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  2. Hi, could you help me? Please see for my dump file bios. Could you upgrade Wi-Fi card and remove witelist, and unlock hidden additional menus and settings, and unlocked vbios for overclock NVIDIA card. Thanks for your help. link to file I was send to private message. Best Regards Przemek
  3. Last week
  4. Yes temps are in normal order, replaced thermal paste and checked everything with a friend. full load is 75-78 degrees. Anyway my problem is sort of solved by Klem he pmed me a bios mod. Flashing seemed to go okay, though when installing nvidia drivers (latest one) screen went black and stayed black, upon reboot also black. I didn't know what to do, so i booted my windows 7 install which had a 417.35 nvidia driver already installed. And it seemed to straight boot! I booted back into windows 10 safe mode uninstall latest drivers and installed every single driver up to the latest release thinking it might be a driver version related issue. And it seems it is, ONLY the 2 latest drivers go black screen and stay blackscreen and EVERYTHING before that installs normally. 512.15 is the latest driver i could managed to actually install without blackscreen... 512.59 and 512.77 are BAD for me with this bios??!! Im perplexed why this could be. Any suggestions would be more then welcome. Now the bios mod Klem made me P0 state clock at 658 mhz since that was around my 666 gpu which seemed stable to me. This bios mod allowed however the 600 ish gpu with full 2505 memory instead of 1600! Also nvidia inspector could edit the values more flexibly by having more option to change the values. The story gets more interesting. I tried 978 mhz gpu @ 0.975/0.981 V +112.5 mv and I got it stable for as far as I could tell Then 1038 mhz @ 1.043 +175 mV seemed also stable. Now I am trying with 1126 mhz (original boost gpu clock) @1.056 - 10.81V which is like +190 to 218.8 mv I am still having some crashes, one time i managed to game 7 hours before it happend other time it happend in an hour or so. So not sure if i should increase voltage or just call it a day and use the lower clocks. I am not sure temperature plays a role in this. im hitting 77 degrees when I try 1126 mhz, lower 978/1038 clocks are more around 74-75 degrees. This is just the final piece to make the pie complete again. But im already happy with 978 /1038 or even 666 for that matter, seeing where the laptop came from! hardly being able to game 10 minutes. When I used to crash I always got the msg "nvidia display driver stopped responding" and I still get that when i clock it wrongly. but I noticed that with the 1126 clocks/voltages i was playing around with, the crashes are just black screens, i lose display and no error message AT ALL in my windows log book. Curious. Now to my question for this topic. I asked Klem what he did with my bios to make this work so much more stable all around. i notice the default gpu clock was changed and I could edit more options. But that can't be all why it is running so much smoother, when anything above 666 mhz gpu just straight out wouldnt work for long no matter what voltage I set. Klem doesn't seem to want to answer for some reason in pm. But maybe someone else can fill in, what he might have done the bios? Because I also see talk about a "supposed Prema" bios being more stable?! and allowing more options, but im not sure what this entails, did he do something similiar as to what some people classify as Prema bios maybe..? and if so what is actually done in these Prema or Klem bios mods generally anyway?
  5. Good day, everyone!Please, need help to remove the WL from my old bro Lenovo G710. Backup_ToolKit 2.0 result:https://www.sendspace.com/file/pxqghjModel: G710Bios: 8ECN95WWBig THX!
  6. Hi I think for you configure manuel driver mod NVIDIA look in Google
  7. Hi Cebik, I don't have any Idea for radeon, sorry for that. AA
  8. Hi For your demand i think use nvidia mod inf driver the problem not working for all version drivers
  9. Hi Iam testing unlocked drivers NVIDIA anyone have idea guide for laptop old graphic cards Thanks
  10. Hi I have problem with command in nvflash --protectoff no function i have error romid anyone have a solution thanks
  11. Hi I have egpu Beast first model this solution is good for external system so this material is not compatibility for all laptops
  12. Hi Your are check tour temp for jour GTX 980 i have same problem with rtx 2080 ti m'y solution its change cooler système or change thermal past
  13. Hi You have check your heatsink bracelet and Thermal past in good condition ? I thinks jour card bas hot temp
  14. very good game, i played it and really enjoyed it, how about you. In addition, you may also be interested in the great game WorldBox, where you can build and destroy anything you want. All at your fingertips. Or more interestingly, create something out of here for reference https://techzapk.com/worldbox-1.htm
  15. Hi - I'm trying to install a 980M GPU in an XMG 704 - which is a Clevo P17SM-A laptop with i7-4810m. Please could someone PM with a link to the Prema Mod bios for this machine? Have been looking for it for a couple of hours now with no luck. Thanks
  16. Hello Klem! My name is Mikogami and I consulted about the upgrade of Alienware M17x R4. After checking the past logs that you told me, I found that the Alienware M17x R4's BIOS needs to be unlocked first. Currently my Alienware M17x R4 BIOS Ver is A15. Also, I still don't have permission to download files from this site, so some of the files used in the past are not available. Klem seems to have provided unlocked BIOS to various people in the past, but if you send the file created using the tool on page 30, you can also provide us with unlocked BIOS. Is it? I don't understand English, so I use automatic translation to create sentences. Please forgive me that English is not good.
  17. Walda

    Job Stress

    I'm very stressed because of the amount of work and lack of time even to eat. But on the other hand I feel like my stress tolerance is growing very fast and I started to do a lot more work than before. I don't know if this is good or bad.
  18. Hi everyone! Klem, can you help me with my 970m vBIOS? I want to unlock TDP if it is possible. Like Thanks and regards
  19. Hi, I need upgrade Wi-Fi card and remove witelist, and unlock hidden additional menus and settings. Thanx and best regards! https://www.sendspace.com/file/1c1r60
  20. Earlier
  21. rsk

    process to clear cmos

    Hello everyone just a little question. i've just flash my p751dm2-g with the backed's bios and i gonna overclock it of course but i don't know how to clear cmos on this laptop. i have find nothing about it in the manual so i ask here. Thanks
  22. Hi, thanks, I think I have now identified that it's on the *back* of the motherboard, and I was looking on the front. I have a photo of the position from Allservice.Ro as well: Many thanks for your reply!
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