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  • Apologies for the downtime. We had to update our backend and theme.
  • We will continue pushing updates.
  • Apologies for the downtime. We had to update our backend and theme.
  • We will continue pushing updates.
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  • File Reviews

    • By 750dmg · Posted
      Thanks for bios mod. Finally someone builded and shared public. I didnt flash yet because I have a vbios mod. I need to be sure which one should flash first vbios mode or bios mode for safety? Can you put mine logo to your stock bios because for warranty things? I couldnt upload 2.5mb. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B13VwlTs7ha7aGdTNmE5MUpQRFU/view?usp=sharing THANKS!
    • By majster msi · Posted
      @Baked Could you please unlock cpu overcock tab and make some cleanup  ?
    • By robinhall13 · Posted
      Thanks very much, it's a relief to move beyond the stock P870DM-G BIOS.  However, I appear to have an issue with the network port not detecting the cable. Any ideas?  
    • By EDYMG17 · Posted
      First of all I want to say thanks, I was looking for an Unlocked Bios I could use for my computer, I have this model, bought from PROSTAR, and couldn't keep my undervolting because BIOS reset it each time computer reboots, but with this Baked BIOS all settings remains, plus I can set Undervolt for core and also for cache which maximizes the results of Undervolting.   And that is only for Overclocking purposes, there are other many great features you can tweak from the Bios options Unlocked. Once Again, Thanks, I am very pleased to use your BIOS.   B. Regards
    • By runix18 · Posted
      Overall a very good bios, easy to flash, no problems, a lot of options unlocked, a 5 star bios. thx for that. Pls keep me up to date for any teaks or fixes for this bios (the CPU overclock options and the clean menus)
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