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  1. Hello. Please help. I tried to update a P775DM3-G unit to the new Kaby Lake bios and during the last stage with flashme.nsh the notebook just shutdown halfway during he process. I don't know why this happened. I did everything right but the notebook just shut down. I am now left with a non working notebook. Is there any bios recovery procedure that I can try out? Regards L.E: I have managed to boot in recovery BIOS mode but now when I try to flash the BIOS again I am unable to do so. I need to run mesetx64.nsh but if I do so the notebook reboots and fails to boot normally again. I have to run fn+b but when I do so and try to run flashme.nsh I get error saying I need to disable ME. Any idea?
  2. Hello, Where can I get latest stock BIOS for the following models: Clevo P7xxDM-G Clevo P6xxRA/RE/RG Clevo N1x0RD Thanks and looking forward to your reply. Also when are you planning on releasing mod BIOS for these models as I see you haven't outed anything for SkyLake platforms?
  3. Hello Prema. Is there a new BIOS for the Clevo P771DM-G that improves the long boot times that I get with this unit. I posted a video bellow to show just how long it takes from when I press the power button till the "Style Note" logo comes on.
  4. If you want the 980 desktop GPU you need to go for the P775DM1 ??Clevo This will also come with the 4K display even though it's note listed yet as an option there.
  5. Jesus those are good scores. If I try to OC my K5000m the sistem hangs. I have a m6700 with Dell GPU. Also I run nVidia stock drivers 320. Should I use a vBios mod?
  6. I have one question for you... after you flash the new vbios can you go back to stock?
  7. That is some really good observations from you. I also have a m6700 with a dual core 3540m and a K5000m. Temps in game never go above 75 degrees Celsius and the entire unit never throttles. I hope to be able to try out the new vbios that will enable me to do some serious OC on my card. Also I am swapping the CPU next with a 3940XM.
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