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  1. Tech Inferno Fan July-2015>> Anybody interested in the 12.5" 2570P should also consider a 14" Dell E6430. The E6430 is the superior performance platform due to it's 900P LCD option, NVidia dGPU option, unlockable turbo bins (+400Mhz) on i7-37xxQM/i7-38xxQM CPUs and x2 2.0 eGPU capability. All with a minor size/weight penalty. See http://forum.techinferno.com/dell-la...tml#post118135 for details. Welcome to the 2570P Owner's Lounge! A place to liase with other owners and share useful tips/tricks/mods to get the most satisfying user experience from this exceptional ultraportable notebook. Release date: 22 June 2012, Model name: Inventec SIMBA, Nick name: EXtremeBook for i7-quad upgraded units A 2570P can be had for as little as US$250 on ebay-US , still with remaining 3yr global onsite warranty. A bargain when you consider it's upgraded desktop-replacement performance and durable MIL-spec build in a small 12.5" package. A features set unmatched by any other Ivy Bridge or Haswell notebook that remains undisclosed by all online reviews and even by HP. Grab one before word gets out . 2570P highlights being: socketted CPU allows a easy user upgrade up to a 45W i7-quad, doubling i5/i7 dual-core CPU performance. The result of doing so being the smallest, most powerful systems available that can function as a desktop replacement. Ultraportable competitors like a 12-14" Lenovo X230/X1C/T430s, Dell E6230/E6330, Toshiba R930/R940 or 13" Macbook Pro all have soldered dual-core i5/i7 CPUs making CPU upgrades unfeasible. Need to upsize to a larger 14" Lenovo T430/T440 or (preferrably) a Dell E6440 to get a socketted CPU. rare 5Gbps expresscard slot allows implementing a ~$160 GTX560Ti@x1.2Opt DIY eGPU for gaming graphics, CUDA/OpenCL processing or driving more external LCDs. optical drive can be swapped with a second 2.5" 9.5mm SATA-III 6Gbps SSD or HDD in a caddy & in a JBOD, RAID-0 (performance) or RAID-1 (redundancy) configuration. Can have up to 4TB of internal storage (2x2TB 9.5mm). Or RAID-0 2xSSDs for superfast boot-times and > 1GB/s sequential transfers. eSATAp port allows external bootable SSD/HDD to be attached using a single eSATAp cable. Ultra convenient when you consider USB-only systems like Macbooks require complicated software workarounds to get a Win7/8 disk booted off their USB ports. upgradeable wifi : can upgrade to recently-released 802.11AC standard with a Broadcom BCM4352 or Intel 7260 HMW card as explained. internal WWAN/3G capable : install a whitelisted WWAN/3G card, insert a mobile SIM and surf the internet anywhere battery options include a 31Wh 3-cell, 62Wh 6-cell (9hrs) and 100Wh 9-cell battery (15hrs) is listed by laptopmag as a top 5 HP laptop of 2013 (Dec-2013) and top 10 business notebook (Apr-2013) Comparison: http://forum.techinferno.com/what-no...html#post34610 concludes the 2570P is the best one.Comparison: 12.5" HP 820 G1 (Haswell: 4th-gen i-core) versus 2570P (Ivy Bridge: 3rd gen i-core) in spoiler: Comparison: 12.5" HP 2570P (Ivy Bridge: 3rd gen i-core) versus 2560P (Sandy Bridge: 2nd gen i-core) Example user-customized 2570P systems ordered by CPU performance User CPU clock TDP x27-TDP Storage: 9.5mm primary + ODD bay Other mods i7 quad-core equipped 2570Ps Aikimox i7-3840QM@2.93 45W 500GB + 1TB HDDs (1.5TB) OC ME FW, 16GB DDR3, cooling Tech Inferno Fan i7-3740QM@2.83 45W 22.1W 256GB S840P.SSD + ODD + 500GB eSATAp GTX770 eGPU, OC ME FW, BCM4352AC wifi, battery life tweaks, cooling Dewos i7-3840QM 2.8 45W 24.8W 128GB+128GB RAID0 SSDs GTX660 eGPU, 16GB DDR3 badbadbad i7-3840QM 2.8 45W 26.2W 500GB S840 EVO SSD + ODD 16GB DDR3L, BCM4352AC wifi invait53 i7-3840QM 2.8 45W 128GB SSD + 2TB ST HDD 16GB DDR3, WLAN-USB, BCM4352AC wifi+BT4.0 paperclip i7-3820QM 2.7 45W 22.4W 240GB Intel 530 SSD + ODD jacobsson i7-3740QM 2.7 45W 256GB+256GB RAID0 SSDs + 500GB eSATAp GTX670 eGPU, 16GB DDR3L, cooling pandaleo i7-3740QM 2.7 45W 24.5W 256GB Toshiba SSD 16GB DDR3L Uftherr i7-3720QM 2.6 45W GTX570 eGPU, 8GB DDR3, cooling hatoblue i7-3630QM 2.4 45W 23.6W GTX560Ti eGPU krazyazy i7-3632QM 2.2 35W 24.5W 256GB S840P.SSD + 500GB HDD GTX660Ti eGPU, 16GB DDR3L phillofoc i7-3632QM 2.2 35W 25.5W 128GB C400 SSD + 500GB HDD GTX650Ti eGPU, 16GB DDR3L, 7260AC wifi, battery life tweaks bjorm i7-3632QM 2.2 35W 25.7W 500GB S840 SSD + ODD GTX560TI eGPU, cooling+quiet_fan+holey_bottom i5 or i7 dual-core equipped 2570Ps rhx123 i7-3520M 2.9 35W 256GB LiteOn LCT-256M3S SSD + ODD GTX780 eGPU jot23 i5-3210M 2.5 35W 128GB C400 SSD + 640GB HDD GTX660 eGPU xuhexiffi806 i7-3689Y 1.5 13W 180GB Intel 530 SSD + weight saver 100Wh 9-cell battery, expresscard-SD reader PURPLE - highest performance AND lowest power consumption in this table RED - highest performance configuration in this table GREEN - lowest power consumption in this table x27-TDP: TDP when running at x27 reflecting overall CPU temps and efficiency as discussed Operating System, Support, Drivers, Disassembly Guide HP's 2570p Drivers Link, Manuals Link, Maintenance And Service Guide, Disassembly Guide, Media Services Link w/ videoWindows 7 OEM HP Source - For Clean Installs : includes additional HP installation contents needed for a Win7 clean install media.2560P schematic : 2570P is similiar but unfortunately no public schematic found for it as yet. This is the next best thing.HP warranty checker : useful to check a ebay secondhand unit's remaining warranty Performance upgrade: i7-quad CPU resulting in 'IVB ZBook 12' or 'EXtremeBook'Can effectively double the CPU performance going from a factory i5/i7 dual core to a i7-quad CPU. Could also be desirable if you wish to lower fan noise and temps. Running a i7-quad with max 99% CPU utilization results in noticably cooler temps than their dual-core counterparts without loss of performance, eg: cool i7-quads by bjorm's i7-3632QM or Aikimox's i7-3840QM. Note: warranty implications of a CPU upgrade - a factory-specced faster dual core up to i7-3520M 2.9 will not void warranty while a i7-quad will void the warranty if HP know about it as it wasn't offered with one. I'd keep the original CPU back and swap it back in if necessary. Upgraded 2570P i7-quad system examples are shown in the table above.NOTE: A 45W CPU can have highest multiplier limited to a 35W CPU level using Throttlestop software. That means a 45W i7-3630QM/i7-3610M (turbo=3.4/3.3Ghz) runs like a 35W i7-3632QM/i7-3612QM (turbo=3.2/3.1Ghz). Best 45W i7-quads being a i7-3630QM (x32) , i7-3720QM (x34) and i7-3740QM/3820QM (x35). There is at max 9% 4-core peformance difference between these with the higher end ones often not being able to maintain their upper multipliers as shown here. Meaning, suggest grab whichever is available and of lowest cost in your area.The 4-core TDP limit means any faster 45W CPUs do not see any gains. If need more performance and have deeper pockets then consider purchasing a 55W i7-3920XM instead. It has an additional 10W heatroom for turbo. Though it will absolutely need cooling mods to be able to accomodate at that level. <- 55W CPU is being limited to 45W on a 2570P as shown.It's possible to get and install cheaper PGA-to-BGA converted i7-quad CPUs as demonstrated by pandaleo.RECOMMENDED reading: How to choose the most efficient 45W i7-quadPerformance upgrade: external graphics (eGPU)DIY eGPU to attach a desktop videocard via the 2570P's 5Gbps expresscard slot. Provides accelerated gaming graphics, CUDA/OpenCL processing and additional HDMI/DVI outputs to drive multiple monitors. To do this most users only need to set System configuration->Device configuration expresscard slot from Generation 1 to Generation 2 as shown below:A NVidia GTX460/560/660/670 is a straight plug-n-play implementation on a 2570P when using Windows 7, though Win8.x is problematic (src: here). Win8.x users may consider doing a UEFI installation instead which resolved error12 and gave hotplug capabilities as noted here.An AMD card, GTX650, GTX750, GTX9xx or older NVidia cards require a DSDT override and (maybe) DIY eGPU Setup 1.x interposer software to eradicate error 12 that prevents their functionality. See the 2570P DSDT override details if using one of these cards.Implemented on a 2570P at x1.2Opt speed (5Gbps + compression) using a NVidia GTX670 (jacobsson), GTX660Ti (Tech Inferno Fan), GTX560Ti (bjorm), GTX660 (dewos), GTX560Ti (hatoblue), GTX650Ti (phillofoc) Above: simplified HP 2570P eGPU installation process instructions courtesy of T|U user badbadbadPerformance upgrade: storageExtra hotswappable 9.5mm (2.5") HDD/SSD added through Optical-Drive Bay (SimoxTav) or newmodeus. US$18 optical drive faceplate replacement part2570P RAID-0 SSD guide (jacobsson) - get superfast bootup and 1GB/s sequential reads by configuring two SATA-III SSDs as a RAID-0 volUS$4 