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  1. So it's dead end unless dell themself unlock it for us. ...and you even went so far to desoldered the chip.. found out it's an AMI bios ... if only they haven't put that menu layout over, we would get what we wanted ..
  2. long ago i saw this thread over here : M6600 BIOS Menu unlock? one more recently over here : Dell Precision M6600 Bios Modding and flashing Too bad, modder there are not familiar with the bios. it'd be awesome if we can unlock the full potential of our workstation machine. The only thing holding it back is the overclocking ability compare to alienware and other gaming machine. i wish 1 day we can actually overclock it ... is there any talented modder here ?
  3. Report : they just delivered my 780m > 6 hours ago After alot of experiment and failed .. i confirm m6600 does not work with GTX 780m. In Bios, the card showed as Unknown card with 4GB RAM. Both CPU and GPU fan working. Optimus working but still won't get pass windows loading. Tried on different HDD/SSD (different version of windows windows 7 windows 8...) Tried putting OS DVD into drive to enter setup screen of windows 7 > freeze when finished loading resource. Tried to reinstall the card .. same thing. Tried Flash modded Vbios for 780m, successed. Reboot, saw johnksss and svl7 welcome screen in boot screen. Booting into windows with same error message like OP. Tried all the common stuff : load default bios setting, reset bios, remove bios battery, powerdrain ...etc. same thing. .. i'm sure the card working fine on other system like alienware. It passed all the test in bios (thorough test not normal one). edit : Btw i'm using system Bios A13, i was thinking "is there a chance it's won't work because of the sbios version ?" i just noticed A15 they added, this give me some hope .. maybe i'll try again later. Enhancements - Updated thermal table. - Updated Intel CPU micro code. - Enhanced BIOS Security. - Supported Graphic card M6100. can any1 success on their gtx 680m confirm working on system bios A13 too ? note : Firepro M6100 is released in 01.10.2013, compare to GTX 680m released in 04.06.2012 / GTX 780m released in 30.05.2013 update : confirm won't work on A15... bleh Last update : Tried and failed on m17x r3 - 120hz (red screen freeze, sometime blue or gray) Successed on m17x r4... So i'm gonna buy a new laptop just for this card.
  4. I'm getting mine in the next 2 weeks, MSI 780m 4GB. Already prepared the modded vbios from svl7 .. im sure it will work fine on m6600 since my previous card (or currently installed) : the gtx 675m/580m work so well in this machine (all cables and ports like hdmi dvi vga dp working with or w/o optimus). It also detected as unknown card like the OP posted in first page.
  5. After success installed both 6990m and Gtx580m on m6600 I came up with my personal conclusion ! It's the bios or the laptop brand that's matter .. my friend who put the 6990m in his m6600 and flash it with firepro m8900 bios. He does not need to mod driver like m17xR3 > just download and install the driver from del m6600's page. and it's recognized as a real firepro (not just by name or driver mod) The Gtx580m is not recognized by the bios but with the right driver it worked very well like any other gtx580m card. M6600 Owners Thread - Page 420
  6. We're using different panel, hope some1 may drop by and share his profiles for 120hz monitor on M17xR3. It worked on both Nvidia and Catalyst, dont worry! even Intel SB HD3000 can do it too. New update : icc profiles for AUO panel m17x R3 have 3 Full HD panel : MGNC7 17.3FHD, WLED, LVDS, LGD (got it) H8D3K 17.3FHD, WLED, LVDS, AUO (got it) and C30PY 17.3 FHD, 3D panel (still looking) H8D3K 17.3FHD,AUO.zip
  7. thanks guys glad i can help, still waiting for some feed back from m17x-R3 users...
  8. update : new profile for AUO panel, see post #7 my Personal m17x R3 - Perfect Screen Calibration : LG Philips LP173WF1 (72% color gamut) .. i love the vivid rich color of the m17x R2 (sometime giving too much eye strain), and 8bits high accuracy color of the m17x R1 (but the screen is too dark compare to R2 and R3) it's too complicated to swap to the V4 AUO or B+RG, i have no idea how to remove the glossy glass and put it back in. After 4 month trying to make my screen look better, i finally satisfied with my m17x r3 screen the way it is now (can't help with the view angle anyway, worst feature from this panel) Normally we just trying to adjust the color / gamma / color temperature .. so the image will look more vivid .. but actually still missing alot of warm compare to R2 and losing too many detail. When calibrating you may notice how the color changed and how much detail you killed, sometime after a recalibrate you may thinking Oh wow i didn't saw this detail before... something like that. Take a look at these images and try remember the pointed area.. so you can compare before and after the calibration. Can you see the detail i pointed in this pic ? See the smoke trail ? the detail inside, if the saturation is too high you cant see anything here. Look careful at the tip of the meteror! The cherry flower If the contrast is too high, it's very hard to spot out the different in the white area. This picture had more red than you was thinking, the dark area near her hand .. the detail on her face. how far can you see the smoke in this pic ? notice the dog's fur and the flower field ! see the different ? cute dog eh ? now download the ICC profile in the attachment, right click and install it go to Color management > advanced > change system default > advanced > device profile > choose : monitor_01.02.2011_1 important step : before leaving tick the box "use windows display calibration" and click reload current calibrations. (to access color management : right click on ur desktop > screen resolution > advanced setting > color management) Your screen may look a bit yellowish now, it's