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  1. I have a dell m6700 with IPS screen. While the screen is fantastic the combination of Nvidia and IPS screen does not support optimus. Is it possible to underclock the GPU below what is possible using the standard windows software power save profiles. If so how much power can you realistically save. I'm thinking of a situation where you are stuck on a plane for 8 hours and want to do something simple like typing letters where the graphic card is not really being used much and need to conserve battery.
  2. For me it would have to be the Dell M6700 OR M6800 with k5000m+ card. And if money is not an issue you can just pay someone to carry it for you as it weights a ton.
  3. Also Curious about this. The cooling is good on the M6700 and lends itself to overclocking more than most laptops.

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