eSATAp cable - connect to your SATA HDD/SSD to the 2570P's eSATAp (combo SATA+ USB 3.0) port for superfast bootable storage.FAQ about optical drive space saver: can it's faceplate be used on other ODDs/caddies? Answer: no/yes.System mod: LCD upgrade The supplied LCD is a 12.5" single-LVDS TN panel, HP P/N 685504-001 which is a AUO B125XW02 V.0 or Samsung LTN125AT02 with relatively narrow viewing angles and around 45% gamut. X220/X230 IPS LCD retrofit with wide viewing angles: failed attempts by bjorm and pandaleo due to insufficient clearancehigher-resolution panels: not possible as HP has confirmed 2570P has only single-LVDS wired per detailsSystem mods: cooling and fan quieteningRecommended reading - INFO: Tech Inferno Fan findings on improving 2570P cooling systemNotebook FanControl - easier to configure than TPFanControl. Can set 2.5% (2825 rpm)-100% (5120 rpm) manual fan control or temperature-based rules. Nice. Though because there isn't a 2570P configuration item I use a HP 8560P or ZBook 15 instead.troubadix's TPFanControl allows software fan step control though doesn't alter the cut-in RPMs which bjorm says is 3072rpmquiet_fan: 2x1N4004 diode mod (bjorm) & : reduce fan RPMs including cut-in RPMsheatsink mods: by Tech Inferno Fan's (copper-stack), Aikimox, bjorm & jacobsson's 'Anarchist' - improve heat transfer to reduce fan activity or host a 45W i7-quad comfortablybjorm's holey bottom cover mod - improve airflowSystem mod: BIOS inc WLAN/WWAN Unfortunately the 2570P bios is RSA protected. Flashing a modified BIOS that say disables the WWAN whitelist results in system failing to boot. Nobody has successfully created a modified bios. REF: bios-mods.com. WLAN/WWAN/Bluetooth whitelist : IDs of cards that the BIOS will allow boot with.Confirmed Intel 6235 working in 2570P - it's between 0.5W to 1W more efficient than the stock Intel 6205 (M3ph15t)Non-whitelisted Intel/Atheros WLAN works: Intel 1000, 5100, 6235 and Atheros AR5B91 all work as "Test WLAN" cards with BIOS F.41/F.42F.44 bios confirmed by HP to have no WLAN whitelistBIOS dumps at hpfocus.com : extensive Elitebook (inc 2570P) bios dumps. Here's the two files discussed of interest: 68ISB16.F34.rar (F.34 dump - unlock flash descriptor with WIN+[left arrow]+[right arrow] then flash using fptw64.exe utility). NbDmiFit-2.03.zip (DMIFit - initialize the computer information(S/N, P/N, etc.) Emergency recovery: if you have a flash go wronghttp://forum.techinferno.com/general...html#post26529 : Press WIN+[left arrow]+[right arrow] during poweron to unlock the flash descriptor WWANDOS - HP WWAN whitelist writing tool Tweaks: overclocking and extending battery lifeKhenglish's 2570P BCLK overclocking ME FW - allows increasing BCLK by 4.8% using XTU software, eg: i5-3360M 2.8Ghz -> 2.93GhzBattery life tweaks inc 33% longer 2570P battery life by enabling ASPMs and L0s L1 using softwareMISC infoWLAN-USB: Wiring the WLAN USB pins to the docking connector to enable WLAN Bluetooth (BCM94352AC+BT4.0) [invait53]INFO: Retrofitting webcam to non-webcam modelCorrecting Production Information Incorrect bios halt screen (eg: system board, product name, serial, SKU, family)Using a ramdisk for browser cache (phillofoc) : to extend battery lifeWWAN whitelist workaround. As a BIOS mod is not possible, enthusiastic individuals could mask then internally re-route the WWAN USB pins (36,38) to either the expresscard or docking connector USB port. Yes, soldering would be required. REF: 2560P schematic for pinouts.unbridged tracks on 2570P WWAN socket are mSATA but no BIOS support : info on how the mSATA can be enabled on the WWAN socket weight loss : how to lighten the 2570P using a weight saver instead of the optical drive, lighter AC adapter, + more.Hackintosh works on 2570P: Mac OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.5) confirmed working minus wifi on a 2570P.Hackintosh works on 2570P #2 : Newer Mavericks 10.9 working on a 2570P. HP '820 G1' backlit keyboard retrofit : unimplemented experimental howtoObtaining an expresscard blank: how to order a replacement if lost yours, getting a optical bay space saver in the processHP HS2340 WWAN module: using it on a non-HP notebookHS2340 WWAN module: fixes for dropping connections (HP forums)Systemboard photos : closeup photos by pandaleoWin7 fix for brightness hotkeys ceasing to work after sleep-resume cycle (phillofoc)Acknowledgements: a cast of many 2570P and other T|I users contributing to this thread. Thank you. 12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P review from 51nb.comTech Inferno Fan comments: Below is 51nb.com's Chinese-to-English translated 2570P review. notebookcheck have done a extensive review too. There's another English version review of the HP EliteBook 2570p posted that has some great coverage. Almighty business The HP EliteBook 2570p evaluation (source: 51nb.com)Business this traditionally has a the impertinent game video of the mainstream computing power, With the notebook full access IVB era, equipped with the latest the IVB architecture processor of Commerce this performance has been further enhanced. HP recently introduced the ProBook and EliteBook series of new business in this latest IVB platform positioning flagship model EliteBook 2570p continuation of the the HP business of the excellent design, including black TrackPoint, fingerprint reader, 180 degrees opening and closing angle, backplane Free tools demolition, today let us through a detailed evaluation of the article to understand the business of the new features under this all-around. HP EliteBook 2570p hardware configuration: Intel IVB i5 3210M processor, 4GB DDR3 1600 single-channel memory, 500GB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive, Intel HD 4000 Core graphics, detailed parameter configuration table with reference below. Hewlett-Packard (HP) 2570p (B8Z45PA) Operating system Preloaded with Windows 7 Professional Edition Processor frequency Intel IVB i5 3210M Processor description Dual core four threads, clocked at 2.5GHz, Turbo accelerates to 3.1GHz, TDP 35W Memory descriptor 4GB DDR3 1600 Hard to describe 500GB, 7200 rpm mechanical hard Drive type DVD burner Screen description 12.5 inches, 1366x768, 16:9 dimming wide viewing angle, thin screen Graphics chip Intel GMA HD 4000 (Core Graphics) Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n (300Mbps) Refers to take keyboard Pointing stick, touchpad (multi-touch), full-size chocolate keyboard Data interface 2 USB3.0, 1 a USB2.0/eSATA dual-use interface, VGA, power, keyhole, DisplayPort, docking station port, RJ-45/RJ-11 interface, Smart Card, ExpressCard, SD card reader. Body Material Magnesium alloy Body weight Bare metal 1.96kg, travel 2.415kg Body size 300mm x 209mm x 27mm Appearance and interface: magnesium alloy body business interface● The appearance and use of materialsHigh strength material to the positioning the flagship of Commerce this will build the fuselage, the HP EliteBook 2570p body adopts high-strength magnesium alloy, with silver surface grinding process, with strong metal texture and also can effectively prevent fingerprint residue . 2570p whole shape design very low-key, nor around the rounded handle the current popular to abandon fashion elements only for the professional business. HP 2570p magnesium alloy body with a high degree of robustness Lithium battery using the HP 2570p randomly equipped the kyphosis design, this is tantamount to increase the width of the fuselage, but large-capacity lithium battery can also bring more endurance. ● Body thickness 2570p rear fuselage thickest approximately 34.25mm, and the front of the fuselage of 30.95mm, thickness or normal the Almighty business this machine who can design more expansion interface.● Extended Interface Almighty business this has a very well-equipped business interface design, the HP 2570p fuselage front end does not design any expansion interface, and most of the area of the rear fuselage, while lithium batteries occupy, but the left and right sides of the battery is still VGA, and dual USB3.0 interface. HP 2570p expansion interface design more concentrated in the fuselage left and right ends of the left side of the fuselage interface follows the power, RJ-45, RJ-11, DVD drive and Smart Card, the right side of the fuselage interface from right left turn for notebook lock the docking connector eSATA/USB2.0, DisplayPort, headphone / microphone, SD card reader and ExpressCard. View 2570p expansion interface is very well equipped, even the old RJ-11 interface has also been retained, two USB3.0 plus a USB2.0 also be able to meet the demand for the use of the most of the time, although 2570p DisplayPort interface , but the lack of a more mainstream HDMI interface looks a little regret.