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  1. Look for someone with SLI DTR or the laptop service with an hot air gun and chip programmer in your neighbourhood.
  2. It is not a GPU heatsink from X7200. Ask them http://www.clevo-computer.de/ for a right one. You can find a part reference number in service manual on this forum.
  3. From what I remember heatsink from the X7200 is a little different and better by the way. Is why I would add another stock one. In the past I ordered parts from Clevo center in Germany. I congratulate purchase. Were it not LGA2011 I would choose this model.
  4. Hi Prema, Anyway I'm going back to the K5000M so I ask out of sheer curiosity whether my mainboard is compatible up to the GTX780M or above? This is not the CPU PWR capacitors or MOSFETs make the difference between mainboards. What is it? Is it too important differences in the PCB circuits or is just a matter of mainboard SMD component replacement? Regards
  5. Remember folks. For GK104 in P1xxHM the vbios file must have 88(52)KB. That's all.
  6. Why would they need an additional power plug? After all they can not cooling the card even without. The good news is that with this arrangement of supply components it have a chance to cool without involvement through the paths.
  7. Of course I'm alive. Simply, since Clevo change all the engineers to the accountants, I don't have to whom to talk. Physical values vs virtualization. It was just a rhetorical question.
  8. Compal make barebones for Clevo or I missed something.
  9. You can give even 16mm square electrical wire and further will not result. the weakest link in P150xM is plug/connector. If you do not replace it forget to the high OC. All my P150 are replaced connector/mobo from P170. BTW, My QS K5000M (9300 points in 3DMark) had poor ASIC but thicker PCB than standard OEM card, so better contact.
  10. No matter which one. The second (separate) will be easier for You to adjust but requires frequent cleaning.
  11. Clyde

    [email protected] 2016

    @Mr. FoxThe BGA is inevitable. For me BGA will by interesting if within a single programmable BGA chip it implements all the elements of a PC with dynamically allocates resources/function (CPU / GPU / RAM / Storage) and performance comparable to 4x GTX1080 + 2x E7-8890 V4. So, coming soon. BGA is only the beginning. Fortunately, they do not print chip yet on the casing. You can always swap an hot air to BGA soldering station. Anyway in a few years Samsung reconciles all of us.
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