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  1. Yeah, 220W should be plenty for the 750TI, I've ran an overclocked RX 480 on that PSU with no issues.
  2. You probably can't increase FPS on the internal display, its only running at 1x speeds, meaning you will lose a lot of performance (sometimes more than half) because it is using all the available bandwidth. I recommend just suing an external display.
  3. Thanks, super useful! Mine will disconnect if I bump it sometimes, I might try and see if something is loose...
  4. I know my M6700's Cellular (similar to WiMax) port is PCIe but it has a whitelist for specifically Dell cellular cards, so I would try another mPCIe device or just try it and see if it works... Also my Latitude's WiMax port doesn't even see the wireless card.
  5. I'm also looking to overclock my K3000M in my M6700, still jumping around posting things in order to download the ROM, but ill update if I make any discoveries!
  6. I'm looking to upgrade my M6700's GPU but I don't really want to spend $300+ on a 980m, is there a card that I haven't found that would be better? It's difficult to search for MXM cards like the Radeon WX series, I can't seem to find any. Also does anyone know if the mobile RX 480s will work in the M6700?
  7. To anyone wondering about eGPUs on M6700s, its not too complicated, there is just a process that must be done on boot every time: You need to have the eGPU connected and powered on before booting the laptop, once you get to the Intel RAID screen disconnect the eGPU and wait for windows to load up, once windows is loaded reconnect the eGPU and you *should* be able to use it and be able to hot-swap it (though you should disable it in windows before unplugging it) installing the normal AMD drivers worked fine for me, though the original release of Adrenaline 19.1 blue screened the first time. I usually run with 3 1080p monitors attached to the 480, replaced my old i5 desktop with this laptop due to the convenience of storing everything on one machine, the laptop has a 256gb SSD and 2x 750GB hdds in raid 0, there is a 2TB WD black attached to the eSATA on the dock. eGPU and external HDD are powered by a 500W evga desktop ATX psu, the EXP GDC's ATX power adapter was clunky and broke while trying to use it, so I just plugged in a CPU 4 pin cable upside down to power it, not worried about it because the bulk of power is coming from the 8 pin on the GPU anyway. https://imgur.com/a/L2UUSL2
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