● portability The HP 2570p bare metal weight of 1.96kg, travel weight of 2.41kg, this weight is quite normal for a performance mainstream business of the Almighty metal.Chapter Summary: HP EliteBook 2570p on the body design is very introverted, magnesium-alloy high-strength material can effectively protect the safety of the fuselage, the surface layer of matte treatment has a good anti-fingerprint effect. More normal body thickness and portability. Interface, in addition to 2570p with HDMI outside the flagship business of the proper mainstream interface connected to the docking station can further enhance scalability.12.5-inch matte screen spill-resistant keyboard display and manipulation:● Screen HP EliteBook 2570p with a 12.5-inch LED matte screen resolution is 1366x768, 12.5-inch mainstream is also the business of the frequently used screen size, actual use, and 13-inch screen is not much difference. The matte surface is indispensable for high-end business, which can effectively prevent the glare caused by the interference of the human eye while enhancing the notebook display. The actual use of the process, a good piece of screen display, more accurate color reproduction, viewing angle of approximately 150 degrees left and right direction. HP EliteBook 2570p with alloy hinge sunken shaft the screen high fastness, 2570p screen the maximum opening angle of more than 180 degrees, which is also an important high-end business logo.● camera HP EliteBook 2570p HD Webcam settings on the screen just above the right there with a protective cover keyboard lights when not in use can be turned off the protective cover to prevent dust and moisture from entering.● control experience HP 2570p is equipped with a high-touch black chocolate spill-resistant keyboard, the key processes and key spacing design is very reasonable, prolonged beating also be able to maintain a good feeling. Although this keyboard does not have a backlight function, but by means of the camera to the right of the keyboard lights in low light conditions and accurate identification keys. This as the flagship business, let your hands do not leave the area of the keyboard to move the cursor pointing stick natural essential 2570p black the TrackPoint design in the middle of the keyboard position. 2570p touchpad uses the same metal grinding treatment, feel comfortable, precise positioning on the below the the four shortcuts resistance are very small, the key sound is also very light. Up and down two shortcuts used with the TrackPoint, the bottom two and trackpad for use with two combinations, allowing those different habits. 2570p biometric fingerprint reader design in the lower right corner of the C surface 2570p the upper right corner of the keyboard area wireless network switch, three shortcuts for fast Internet access and volume switch, the top left corner of the keyboard area is only one power switch the C surface design is also very simple.● scalability HP 2570p backplane support tool-free, only need to the bottom of the fuselage on the left of the power / the the backplane combo demolition the switch Wang Zuoce poke can free tool to tear down the backplane, this design is very humane, users either upgrade your hardware or clean-up The dust will become very convenient. HP 2570p disassemble tool-free chassis internal body details HP 2570p memory slots and hard drive slot details, including hard disk slot portion with a unique HP 3D DriveGuard protection technology, the fuselage impact on the effective protection of hard disk data. 2570p also provides mSATA interface, users can increase their own SSD to improve the overall performance. Chapter Summary: HP 2570p with a piece of business of the common 12.5-inch LED matte screen resolution mainstream 1366x768, the screen maximum opening angle of 180 degrees or more, fully meet the demand for business use, in addition with black TrackPoint and keyboard lighting, full-size chocolate spill-resistant keyboard can bring very good handling experience. Scalability using unique backplane Free tools demolition design, 2570p hardware upgrade or clean up the dust are very convenient.Hardware and performance: IVB i5 3210M with HD 4000 nuclear● Processor HP 2570p using an Intel architecture IVB i5 3210M processor, using the X86 field is currently the most advanced 22nm process technology, dual-core four threads, 6MB cache, the default clocked at 2.5GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz, TDP 35W.● Memory Terms of memory, 2570p using a single 2GB DDR3 1600 high-speed memory, timing 11-11-11-28, read speed 11794MB / s, write speed to 12462MB / s read and write speed or capacity can good deal with day-to-day use demand, can increase a 4GB memory 8GB dual-channel, the whole performance there will be a certain level of improvement.● wPrime wPrime is a notebook processor performance testing software, 2570p using the i5 3210M 32M and 1024M test results were 16.911 seconds and 584.833 seconds, leading the older generation i5 2430M approximately 10%.● CINEBENCH 11.5 Another common CINEBENCH 11.5 test software, the HP 2570p CPU single core performance 1.15pts, multi-core results 2.71pts previous generation i5 2430M approximately 10% ahead of the same.● Graphic Business notebook graphics capabilities are not very high, HP 2570p CPU integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 Core graphics card, core frequency of 650MHz, memory frequency is 800MHz, and meet the business office is not a big problem.● Hard HP 2570p with a 500GB 7200 rpm Hitachi mechanical hard drive, this hard drive in HD Tune Pro test a minimum transfer speed of about 45.4MB / S, the maximum transmission speed is about 103.0MB / S, the average transfer speed of approximately 79.0 MB / S, HD Tune graph when the read test is also very stable. The 2570p Similarly with HP 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology, the fuselage by the impact of the big efforts to advance locked hard disk to protect data security.● PCMARK 7 In the the professional machine performance testing software PCMARK7, 2570p total score of 2819 points. Chapter Summary: HP 2570p using the latest IVB i5 3210M processor, the default 2.5GHz, 3.1GHz high frequency has a very mainstream performance Turbo 4GB DDR3 1600 memory also able to meet the complex business-use environment. 500GB 7200 RPM high-capacity mechanical hard drive with HP 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology, the data is very safe.Cooling capacity, endurance test, evaluation Full Summary● Heat HP 2570p using the bottom into the wind, the wind out of the right side of the fuselage cooling mode, use should pay attention to the right hand mouse and the distance of the fuselage, so as not to vent hot air right impact. 2570p Here's the specific thermal performance test. The temperature of the surface of the conventional standby fuselage C (left) and D surface (right) To use AIDA64 Let 2570p processor and graphics card to run at full capacity 30 minutes Full load for 30 minutes after the fuselage C surface temperature Surface temperature of the full load for 30 minutes after the body D We can see through the professional thermal imager: conventional standby mode (room temperature about 26 degrees) 2570p body C face maximum temperature was 34.4 degrees, the position appears in the upper left corner of the touchpad, the maximum temperature of the D surface outlet was 38.5 degrees, the position appears on the right side of the fuselage, the whole, fairly good 2570p cooling capacity in standby mode; conventional 2570p fuselage C surface temperature of 36.8 degrees after 30 minutes of full load, D surface The maximum temperature of 59.2 degrees C, the highest temperature of the surface D are located near the main outlet the HP 2570p full load cooling capacity is the same impressive.● Endurance Test HP EliteBook 2570p standard lithium battery capacity 11.1V 62Wh Screen brightness to 50% and turn on WiFi, then turn on the power-saving mode the last HP 2570p estimated 7 hours battery life under Windows 7. Evaluation Summary: HP 2570p has a very high degree of sturdy magnesium alloy body, coupled with a biometric fingerprint reader, spill-resistant keyboard 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology, the internal body as well as the hard drive information can be effectively protected . The opening angle of over 180 degrees screen, mainstream and complete business interface design, IVB platform performance, excellent hardware configurations make this machine demonstrated a deep skill, backplane tool-free is a big bright spot, users can easily upgrade hardware or screwdriver to clean the dust. This model priced at about 10,500 yuan, the positioning and the ThinkPad T430 is similar, if you do not intend to into the black, then this HP EliteBook 2570p is also a very good choice.
