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  2. https://ufile.io/pe1x5 z50-70 here, hoping for the most unlocked bios possible please
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  4. Dear Klem, I'd like to upgrade my wifi, but my Y50-70 refuses to accept the new card. So, can you remove the bios' whitelist and unlock hidden settings? Thanks!
  5. Alienware M18x water-cooling mod!

    I thought about it too therefore the CPU got its own loop. But I can assure you in this case, linking the two GPU together doesn't matter. I thought it at first because my second GPU ran 10 degrees hotter then I tried reversing the loop to see if the 10 degrees moved to the first GPU. But the temperature was exactly the same on both GPUs. The reason there is 10 degrees, is because I did not solder the second waterblock properly. I forgot to clean the surfaces and did not use enough solder. But it is still working and keeping it much cooler than before. Also I will mention that putting liquid ultra on the GPU does not make it run cooler compared to thermal grizzly. The CPU on the other hand, there is a huge improvement!
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  7. Alienware M18x water-cooling mod!

    only comment is don't pass hot water from one component to the next, all should be separate loops or the second component in the loop will not get as much benefit. I watercooled for years and overclocked, now just happy with a stable 3.9 ghz lapper
  8. The slot on the M6700 is a 26pin 54mmX75mmX22mm Expresscard, which replaced the (quite outdated) 68pin 54mmX85mm CardBus PC Card adapter. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PCCard-ExpressCard_ZP.svg#/media/File:PCCard-ExpressCard_ZP.svg I am not sure that Dell even makes one of these for the M6700 - actually I am quite sure they don't. What I am hoping to do is find a compatible adapter from an older model / 3rd party adapter that I can switch out. I have disassembled the laptop and had a good look/measurement of the space and I believe there is enough room to fit a 68pin card-cage. I would be happy to do some light modification to any adapter, but I wouldn't like to poke at the mainboard or controller. IDEAS: If the above simply does not exist and is impossible to modify - a is it possible to use the eSata expansion bay? It currently houses a 9.5mm slot load r/w. I know there are adapters that look like S*^T or stick out of the side of the card-slot for a foot of so - that's not too sexy. I would prefer not to use one of the adapters unless I it were a slim-box style that (in theory) I could Velcro to the body or something and have it look proper. Could somebody please help me to find a suitable swap? I have truly looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find a solution that looks like a professional job. Here is some accurate info from Parts-People: https://www.parts-people.com/blog/2017/11/30/dell-precision-m4700-p21f001-express-card-cage-removal-installation/ (I also checked with them and so far, no luck) Also: This is all about an Audigy 2 ZS sound card, my ears cannot substitute a modern product.
  9. AW17 (2014, Radeon R9 M290X) GPU Upgrade to 980M

    1. We need to install modified drivers because the laptop was never intended to have a gtx 980m, if you try to install the drivers on a machine with an ID that has never been shared with NVIDIA then it won't recognise the machine. By modifying the the drivers you basically add your specific laptop ID to the driver so it'll recognise it as a compatible machine. 2. The only way to get drivers working is to download the official driver from the NVIDIA website and modding the .inf file, there is no other way.
  10. Hi, can you unlock advanced menu on my BIOS Here the backup :https://www94.zippyshare.com/v/Y9Q6L3rX/file.html Thanks.
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  12. klem ,after installing my modded bios, My laptop's sleep button is not working. so I tried to install stock bios again with lenovo update tool, I m getting an error ''this process does not recognize the system.the process has been canceled.'' please help me. how to create bootable USB flash drive with real DOS. I 'm on windows 8.1 if you may give me your gmail that would be good as private messages memory is full.
  13. klem ,after installing my modded bios, My laptop's sleep button is not working. so I tried to install stock bios again with lenovo update tool, I m getting an error ''this process does not recognize the system.the process has been canceled.'' please help me.
  14. HP Zbook Quadro NVFlash not working

    M2000M is a Maxwell Card,this You can`t flash under Dos. You need to flash it under Windows,You can save the Vbios with GPUZ.
  15. Hi, I have read that I can't unlock and flash HP 8770w Nvidia Quadro K4000m vbios, because there is also a vbios stored in the HP BIOS. Also tried to read, modify and reflash the vbios -> no success. Could HEX editing all the 601 mhz values(the default clock for the K400m) to like 800 in the HP BIOS result the card to run on higher frequency? I have successfully found the hex values to search and edit by comparing the original and the modified vbios. I have the HP BIOS + flasher. In the vbios the hex value stored in 7 places while in the HP BIOS I found more than that. Is it even a good approach or I'm just going to brick my MB?
  16. Hello i have a clevo 751DM2-G with BIOS American Megatrends 1.06.04 can i flash the baked bios P75XDM2G mod 1.0.0, and do i have to flash the stock first ?
  17. Lenovo Y410p/Y510p BIOS mod to enable Nvidia eGPU support

    Would it be hard to also include this custom GPU VBIOS for 755m to be able to have laptop on-the-go with internal GPU and be able to overclock it? Thanks.
  18. is 16GB possible in an M14xR1??

    i have installed 1x 2GB stock and 1x8GB and the total 10gb runs on 1600MHz speed.
  19. mPCIe/EC eGPU troubleshooting steps

    i have alienware m14x r1 and i have found a workaround to install gtx 1050ti by hotplugging the hdmi cable in the gdc when i turn on my laptop and when the underscore appears. in this way i can make my egpu work. is there a fix for this hotplugging because my cable will eventually wear and i cannot update my gpu drivers to latest version because of the lack of hotplugging support .
  20. [M14x r1] Sata on caddy bay ?

    the hard drive in the caddy will work perfectly without any issues. even ssd can work.there is just one issue that the hdd will heat upto 60c which i think will degrade my hdd faster
  21. M14x R1 - BIOS A08 with SATA fix

    did anyone was able to disable the nvidia optimus from this bios ? as it is freezing the laptop when another gpu is attached through pci-e.
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