as" PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1436&SUBSYS_153E1028&REV_A1 This is confusing to me - why did it come with the firmware for 1430 if the device reads as 1436 in the Device Manager? Should I try flashing it with 1C firmware? I'm also not entirely sure what to put in my .inf, but I believe this is the relevant line: %NVIDIA_DEV.1436.07B0.1028% = Section136, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1436&SUBSYS_07B01028 I've tried many ways of editing this, including setting the %NVIDIA_DEV. to 1430 while keeping the PCI\VEN part as 1436, but so far I've gotten nowhere. I'm also changing the 07B0's to 153E (to match what comes up in Device Manager as per null's guide). If anyone could share any insight into this, I'd really appreciate it!
  20. I am building a plex server from some old parts, I have a IS7XM and a i7 3770. Most features are blocked and missing ( CPU timing and Memory timing) Here is a dump of the bios https://app.box.com/file/369450055715 thanks in advance,, if you can help
  21. Hey Klem, I am looking to change my wifi card on my y 50 70. Here is my backup: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2Br5AEXa3I3ZnJuQWRTRUJvVDA Thank you very much in advance for your help.
  22. In any case, I will be happy to share my experience in this matter, but I need some time to prepare the instructions. Perhaps someone it will be useful
  23. Yes of course. But 48Hz problem present only for models with 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) display.
  24. "Unlocked bios does not help with refresh rate. It's hardware Lenovo design for this laptop model." I know how to do on this model 100 Hz. I have already done so myself and am very pleased. Can I publish the instruction here?
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