  2. Welcome to the E6440 Owner's Lounge! A place to share tips/tricks/mods with other owners get the most satisfying user experience from this exceptional notebook. Release date: Sep 2013 Model name: Compal LA-9931P (iGPU) or LA-9932P (HD8690M) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvbzGXOz3nU Example user-customized E6440 systems ordered by CPU performance User CPU clock TDP x27-TDP Storage: 9.5mm primary + ODD bay + mSATA Other mods komoornik i7-4940MX 3.1 57W 512GB SSD + BD-ROM FHD_LCD_retrofit, 16GB DDR3L Atonus i7-4810MQ 2.8 47W 250GB+2560B RAID0 Samsung EVO SSDs EC_retrofit, RAID unlock, 16GB DDR3L planetburns i7-4810MQ 2.8 47W 180GB SSD + ODD Tech Inferno Fan i7-4800MQ 2.7 47W 32.3 500GB SSHD + ODD EC_retrofit, GTX770 eGPU, OC_ME_FW PURPLE - highest performance AND lowest power consumption in this tableRED - highest performance configuration in this tableGREEN - lowest power consumption in this tablex27-TDP: TDP when running at x27 reflecting overall CPU temps and efficiency as discussed Operating System, Support, Drivers, Disassembly Guide Dell's E6440: Driver's link, Manuals link and Upgrade parts link. Windows 7 Dell OEM Source : Includes additional Dell installation content needed for a fully licensed Win7 clean install.Dell warranty checker: useful to check an ebay secondhand unit's remaining warranty. Ask vendor for the Support Tag.Performance upgrade: mSATA SSDYes, there is a mSATA slot in the E6440, though is not visible when taking the rear cover off. It needs the left bumper cap removed. It's situated above the WWAN marking as shown in the spoiler below. In fact, this slot is WLAN(PCIe1), mSATA (SATA3 port4) and WWAN (USB 2.0)!! Sharing the PCIe and SATA lines being a new Series-8 Flexible I/O chipset feature : http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/6882-series-8-flexible-usb3-pcie-sata-pcie-i-o-some-more-x2-2-0-possibility.html#post94382 Performance upgrade: i7-quad CPUCan effectively double the CPU performance going from a factory i5/i7 dual core to a i7-quad CPU. Note: warranty implications of a CPU upgrade - a factory-specced faster dual core up to i7-4610M will not void warranty while a i7-quad will void the warranty if Dell know about it as it wasn't offered with one. I'd keep the original CPU back and swap it back in if necessary. Upgraded E6440 i7-quad system examples are shown in the table above.One important consideration is whether to get a 37W i7-4702MQ (4-core turbo=2.9Ghz)to keep within the factory-configured CPU's TDP or get a faster and hotter 47W i7-4800QM/i7-4700MQ (4-core turbo=3.5/3.2Ghz). I'm of the opinion that the 37W one should be avoided. That's because (1) the 47W CPUs can be software limited to 37W (2) XTU/Throttlestop allows a negative offset voltage offset to be applied bringing TDP down and allowing higher multipliers to work and (3) the beefier dGPU-model heatsink that can handle the higher TDP and can be retrofitted to the iGPU-only model.The E6440 BIOS locks the TDP but allows extra turbo bins are accessible using either Throttlestop or XTU. Eg: a i7-4700MQ has +200Mhz unlocked turbo bins (max=3.4Ghz 4-core). A i7-4800MQ has +400Mhz unlocked turbo bins (max=3.9Gbz 4-core). Problem with the 47W TDP limit is it limits performance to 3.5Ghz during a TS 32M/1024M 4-core load test. That result being *after* voltage optimization in XTU/Throttlestop. Meaning then that max performance lies between a turbo unlocked i7-4700MQ (3.4Ghz) and i7-4800MQ (3.9Ghz). Eg: a i7-4710MQ (3.5Ghz 4-core) would be at max TDP limits. Though those newer CPUs are rarer and often pricer than a faster i7-4800MQ. Means then that for the majority of users, a i7-4800MQ gives an easy plug'n'play installation from which highest performance, within TDP and thermal limits, can then be extracted easily using Throttlestop or XTU.RECOMMENDED reading: 1. http://forum.techinferno.com/throttlestop-realtemp-discussion/6958-haswell-step-backwards-ivy-bridge-i-have-some-shocking-tdp-results.html#post951812. INFO: dGPU_heatsink - improve iGPU model cooling by retrofitting dGPU model heatsink+fanPerformance upgrade: external graphics (eGPU)RECOMMENDED reading: INFO: EC_retrofit - retrofitting an expresscard slot to a E6440An eGPU has been implemented on a E6440 using a NVidia GTX770 (Tech Inferno Fan), AMD R9 280X (Tech Inferno Fan).DIY eGPU: attach a desktop videocard via the E6440's 5Gbps expresscard slot. Provides accelerated gaming graphics, CUDA/OpenCL processing and additional HDMI/DVI outputs to drive multiple monitors. A NVidia or AMD card is a straight plug-n-play implementation on a E6440. The system must boot least once with the eGPU attached and detected by the BIOS. This lowers TOLUD from 3.49GB to 3.24GB, storing it in NVRAM thereafter. Both my GTX770 and R9 280x can then be allocated without any error 12. In addition, no PCI Reset Delay mechanism is unnecessary and is best to be disabled. Then the system and eGPU can support a sleep-resume cycle with eGPU activate on resume. NOTE: The A.02 BIOS handles the eGPU beautifully, running a Gen2 expresscard link. Unfortunately bios A.05 or newer sets the EC port to Gen1 speed if you hotplug the eGPU after BIOS boot (see details). Flash back to A.02 to get the faster Gen2 link speed OR disable any PCI Reset Delay mechanisms on the eGPU adapter so the BIOS sees the eGPU on boot. Note: E6440 iGPU-model can boot with powered eGPU powered plugged into EC slot. dGPU-model E6440 will not boot with powered eGPU plugged into EC slot and so requires hotplugging after boot. In case anybody is wondering, a x2 2.0 eGPU link is not electrically possible unless there is a USB3 port 4 on a docking connector so can use the http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/6882-series-8-flexible-usb3-pcie-sata-pcie-i-o-some-more-x2-2-0-possibility.html#post94382 feature. The USB 3 ports on the system are 1, 2, 3 and 6. The E6440 PCIe port layout is shown in the spoiler: If want to experiment with a x2 2.0 eGPU implementation then suggest look at a one-gen older Dell E6430. It's has two mPCIe ports (port 1 + 2) as per the E6430 schematic. System mod: LCD upgradeUpdate Feb-2015: newer E6440 has eDP rather than LVDS connected on the systemboard, with a 1920x1080 LCD option. See details. The FHD LCD retrofit parts required for the 1st E6440 series are in the spoiler: NOTE: The Intel iGPU Control panel mistakenly lists the LCD as being eDP as explained in the series-1 E6440.768P->900P is possible as a user upgrade. Required is swapping the HD 1ch LVDS cable for the 2ch LVDS HD+ and of course changing the 768P LCD for a 900P one. The two different LVDS cables available for a E6440 are: The two different LCDs being: My system came from the factory with a 900P AUO B140RTN02.2 panel with Dell p/n 0M4RTT. I find brightness and viewing angles quite satisfactory. A photo of my 900P LCD's model labelling is in the spoiler below. 1080P or higher resolution : not possible since the E6440 uses a LVDS rather than eDP internal LCD interface. The max resolution available in 14" LVDS is usually 1600x900, representing 37% more viewing area than 1366x768. Though ebay has 14" 1680x945 LVDS LCDs, giving an additional 10% more viewing area over 1600x900 or 51% over 1366x768. --> 1680x945 LCD does not fit correctly as attempted here.System mods: coolingINFO: dGPU_heatsink - improve iGPU model cooling by retrofitting dGPU model heatsink+fan. Useful if see i7-quad thermal throttling under full 4-core load. MISC infoRAID_unlock: Enabling E6440's hidden RAID BIOS options (Atonus) giving RAID-0/1 and maybe RAID-5 as discussed.Using a ramdisk for browser cache (phillofoc) : to extend battery lifeI present you a tool to decompress Dell UEFI BIOS (JimboBobB@MDL) - extract the raw E6440 BIOS file from Dell's distribution EXE. Confirmed works. A workaround to the depreciated "-writehdr" option.Modifying UEFI variables : eg: remove CPU TDP power limits, RAID/Expresscard/max TOLUD, disable dGPU Dell E6440 reviews Review Dell Latitude E6440 Notebook (notebookcheck.net)Review Dell Latitude E6440 (itfroccs.hu)Dell Latitude E6440 (youtube #1)Dell Latitude E6440 Notebook (youtube #2)
