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    • By flint77 · Posted
      Very not enough Protocol support NVME. Please do
    • By ScarredFang · Posted
      This fixed quite a few Performance issues with my machine. Thanks.
    • By danger007 · Posted
      Well I know who should demand a partial payment for every user helped, TechInferno and Svl7.  Dell/AW should have to share a % of all their warranty contracts they sell.  Since they don't provide much support *cough* anyways, why shouldn't those who do the tinkering and carry the support burden that Dell/AW should be doing not be rewarded by Dell\AW.  Heck why not give these experts the models, source code, bios data, etc., they could then outsource to a new way, tech forum experts.  Once again thanks to svl7 for the bios mods.  Thank you also to all the members to Tech Inferno who without many of us would be starring at a blank screen.   For those who want to get the best out of the parts that might be limited by companies like Dell\AW this is your place to come.  The drivers are very reliable and are often referenced by many sites.  I don't think they would always be mentioned if the drivers weren't top shelf.  This is what I would have expected Dell to provide with my Alienware M17x R4, after all I pad a premium and it should be for just the alien logo or fancy looking case.
    • By hackerboy · Posted
      First of all, thank you for making this BIOS and share it with all of us ! But I have a regret to tell you that my M18x R2 is installed on 1617 of the 980M..  not a version of the 13D7 however, after the refresh of your BIOS file is still not able to switch LEGACY.   BIOS default IGFX can not read 980M. If modified for the PEG will be 8beep. Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?   THank you so much !  
    • By Brian · Posted
      Took the great work marco (svl7) did and updated it for legacy support with a lot of other extras. A great addition to Tech|Inferno's growing modding team. 
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