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  1. hi deviantology, were you able to resolve the issue?
  2. Like handale30 mentioned, (unofficially) the max gfx card you can put in is a 980m - but be aware you will face some issues. first, you need to make sure you have a 240w power adapter, and also make sure your system can actually cool the card. you'll need an unlocked A12 bios as well. The onboard sound can create conflicting issues with irqs so you will have to disable that initially. You'll also have issues with the Optimus system (switching graphics), and will have to disable the internal gfx card (only use the discrete card). its a lot of hassle, and if you aren't up for that, perhaps look at a GTX 660m (its the max officially supported card, so no issues as with the 980m).
  3. Hi Yoshomiamoto, the one possible issue could be with your ram speed. The R3s don't work very well with 12800 ram modules (some people manage to get it working but when you put more than one module in they start giving issues - possible a power issue). Try it with 10600 modules - should be able to take that all the way to 32Gb.
  4. Hi MattyB, these old R3s are absolutely amazing! They can still hold their own even though they're 8 years old. I bought myself an old one a few weeks ago, and despite a few issues with win10 (such as audio drivers) I got mine running. That colour scheme looks great - did you paint it (and with what)?
  5. Hi guys, Hope someone is able to help me. I bought a Dell Quadro K3100m card (the only mxm card I could find in my area). The card itself works (I was able to bypass post lockup by bridging the bios pins on the card) but the vrom on the card is not compatible with the card itself. I tried using other bios versions but they don't seem compatible. Does anyone have a stock rom for vbios version 80.04.FE.00.09? (Apologies if I posted in the wrong place - new to the forums). Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Does anyone have the file for me? I really need it, please everyone!!
  7. Hi everyone, I bought an old Alienware laptop a few months ago as a resto project. I managed to get everything up and running, and am now at the point were I can focus on the graphics side. When I got the laptop, the mxm card was fried. I looked around (I live in another country outside the states) for a replacement, but short of importing, the options are limited. The only mxm card I could find locally was a Dell Quadro GK104GLM (k3100m). The card itself is running ( I bridged the bios to boot it past post) but the bios was flashed. I need the stock vbios for it (I have tried others but none of them work). Does anyone have a vbios for me with bios version 80.04.FE.00.09, vendor ID 10DE, device ID 11B6? *I have already asked Dell for 'help', and they in turn told me to shove it. I asked Nvidia just in case, but they also didn't have it.
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