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    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    THIS PAGE IS A RUNNING SUMMARY OF THIS LONG THREAD. >> SEARCH this eGPU forum. experiences [2.0] N E W S GETTING STARTED >>> Introduction A brief introduction with the story of the solution. Pros and Cons A summary of the pros and cons of a DIY eGPU Pre purchase FAQ Answers to questions before you commit First steps Parts/software/info for a successful installation Performance: AMD versus NVIDIA benchmark results Compares AMD and NVIDIA perf on the same sys Performance: Scaling Analysis Compare performance over x1, x1E, x1.Opt, x2, x2E links Implementations: Examples and Leaderboard PC and Macbook eGPU implementations by users Implementations: older Macbook Implementations on older core2duo Macs Implementations: CUDA/OpenCL Implementations using the GPU for applications+computation Implementations: non-video Non-video implementations: soundcards atm Non English eGPU forums eGPU forums in non-English speaking locales Archived news Misc other articles INTRODUCTION >>> This thread serves as a roadmap for those who wish to attach an external Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) to a notebook/laptop computer. Connection may be achieved through an ExpressCard, mPCIe slot, or Thunderbolt port.This thread is a place for users to share installation and performance details for others to duplicate or reference. * SimoxTav's Video game benchmarking* Graw/TWE/MafiaII12" Len.X201t+HD5770* StarcraftII13"_Dell_M1330+GTX460* Star Trek Online15"_Macbook Pro+GT240 Gaming videos running on an eGPU implementation US$70 PE4L-EC2C (expresscard) or PE4L-PM3N (mPCIe) products $91 PE4H-EC2C (expresscard) or PE4H-PM3N (mPCIe) products HP 2560P GTX560Ti @x1.2Opt DIY eGPU impl playing NFS Shift on the internal LCD HP 2510P: [mPCIe] Swap wifi card via underside covers Note: For those running Windows 7, you can install the eGPU without rebooting your system. Simply and the turn the system to standby system and attach the PE4L. Your system will return to its desktop presets once it detects the PE4L. You will immediately see a significant upgrade in the performance. For example. a Inspiron 1440 using the x1E tweak saw 3dmark06 go from 866 to 9551. RE5 benchmark went from an unplayable 4.1FPS to a very playabe 60.9FPS. The HP 2560P's x1.2Opt link saw 3dmark06 increase over 4 times to 18340 and RE5 gave an average of 148.3FPS(!!), even allowing the internal LCD to be driven by the eGPU. PROS AND CONS >>> Pros Inexpensive: US$92-shipped PE4L with HD5770+120W=$200, GTS450+120W=$160, GTX460-1GB+430W=$210, GT430+72W=$130, HD5670+72W=$140. Add $66 for a x2 capable kit using a PE4H. can be used on any system with an accessible expresscard OR mPCIe slot has inexpensive eGPU enclosure examples if you want an enclosure 10 times or more increase in video performance can have Internal LCD-only setup: NVIDIA Optimus or Ultramon/Chung-Gun method. provides additional HDMI video+audio, s-video and VGA out provides dual-link DVI connection for 2560x1600 LCDs allows multi-monitor connectivity: AMD Eyefinity to provide up to 3 LCDs attached to any HD54xx or better card. Drive up to 6 LCDs to using a HD7xxx or better card supporting Eyefinity 2.0 AMD FirePro 2450, 2450x1, and 2460 to drive up to 4 monitors from a low power card NVIDIA Surround can connect up to 4 simultaneous LCDs. easy, on-demand attachment without a reboot if running Win7 can be reused after a system upgrade, or shared amongst multiple systems see an extra 30-60% in performance when attached to an expresscard 2.0 system, or do a x2 1.0 setup provides an additional USB port when connected to expresscard slot Time-share your desktop video card b/w your desktop and notebook system. perform CUDA/OpenCL processing for applications that support it like Adobe CS5/Premiere [NVIDIA graphics only] ability to use physX/hybrid physX & game detail components can become a stepping stone to a full deskop system if want higher performance Cons requires a 12V PSU to drive the desktop eGPU requires an external LCD/CRT/TV to connect to display at highest FPS may require booting DIY eGPU Setup 1.x from a disk image or USB stick to overcome error 12 issues restricted bandwidth: a x1/x2/x4 link represents 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 the bandwidth of a x16 slot. PRE PURCHASE FAQ >>> -> moved to http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/7969-pre-purchase-faq.html#post109073 FIRST STEPS >>> -> moved to http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/7969-pre-purchase-faq.html#post109073 PERFORMANCE >>> AMD versus NVIDIA back-to-back benchmark results GTX560Ti vs GTX660 @x1.2Opt (int vs ext) (i5-2540M 2.6, bjorm) HD7770@x1 vs x1E (P8400-2.26, damir001 inc PCISpeedTest) HD7870 vs GTX660 at all expresscard/mPCIe bandwidths available (i5-3320M 2.6, Tech Inferno Fan) HD6970@x4 2.0 vs GTX460@x4 2.0 vs x16 2.0 (i5-2400 3.1, tomshardware) GTX670@x1.2Opt vs GTX560Ti (i7-2820QM 2.3, carage) HD5850@x1.2 vs GTX460@x1.2Opt (i7-2630QM 2.0, timohour) NVS4200M vs GTX560Ti@x1.2Opt (i7-2670QM, Tom_ger) GTX680@x1.2Opt vs x1.1Opt and GTX580 versus GTX680@x1.1Opt (i5-2520M 2.5, arsenal243) GTX480 versus GTX560Ti@x1Opt (i7-620M 2.66, Mikjoa) GTX460-1GB versus GTX560Ti @x1.1Opt (i5-2520M 2.5, Warwickeo) GTS450 versus GTX460 @x1.Opt (i7-640M 2.80, docusyn) HD5750 versus GTX470 on x1, x1.Opt and x2 links (i5-430M 2.26, Tech Inferno Fan) HD5750 versus GTX460 on x1 and x1E links (T9300-2.5, ithildin) HD5750 versus GTX470 on x1, x1E, x1.Opt and x2 links (T6600-2.2/T2050-1.6/U7600-1.2, Tech Inferno Fan) Scaling Analysis (07-05-2014) [Performance] Desktop vs eGPU - GTX770 + R9 270x HD5870@x2 1.0 vs x16 2.0 (i7-720QM/i7-3820, kizwan) HD7970 versus GTX680: pci-e scaling x4, x8, x16 @pci-e 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 HD7970: pci-e 3.0 x2, x4, x8, x16 scaling GTX580: x1.2Opt vs x1.1Opt +30% overclock & (i7-2920XM 2.4, Khenglish) GTX560Ti: x1.2Opt vs x1.1Opt [internal LCD vs external LCD] (i5-2540M 2.6, Tech Inferno Fan) HD5850: x16, x4, x2, x1 (~i7-2820QM, timohour) HD5870: x2 versus x1 (i7-720QM 1.6, kizwan) GTX580+GTX460: x2 vs x1 vs GTX260M (P8700-2.53, mangos47) GTX460@x1.Opt scaling analysis internal vs external LCD, +25% PCIe, +40% GPU core O/C (L9600@2.90, Tech Inferno Fan) GTX460@x2 scaling analysis +20% cpu, +20% PCIe, ~20% GPU (T9400-2.53, khenglish) HD5750: x1 versus x1E (T9300-2.5, ithildin) Older MACBOOK >>> 04-03-2011 MacBook 17 T7600-2.33 with X1600 + HD6850 implemented with Win7/32 11-10-2010 Mac Mini T7200-2.0 + HD5450 implemented with Win7. 11-05-2010 MBP 17" T2600-2.16 with X1600 + GT240M result with Win7. 9-27-2010 MBP 15" Unibody T7500-2.2, 6GB RAM with 8600M GT+HD4650/HD5770-7LCDs impl. & & & with Win7. 8-11-2010 MBP 15" Unibody T7500-2.2 with 8600M GT + HD4870 implemented with Win7 and MacOS 10.6 For MacOS DIY eGPU implementations see DIY eGPU MacOS Experiences. CUDA/OPENCL APPLICATIONS >>> Octane Render: 10x faster than CPU-based rendering. Badaboom: CUDA based video transcoding NON-VIDEO PCI-E CARDS >>> Creative SB X-Fi Titanium desktop sound card via the ExpressCard slot. See details. NON ENGLISH eGPU FORUMS >>> Croatia (bug.hr): EGPU - Eksterna graficka za laptop and (pcekspert.hr): eGPU - Eksterna graficka i laptop Finland (murobbs.plaza.fi): DIY eGPU eli pöytäkoneen näytönohjain kannettavaan Germany (hardwareluxx.de): ATI HD5770 per ExpressCard am Laptop ! Germany (computerbase.de): [Erfahrungsbericht] [PE4H] externe Grafikkarte für das Notebook Hungary (prohardver.hu): eGPU tapasztalatok Indonesia (kaskus.us): [VGA CARD] DIY ViDock (Solusi External Graphic Card Untuk Laptop) Italy (techarena.it): eGPU Poland (notebookcheck.pl): Zewnetrzna karta graficzna, (DIY) ViDock, Magma Box i pochodne, czyli czym to sie je Spain (chw.net): Tarjeta de Video externa para Notebook DIY eGPU [REVIEW] Vietnam (vozforums): [Review]EGPU công cụ thêm card đồ họa cho laptop ARCHIVED NEWS >>> 06-05-2014 US$68 ThunderboltEX II PCIe-eGPU adapter mod 02-12-2014 Successful AMD HD6950 x1 Crossfire under Win7 10-1-2014 Thunderbolt eGPUs: Silverstone T004 = ASUS XG2 12-27-2013 US$250 SilverStone T004 TB enclosure ETA Q1-2014 12-15-2013 Hacking a NVidia Geforce into a Quadro/Grid Pro card 12-12-2013 Q: what do you want in the next BPlus eGPU adapter? 