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  1. Well, M17x R3 optimus was disabled and not available with 3D models. Well its matter of taste, glossy IMO is horrible display
  2. Nice 3dmark11 score, is that OC-ed score if so, then what was the original score:) I have vbios mod and running my card +400MHz (CORE) and it gives me around 50-60% performance gain (~4000p in 3dmark11) with K3000M, and it is still cool and stable Just cause 2 maxed out (16xAA 16xAF ULTRA settings)
  3. Why would you want to go to stock? vBIOS only gives you opportunity to overclock (UNLOCK OC), it does not change any voltages or speeds. But i guess you could flash your old bios if you would want to, just make sure when you flash new one to make backup from your old one. There is a guide somewhere how to flash bios via nvtool.
  4. For me the topic is interesting, i owned M17x R3 for a year (with 580M GTX) and it was getting ridicilously hot even at stock clocks. It was throttling all the time and GPU reached 80c. I have seen m6700 and m17x cooling systems and they are pretty similar setup, but where comes that big difference? btw i played some games, laptop was placed in the bed with half of vent holes blocked, and in 4 hours of gaming GPU max temp reached only 68c, while GPU was running on 1100MHz (+400MHz OC). The fans were not fully engaged at any time, also after applying the OC-ed vbios, K3000M does not throttle on the battery (normally was stuck at 135Mhz) which is goooood... It means im able to play all games on the battery. Well and crysis 3 was running ultra settings@1080 with my K3000M 30-40FPS very playable, GRID2 max out getting 35-45fps around 60% more fps and performance gain only with +400MHz. I wonder why did they underclock those cards, for me it still does not make any sence.. Thank you SVL7, great work!
  5. Thanks Clyde, theres a lot of information about K5000M, unfortunately not about K3000M at all My results with just overclocking core +434MHz Temperatures under full load 100% core 1087MHz maximum 63c... And i remember my new m17x R3 with 580M GTX (3DMARK11 3300P) under load was 80c Seems to be better gaming machine than alienware.. At least its my opinion
  6. My quadro K3000M performance is almost the same as i had with my old 580M GTX in alienware M17x. Thats with +135MHz core OC. I just wonder how much can you push it in M6700 with stock voltages? I will definetly try K3000M vbios mod, but i dont wanna fry the card...
  7. Do you really run your K3000M core +500MHz overclocked? Are voltages default or what mods have you done? I am thinking about flashing the vbios for my K3000M (precision m6700) but still not sure how to find out what are safe OC clocks ... EDIT: Since i was curious, i ran the test and benchmarks myself, i have tried the VBIOS mod for K3000M card and the results are here: Default: 3dmark 2011 graphics score 2515 points Overclocked (+434MHz core): 3918 points Temperatures under 100% load with 1087MHz core were: 52-63c, fans were not even fully engaged, very impressive. Score comparison in 3dmark11: Nvidia 580M GTX 3390 POINTS beaten by K3000M, easy Quadro K4000M:rolleyes: 3610 POINTS beaten by K3000M FURMARK 15MIN test, 63c max, great cooling system on this beast, much better than alienware m17x. Very happy, thank you!
  8. I had 3d screen on my M17X R3 and i totally hated it. Fun for day or two, but then you wish you never had it. In my case because of 3d screen there was no integrated GPU (disabled) and it was running all the time on 580M GTX card. That means that i got 1:30min to 2 hours of battery time, when users without 3d screen got 4 hours. Its not worth it, trust me, its fun in first place then you just never use it again.
  9. Since there are no threads about overclocking M6700 and Quadro Kepler series cards, i decided to make one. Does anybody here overclocked their "K1000M K2000M K3000M K4000M or K5000M"? I have K3000M and it seems to be way underclocked and have huge potential. With brand new alienware M17x R3 (GTX580M) i had throttle issues all the time without any OC and temps hitting 80-90c, noisy fans etc but with precision K3000M OC (+135MHz) there is no throttling and it even stays cool (65c under 100% load). Scorewise originally K3000M scored 2600 in 3dmark11 but with simple software OC +135MHz core i got 3200 points, by the way 580M GTX in M17X R3 was 3300points). So as it seems to me, precision is way better machine for gaming than that plastic cheap built kids toy Alienware (i did own M17X R3 for 1 year!) And GPU wise K5000M seems to have great potential to beat M17x R4 GPU-s in gaming performance.
  10. Is M17x R4 much different from R3? I had R3 and it was just a peace of crap not machine. I remember it was throttling in games all the times (had 580M GTX), cidnt wake up from sleep and constantly was BSOD (IRQ less or equal), killed 2 hard drives (SSD included), had an terrible issues with (plugged in, but not charging), terrible fan noise and then just died and gave 4 beeps (not memory or motherboard issue, because they got replaced, after that was giving 8 beeps).. I had to switch to Precision M6700, but i guess you cant compare them as the precision is a way much better.... Anyways question is, is alienware m17x R4 big improvement from R3 or it does suffer the same symptoms that the older version had?
  11. Nvidia because i always been with it and its been reliable
  12. Hey, just wondering for precision M6700 and K3000M, how much gain would i get if i unlock the bios (flash it)? How much +Mhz core is capable, i see 20% gain with +135mhz, how much further would i be able to push it ? My bios currently is, device ID: 10DE-11BE (GPU GK104GL rev A2). Since im total noob in flashing and overclocking GPU, what would be the risks of overclocking it over 135mhz, i watched temps with +135mhz and under 100% load they stayed under 70c. FPS in Grid2 without overclocking (maxed out 1080p was 25fps) and with overclocking 33fps, also i did 3dmark 2011 and results were 2500 without OC and 3100P with +135Mhz on the core... so significant change only with +135mhz. Maby i should not push it harder ? All feedback welcome also just wondering (i am noob) will this vbios be compitable with the K3000M model GK104GL, current bios: rev A2 and Device ID 10DE-11BE Dell (1028) ???
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