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  1. @Klem I'm not sure who I should contact who might be able to help me on here, or even be willing to. Last Saturday I installed a Quadro M4000M in my Dell Precision M6700. I got it working... Had to modify the INF file in the driver package to get it to install, but it is working well now. What I need help with is overclocking this thing. I can get +135 on the core with Nvidia Inspector. I installed Maxwell bios tweaker II and I am just not experienced enough to mess around in here yet. I had modded a vbios a couple years ago with Kepler bios tweaker and it worked well, but I'm real rusty and don't want to mess up the new card... Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for something modest. It would be great if I could get a little more on the core like maybe +200 or +250 (I'm not sure what these are capable of, but I wouldn't want to run within 25mhz of max. I would like something any version of these cards regardless of the silicon lottery should be capable of) and a memory boost would be nice which I cannot get with Nvidia Inspector. Thanks
  2. @Prema I'm wondering if maybe I can get some help with overclocking my m4000m video card.
  3. Yes it will. I just put the M4000M in an M6700 today. You have to allow unauthorized drivers to be installed, and then you have to modify an INF file in the drivers before installing them. Might sound difficult, but it's pretty easy. I could help with modifying the INF if you need.
  4. I just upgraded my brother in laws M6700 today with the Quadro M4000m. It was quite easy, though time consuming. It was a fun project, and everything is working great! Much faster too! Now I am trying to figure out how to correctly modify the vbios. I need more information. I do not like to do things so haphazardly. To bad I cannot just use MSI Afterburner.....
  5. I need to figure this out also. I am looking for guides to figure this out. Hopefully I can find something here.
  6. I am trying to figure this stuff out myself. Let me know if you do get it figured out. I am trying to modify the quadro M4000m. Similar card...
  7. To reply to the original post, about a year ago I overclocked my brother in laws m6700 with the K3000m by modifying the vbios with kepler vbios tweaker. It overclocks really well. But now I am a little rusty on how to work the vbios tweaker and I am trying to brush up on it because I'd like to overclock a maxwell card (M4000M) with the Maxwell vbios tweaker.
  8. I am not sure how long I've been a member here, but I imagine it has been at least a year or two and I cannot download anything either unfortunately.
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