11-20-2013 Ivxy's GTX770/GTX660/GTX560Ti-448/HD4870 scaling 11-03-2013 BF4 vids on i7-3632QM@2.2 +GTX780@x1.2Opt 10-18-2013 Lenovo X230 BIOS 2.56 for eGPU 09-23-2013 Future x2 2.0 M.2/NGFF (mSATA) slot eGPUs 08-24-2013 Howto: using eGPU under MacOSX 08-22-2013 20Gbps "Thunderbolt 2" sysboard released 07-27-2013 ~US$250 450W TB enclosure: Silverstone T004 07-25-2013 modding PE4L 2.1b for longer delay 07-15-2013 Acer ditches Thunderbolt in new systems 07-03-2013 PE4H 2.4a + EC2C/PM3N + PCIEMM-060B are not Gen2 compatible 06-17-2013 project saboteurs named 06-11-2013 Important: HIT Setup 1.x customers 02-02-2013 older PE4L/PE4H fails Gen2 testing 11-28-2012 LucidLogix Virtu MVP Mobile installation 02-05-2012 Khenglish's color depth perf analysis 02-02-2012 Internal Screen for AMD GPUs with Virtu Driver (timohour) 01-28-2012 US$55-shipped PE3A+riser (pci-e 2.0) (timohour) 08-28-2011 JediMasterZon's modded PE3A 06-30-2011 Kizwan's HD5870@x2 and x1 game benchmarks 06-04-2011 modded PM3N 1.1 to start CLKRUN when setting the jumper details 05-31-2011 Thunderbolt eGPU product preview 05-10-2011 Khenglish' request to unlock x1.Opt compression regardless of primary video. 04-01-2011 tabletpcreview's eGPU on Tablet PC's: experiences, benchmarks, setup, ect... 11-07-2010 DA-2 220W AC adapter mod 09-08-2010 i5-520M 2.4+HD4890@x1 NBR review 08-27-2010 Panzer's fuse bypass on PE4H 08-01-2010 Modded driver details 07-05-2010 Enzyme 1.4b3 versus Catalyst 10.6 Acknowledgements Many thank yous to all the members who have shared their DIY eGPU experiences for others to be able to learn from and duplicate. Special thanks to SimoxTav for the artistic touches. Project saboteurs of this community-driven project who halted/derailed the creative opportunities that pluggable, affordable eGPU graphics/processing provides.
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    Pre-purchase FAQ

    .nobrtable br{display:none} .tablesmallfonts td{font-size:xx-small} PRE PURCHASE FAQ >>> Macbooks Owners - pls refer to https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7947-the-basic-egpu-hardware-guide-for-macs/ instead of this document. 1. How does a DIY eGPU differ from a Villagetronic ViDock? 2. How can I check if my notebook is compatible with an eGPU? 3. I don't have an ExpressCard slot. Can I still do use a eGPU? 4. Can I make this work using just my notebook's LCD display? 5. (Performance) What affects the performance of a eGPU? 6. (Performance) Can my system do a PE4H x2 or x4 link as shown in PCIe Scaling Analysis? 7. (Performance) What recommended candidate notebooks should I buy for best performance? 9. (Performance) How could manufacturers make eGPU x2 2.0 notebooks? 10. My system has switchable graphics. Can I still do install a DIY eGPU? 11. My Villagetronic ViDock product isn't working. Can you help? 12. Can I solder my own adapter to host an eGPU instead of buying one from BPlus, Redtrontech, Villagetronic? 13. What do I need to run the fastest x1.2Opt link shown in the implementations? 14. I have no expresscard slot. Can I use my wifi mPCIe slot to host the eGPU and still have internal wifi? FIRST STEPS >>> See Techradar's How to make an external laptop graphics adaptor article for an overview. 1. What parts do I need and where can I buy them? 2. Which video card do you recommend for best performance on my system? This will be determined by your chipset, if additional ports available for x2 linkage and whether you have Intel 4500MHD, HD, HD3000 or HD4000 graphics. The matrix below makes recommendations based on the system chipset with: -LIME recommend NVIDIA Fermi/Keplar (GT430 or better) solution for best performance -RED recommend AMD HD5750 or better solution for best performance -CYAN choose based on preferred performance bias: DX9 (AMD HD5750 or better) or DX10/DX11 (NVIDIA Fermi/Keplar). Though specifically for x1 1.0 I recommend a system upgrade to a better performing candidate as users find uneven & choppy performance. Thunderbolt users may still elect NVidia Optimus solution (if have an iGPU) as then can then render the image to the internal LCD. Refer to Performance: AMD versus NVIDIA benchmark results to help you decide. If not sure then suggest a NVIDIA Fermi/Keplar solution which on balance gives better overall performance and has the option of x1.Opt with the right notebook. Note: if the NVIDIA x1.Opt driver was unlocked to allow primary video cards other than Intel 4500MHD/HD/HD3000/HD4000 plus it engaged with x2 links then I would recommend only NVIDIA solutions. I/O Chipset PCIe 1.0 (2.5GT/s) lanes PCIe 2.0 (5GT/s) lanes PCIe 3.0 (~10GT/s) lanes x1 x1E x1.Opt x2/x4 x2E x2.Opt x1 x1.2Opt x2/x4 (TB) x1 x1.3Opt x2/x4 (TB) AMD RS* Y1 N N ? N N N N N N N N NVIDIA MCP* Y1 N N ? N N N N N N N N Intel ICH7M Y Y3 N Y5 Y4 N N N N N N N Intel ICH8M Y Y3 N Y5 Y4 N N N N N N N Intel ICH9M Y Y3 Y2,8 Y5 Y4 N2 N N N N N N Intel Series-5(1st-gen i-core) Y N Y2,9 Y5 N N2 N N N N N N Intel Series-6(2nd-gen i-core) Y N Y2 N6 N N26 Y Y2 Y6 N N N Intel Series-7(3rd-gen i-core) Y N Y2 N6 N N26 Y Y2 Y6 N7 N7 N7 Left-to-right: slowest-to-fastest with NVIDIA x1.Opt and x2 delivering similiar performance 1 provides full duplex performance equivalent to x1E on Intel chipsets. 2Optimus tweak engages only when Intel 4500MHD/HD/HD3000/HD4000 primary graphics AND x1 link is detected, improving mostly DX9 performance by 20-333% with some DX10 improvements as well. Provides ability for the internal LCD to render games running on the external GPU. 3x1E tweak uses a x2 link on port1, 3 or 5 with a single lane for 15-30% more perf (AMD/non-Fermi|Keplar NVIDIA only). 4x2E tweak use two lanes of a x4 link, [port1+2] as EC+mPCIe or mPCIe+mPCIe for 30-60% more perf (AMD/non-Fermi|Keplar NVIDIA only). 5 x2=combining expresscard+mPCIe or mPCIe+mPCIe slots [p1+2], [p3+4], [p5+6] or [p7+8]; x4=[p1+2+3+4] or [p5+6+7+8]. 6Series-6/7: Only for Thunderbolt-equipped notebooks. Trying to combine mPCIe+expresscard slots no longer possible as Intel now locking the link width in the flash descriptor. Requires advanced bios hacking to configure x2 link, cannot be done using Setup 1.x. 7: would only be possible if the expresscard slot was wired to the northbridge which runs pci-e 3.0. All expresscard slots so far have been using the southbridge which is currently limited to pci-e 2.0. So we can say this is not possible. ? Don't know if non-Intel chipsets can do x2 links. 8: NVidia 306.97WHQL is the last to support Optimus x1-pcie compression and internal LCD mode on 4500MHD iGPUs. REF http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/6253-t500-compat-q-4500mhd-optimus-ends-306-97whql-2.html#post89243 9: can enable phantom iGPU to gain x1.Opt performance on dual-core i3/i5/i7 Series-5 chipsets using Win8.x as demonstrated If going AMD, recommend a HD5xxx+ series card over a HD4xxx series due to their more efficient usage of PCIe bandwidth. Benchmarks would predict a HD5670 to outperform a HD4870. Avoid twin-gpu cards like a HD6970/GTX590 since they require 2x256MB PCIe space windows which might be difficult to accomodate. Examples based on power consumption requirements 12V/75W adapter: HD5670, unplugged HD5750, NVIDIA GT430. 12v/80w: specific HD5750 units. See comment here, implemented here. 12V/120W: GTS450 described here using DC adapter that is shared between notebook and eGPU 12V/203W xbox360 PSU: GTX460 ATX PSU: AMD HD68xx, NVIDIA GTX4xx/GTX5xx See also Suggested NVIDIA Setups. 3. Is it possible to get an enclosure? A good thread to see some professional designed enclosures is at redback79's DIY enclosure project. There are others for sale or examples to build on your own: jacobsson's 3D model, BPlus' $60 DIY Box, Remko78's low profile, surrealix's laser-cut acrylic, fatpolomanjr's cardboard box, celli's IKEA drawer, Elmopol's XB360, Joss27's 5.25" SCSI box, Wolf Tohsaka's Livebox Mini, timohour's floppy holder, fr0z3n's carry-it, Fujian stand/enclosure, airzone (1U), Kallogan (192W AC), hlgr, aodioxp, SimoxTav, #1, sprtnbsblplya, Agent9, Lurifax (mini ITX), kizwan (Aero QX2000, mITX), the endless +XB360 PSU, max_headroom and Oddious (1U), lightnica (JuiceBox), pengy_666's 5.25" drive enclosure, 12V/120W "portable", pimped-up (xb360) which is similar to Building an eGPU (CUDA). 4. What software setup do I need to make this work? 5. I'm using an ATX power supply to power my graphics card. How do I switch it on? 6. What cable connects PE4L/PE4H to EC2C/PM3N and is it replaceable? 7. [mPCIe] What can I do to make it easier to connect the mini hdmi cable to the PM3N? 8. Why does my video card fail with an error 12: cannot allocate resources in Device Manager? See Troubleshooting FAQ - Q3.