okay just go to catalyst control panel > my built-in-display change the Hue from -2 or lower ! depend on your color taste change the saturation into 112 or higher/lower until you meet your best. you can change the contrast to your liking but i recommend leave it at 100 Video settings : set video gamma to 1.05, Brighter whites, Full Dynamic range 0-255, disable Dynamic contrast ! leave everything else at default. Did you see the improvement in your screen ? open your picture library and have a look .. Fixing color profiles override each other : important step After boot up/reset your OS the color profile switch back to default catalyst profile, or When you use switch graphic with HD3000, or when you launched a game, the color profile automatic changes again your will. to fix this, it's really simple. Download this software called : Monitor Calibration Wizard 1.0 (It's free ) install it and make sure you have the best color calibrated at this moment. (don't click "run this wizard") (some1 mistaken about what i'm trying to do here, see the screenshot, don't use the calibration of this software or it will override your iCC settings so everything u did till now is pointless) open it ! and tick : *load at windows startup , *Persistent profile That's it youre done. don't try to save into profile. minimize it into tray bar. it won't take much resource CPU or memory, don't worry. no matter what happen your color profile will stay the same. any suggestions with even better color profile all welcome and appreciated. (the ICC profile was taken from notebookcheck) Enjoy, and sry for my bad english. ^^ ICC profiles.zip
  9. yup firepro 7820m and 5800m series (Cypress) supported long ago, in catalyst 11.5 sdk 2.4 but not the 6900m series / firepro m8900
  10. Guys !at last, i found it the first openCL "Barts" supported (7820.1 = Firepro m8900 = 6900m series) the best / latest driver for ATI desktop/mobility ! 8.92 (the one with catalyst 11.12, leaked version) here the screenshot, now i can render 3ds max with decent OC without worry about ...overheating the CPU lolz. Using VrayRT in 3ds MAX 2012 with GPU openCL render Uploaded with ImageShack.us Download (for those using m8900 and 6900m seriesremember to copy and paste your folder "intel" (for example : W76A_inf\Intel => the one from 8.51 driver of 6900m series, for Sandy bridge HD3000) into 8.92 folder "W76A_INF" this package don't have them .. so you have to manual do it) Read more about VRAY RT and 3ds max Enjoy
  11. Glad i could help @Enzino @kune : I don't have Solidworks so i going to try with Specviewperf 11 (there are many test, included Solidworks) Specviewperf11 - 1920x1080 you can see how much performance gain by looking at these score from the original HD6970m and m8900 Kettya's specview11 benchmark (click version 11 tab for m8900 benchmark) http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-HD-6970M.43077.0.html Original 6970m SPECviewperf 11 - Catia 1920x1080 min: 5.34 avg: 6.9 (16%) max: 8.09 fps SPECviewperf 11 - Ensight 1920x1080 min: 17.64 avg: 18.8 (48%) max: 19.46 fps SPECviewperf 11 - Lightwave 1920x1080 min: 20.59 avg: 25.2 (46%) max: 29.34 fps SPECviewperf 11 - Maya 1920x1080 min: 7.66 avg: 10.8 (12%) max: 13.22 fps SPECviewperf 11 - Pro/ENGINEER 1920x1080 min: 1.45 avg: 1.9 (19%) max: 2.31 fps SPECviewperf 11 - SolidWorks 1920x1080 min: 16.02 avg: 21 (39%) max: 24.63 fps SPECviewperf 11 - Tcvis 1920x1080 min: 4.13 avg: 5.7 (14%) max: 6.81 fps SPECviewperf 11 - Siemens NX 1920x1080 min: 9.25 avg: 9.9 (24%) max: 10.35 fps compare with superior GPU : 6990m, GTX 580m, Quadro 5010m (beat quadro 5010 in solidworks), ... and the inferior quadro 1000m
  12. Try this, i didn't follow any guide just fooling around editting thingsand somehow it worked lolzdownload the InstEDthen download any Catalyst package !Unload it into any folder you like,Go to that folder > packages > Drivers > Display > W76A_INF (W7INF if you use windows 32bit)inside you will see the setup info :*.cat*.inf*.msiand a folder Bxxxxxx (contains all the driver's files)> use notepad to edit inf file, and Orca or InstED to edit the msi install shield file.Quote: Device ID : 6720Vendor : 1002Subsystem ID : 04A4 = Fireprom8900, [Dell] 6970m = 04BASubsystem Vendor ID : 1028if your ur card's subsystem id already matched no need to mod the driver. inside the inf file :Look for the line of Firepro m8900change it intoQuote: "AMD (ATI) FirePro M8900 (FireGL) Mobility Pro Graphics" = ati2mtag_Vancouver, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_6720&SUBSYS_04BA1028 inside the msi file :Look for the tables of "ATI ASIC Include"change SS ID into "0x04BA"Now you can use AMD installer to install the driver or install it via system device.*If you wanted to install Catalyst controlDo the same with all the msi files insidePackages > Apps > CCC2This Control center will lower 1 or 2 FPS if you plan to playing game with it._______________Bonus_____________if you wanted to try the new openGL 4.2(which unlocked 230 extensions instead of 210 from dell driver)Try install the preview driver 8.880.8.0go to windows > syswow64 > atioglxx.dll > backup this file, then rollback to m8900 driverand replace the new atioglxx.dll with the backup atioglxx.dllPro : boost up openGL benchmark score,Con : Not many application can use openGL 4.2p/s : im waiting for the new AMD APP SDK,really need OpenCL support for VRAY RT
  13. edit : btw you can use RBE to see the checksum (0x8900 for m8900, and 0xBE00 for 6970m) After USB boot into DOS command, use "Atiflash -cf" to check the checksum of the files u want to flash, "Atiflash -cb 0" only check the checksum on the current card. and -cf show 6970m as 0xBE00 instead of 0xB800, and m8900 as 0x8500 instead of 0x8900
  14. i got it working Svl7, gotta thx Star Forge too here mine ss, still using 11.9 Catalyst tho' .. see the bios version and firepro settings
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