  5. Click >>> Summary of Thunderbolt eGPU implementations including AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box ones <<< AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box Price? (inc Thunderbolt cable): US$189+shipping AKiTiO Thunder2 for DIY eGPU users from sales@akitio.com. Details in spoiler . . . US$216 Amazon-US, US$219 bhphotovideo-US , €169 mag.de, €249 macway.com (fr) Overview AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Expansion Box The portable Thunderbolt™ 2 PCIe expansion box provides an additional PCIe slot for systems that do not support or have enough available space for expansion cards. The external Thunderbolt 2 connection allows you to daisy-chain up to 5 additional Thunderbolt devices, making this the ideal plug and play companion especially when you have to take your system with you. Replacing the card is a simple matter of removing three hand tightening screws, so no tools are required. Specifications
  6. Welcome to the 2560P Owner's Lounge! A place to liase with other owners and share useful tips/tricks/mods to get the most satisfying user experience from this exceptional ultraportable notebook. Release date: 9 May 2011 Reviews/Comparisons: laptopmag, NBR, pcworld. HP 2560P vs Lenovo X220 (butwhyme) HP 2560P vs Lenovo X220 vs other ultraportables/ultrabooks (spoiler below - Tech Inferno Fan) HP 2560P vs 2530P (butwhyme) HP 2560P vs 2540P vs 2530P vs 2510P (spoiler below - Tech Inferno Fan) Customized 2560P systems (ordered by approx additional expense spent) Owner Storage Other Mods 2.5" sata bay sata optical bay/2.5" caddy External Tech Inferno Fan ssd: 128GB MDS Bullet Proof hdd: 500GB/newmodeus - DC_optimized, GTX560Ti DIY eGPU SimoxTav ssd: ??? hdd: 250GB/ebay - i7-2630QM, GTX560Ti DIY eGPU, 8GB RAM vnwhite ssd: 256MB Crucial C300 hdd: 750GB/ebay - DC_optimized, i7-2820QM, 6300AGN, 8GB 1866MHz RAM RED - highest performance setup | GREEN - lowest power consumption drive setup (2.5" SSD see here). OS, drivers and disassembly Drivers, Manuals, Maintenance And Service Guide, Media Services Library with disassembly videos.Popular HP Notebook Software Collection : one-stop location for the latest versions of popular HP notebook sw.Win7 OEM sources : the additional HP installation contents added to a Win7 CD.HP/Compaq Desktop Wallpapers : A compilation of stock wallpapers from the HP and Compaq notebook rangeHP DMIFIT 118 Utility: change DMI details, eg: model number, serial, password. Used to tattoo your system in case you replace the systemboard. Usually done by a HP technican.StorageSecond hotswappable 9.5mm 2.5" HDD/SSD via optical drive bay. 2560P examples: ebay (SimoxTav) or newmodeus. e-sata/usb cable or enclosure, useful for external e-sata storage. Eg: convert optical drive to be external unitExpansionUSB 3.0: add a US$15-delivered USB 3.0 expresscard.DIY eGPU: to attach a desktop videocard via expressport. Provides HDMI/DVI and accelerated graphics. WWAN/WIFI card whitelist: the WWAN/WIFI cards the 2560P bios will bootup with.Ivy Bridge CPU retrofit for 2560P?: proposed method to get ME 8.x firmware onto a 2560P for Ivy Bridge CPU support.TweaksFlashing F.01 bios to a 2560P : to regain 1866Mhz RAM support removed in subsequent versions. Includes details on other hacks.F.28 or newer BIOS removes RAM frequency limit. Can use 1866Mhz RAM at full speed.HPFancontrol: set custom (quieter) fan profile confimed to work on a 2560P by pejxPerformance: running 1600, 1866 or 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM in a 2560p : gain up to 54%/10% single-channel/dual-channel HD3000 performance.DC_optimized: optimize the system to maximize battery life, idling at 4.7-5.2W!! Done with more sophistication by vnwhite &.Enabling third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstykDual-channel RAM: increases WEI RAM and video (1x4GB vs 2x4GB)How to enable Upgrade Bay Hard Drive boot: so can hit F9 at bios screen then boot off an optical bay caddy HDD or SSD.Disconnect upgrade bay caddy diagnostic pin: allows the system to fully shutdown rather than hang with a black screen.MiscRetrofitting webcam to non-webcam models : in case you have a non-webcam model.Backlit keyboard mod: HP Folio 13 backlit keyboard retrofit??EliteBook NightLight mod: increase the brightness/spread of the nightlight by removing the diffuser.Obtaining an expresscard blank: if lost or damaged yours. Replacement comes with an optical drive weight saver. FAQ about optical drive space saver: can it's faceplate be used on other ODDs or a caddy? Answer: no/maybe. Schematic - Inventec_Styx_MV.pdf (aka HP Elitebook 2560P). The block diagram summary is below:
  7. no more 4GB+ system RAM issues: use a DSDT override to extend the root bridge into 36-bit space (Windows 7/8/10 only - MacOS/Linux are unaffected) Introduction>>> This problem and solution is only relevant to Windows operating systems. MacOS ignores the root bridge and can allocate in 64-bit space as kizwan found here. Linux has a "noCRS" kernel parameter to ignore the root bridge boundaries so the OS can also also allocate in full 64-bit pci-e space. The this process aims to solve the problem of seeing an error 12 (This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use) issues against a eGPU in Windows Device Manager due to insufficient 32-bit addressing space. By manually adding a memory range outside of this 32-bit space, we can force Windows to operate in 36-bit space instead to host eGPUs. Know systems that will require this process are Dell Latitude Ex410 series, Samsung Series-4, Sony F-Series and MSI CRx20, HP-Elitebook/Probook xx60x/xx70x with AMD GPUs. Those have insufficient free 32-bit PCI space to accomodate a eGPU if have 4GB or more of RAM installed. They can't use Setup 1.30's PCI compaction to create sufficient space because they either have TOLUD=3.5GB, have lower TOLUD like 3.25GB but with an unmovable systemboard device occupying candidate free pci space making it unusable or are using an AMD or GTX650/GTX750 card that requires over 256MB contiguous space. Refer to Pre-Purchase FAQ #2(>> 2. How can I check if my notebook is compatible with an eGPU?) for details on how to check your TOLUD. The same solution can be applied to any 3-gens old PM965 chipsets (2007) or newer system. They have a 64-bit CPU and chipset so are fully PAE-36-bit/64-bit compatible. Dell Inspiron 1440/1525 (core2duo) and Dell Vostro 1015 (core2duo) have BIOS-configured 36-bit root bridges already so don't require this workaround. I happened to run into one of these problematic systems. A Dell E4310 with TOLUD=3.5G which can be maxxed out at 16GB of RAM. It's too nice an ultraportable to be need to downgrade RAM to 3GB of RAM to use an eGPU. I set of in pursuit of how to add a DIY eGPU to it which is documented below. Using Setup 1.30's 36-bit PCI compaction on the eGPU to relocate it in such space will see the eGPU still give an error 12 in Device Manager. Why is that? Avlan confirmed that the 32-bit root bridge definition limited allocation only to 32-bit space. The fix being a modified DSDT loaded as a registry override that extends the root bridge (ACPI PNP0A08 or PNP0A03 device) into 36-bit space. Avlan's fix was cryptic so wasn't attempted on other systems. After a bit of digging from the following references I found the QWORDMemory DSDT static resource entry can be used to easily extend root bridge entry into 36-bit space. Ref: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 6/6] 64bit PCI range in _CRS table plus two examples at virtualbox and Coreboot. Tools required>>> The iasl and asl tools used are in 2570P-dsdt-override or (older) DELL-36b-root-bridge.rar. Allternatively, can download them from their original sources: The latest Windows Binary Tools (WBT): Download The Windows Driver Kit (WDK), which contains the Windows ASL Compiler: Download Notepad++ (or any other text editor) Step-by-step DSDT override>>> Need a 36-bit root bridge DSDT override The test Dell E4310's root bridge was extended into 36-bit space with the steps below. See also http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-g...html#post49833 , user angerthosenear's alternative instructions to those presented below where can use a DSDT Editor to simply the patching process if experience a compilation error: NOTE: kizwan expands steps 1-3 here. Useful if you need more assistance with these steps. Kizwan also provides a video tutorial . 1. Identify the resources used by the PNP0A08 or PNP0A03 devices in Windows. This can be found by perusing Device Manager->Resources by connection->Memory. Then check the last PCI BUS entry. Eg: 2. Capture the DSDT table using command below. This gives a raw dump of the ACPI tables in .dat files. dsdt.dat is the one we will be using. Newer versions of iasl no longer having the "-g" option in which case use acpidump instead. iasl -g acpidump -b 3.Decompile dsdt.dat to get an output dsdt.dsl text file that can be editted: iasl dsdt.dat 4. Open the resultant dsdt.dsl file and look for the PNP0A08/PNP0A03 'DWordMemory' resource entries. Under the last DWordMemory entry in that area, add a 'QWordMemory' (64-bit) entry shown as the second paragraph below. I ensure that I stay in the 36-bit range (< 64GB) so the location is compatible with the PAE-capable Win7 32-bit. I also chose a location above 48GB so we won't have issues with maxxed out memory. The range chosen was 48.5GB to 56.25GB. DWordMemory (ResourceProducer, PosDecode, MinFixed, MaxFixed, Cacheable, ReadWrite, 0x00000000, // Granularity 0x000A0000, // Range Minimum 0x000BFFFF, // Range Maximum 0x00000000, // Translation Offset 0x00020000, // Length ,, , AddressRangeMemory, TypeStatic) QWordMemory (ResourceProducer, PosDecode, MinFixed, MaxFixed, Cacheable, ReadWrite, 0x0000000000000000, // Granularity 0x0000000C20000000, // Range Minimum, set it to 48.5GB 0x0000000E0FFFFFFF, // Range Maximum, set it to 56.25GB 0x0000000000000000, // Translation Offset 0x00000001F0000000, // Length calculated by Range Max - Range Min. ,, , AddressRangeMemory, TypeStatic) 5. Create a dsdt.aml file with the 'iasl -oa dsdt.dsl' compiler directive. '-oa' disables all optimizations found necessary to get working solutions. It is unlikely this will succeed first time, as the compiler is very strict. In general warnings are acceptable, but errors may require some fiddling. Those will need to be corrected with common patches in Common DSDT patches for Ivy/Sandy/Haswell laptops, How to fixed DSDT errors? (kizwan). Consider asking for guidance at tonymacx86.com DSDT forums. DSDT editting alone could have it's own forum. Then try compiling your DSDT again. iasl -oa dsdt.dsl 6. Load the dsdt.aml file into into the registry as a DSDT override. You must be an admin user for this to be successful. asl /loadtable dsdt.aml 7. [Windows 8.x/10] Enable test signing mode for the registry override to apply. You must be an admin user for this to be successful. bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON An alternative to disabling testsigning in Win8/10 is to do a Win8: Perform a DSDT substitution within Setup 1.30 to overcome TOLUD issues. Win7 users who don't want to do the registry override can also do this DSDT substitution. 8. Check you now have a new Large Memory entry in Device Manager->Resources by Connection->Memory as shown below: 9. The same fix was done on a Dell E4300 and Win7 did automatically allocate the eGPU into the 36-bit space. If you still see error 12 then there are two options to pursue: Re plug'n'play the devices. Go into Device Manager -> Video cards, delete the eGPU. Also go into Device Manager -> System devices and delete the PCI Express Root Port x entries. Upon restarting the system, halt Win7 startup with F8, attach and power on your eGPU and then proceed to load Win7. Win7 should now be clever enough to re-allocate the eGPU into 36-bit space upon realizing there is insufficient 32-bit space to host it. Can go one step further and delete your eGPU NVidia/ATiAMD driver, restart the system and reload it. That may help as well. Hard allocate the eGPU into 36-bit PCI space before booting Win7 using Setup 1.30. Select PCI compaction->Endpoint=56.25GB (36-bit) and then select Run compact. When prompted for the scope select eGPU. The result will be similar to that shown in the spoiler in step 8 above, but with the eGPU rather then the Intel HD iGPU being in 36-bit PCI space. Can then proceed to automate this by editting your %DRV%:\config\startup.bat (or V:\config\startup.bat in windows) so can just select the Automated startup via startup.bat Setup 1.30 bootitem and have it do everything for you: call speedup lbacache call vidwait 300 call vidinit -d %eGPU% call pci call chainload mbr Testing results>>> * Lenovo X230 (jay_dark_dry): SUCCESS! Allocated the eGPU into 36-bit space. * Lenovo T430 (arteart) : SUCCESS! Allocated the eGPU into 36-bit space. * HP 2570P (Tech Inferno Fan): SUCCESS! Allocated the eGPU into 36-bit space. * Dell E4310 (Tech Inferno Fan): SUCCESS! I relocated the Intel HD iGPU into 36-bit space using Setup 1.30 as shown in step 8 above freeing 256MB of contiguous 32-bit space to host an eGPU, so it will definitely work. Plus there is plenty of 36-bit space for the eGPU too. Unfortunately my PE4L 2.1 isn't working so I can't show the iGPU+eGPU both being active but it will work * Dell Studio 1557 (Kizwan): SUCCESS! His HD5870 successfully relocated to 36-bit pci-e space. FAQ>>> 1. When do I need to hotplug my eGPU to overcome the error12 with a DSDT override?(kizwan) 2. How to clean the DSDT override properly? (kizwan) (*We will need to delete DSDT key in registry) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSetXXX\services\ACPI\Parameters\DSDT * where XXX are 001, 002, 003 & so on. and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\ACPI\Parameters\DSDT I didn't really tested whether deleting "DSDT" key in ControlSetXXX (XXX are 001, 002, 003 & so on) really necessary but I will test this when I test your latest Setup 1.30. For sure deleting "DSDT" key in CurrentControlSet is necessary. You can access registry via command line. So, you can put it in .bat file.
  8. [Started 6-9-2009 as banned by Lenovo fan 9.5mm ebay | & | adapter, SATA: 250gb-per-platter SATA HDDs are faster and cheaper per GB than 160gb-per-platter IDE HDDs and are well matched to ICH2M+ 83-87MB interface speed. SATA SSD a good performer over sata-to-pata bridge as astericksed fileservers or media centers, conditional on 48bit LBA bios support to allow full use of > 137GB storage. Can be better bang-per-buck than a system upgrade. When you consider how a primary bay SSD can provide day-and-night improvements in os and app performance improvements over a HDD. Can provide lower running temperature of HDDs compared to using the primary bay [&sata-to-pata 9.5mm sata-to-pata#01 12.7mm sata-to-pata#0- 9.5mm sata-to-pata 12.7mm sata-to-pataHP 2510P 9.5mm sata-to-pata,pata/newm+ebay Dell M1330 12.7mm sata-to-pata/ebay Clevo M570RU sata 12.7mm sata 9.5mm 9.5mmClevo P150HMA 9.5mm/ebay-Fenvi Alienware M14x &newm HP 2530P 9.5mm sata/newm HP Envy14 9.5mm sata/newm Lenovo E420 12.7mm sata [slot]/newm Alienware M17xR2 5% discount coupons on their facebook page. Their here. 1 SATA SSD performs best when installed in primary SATA bay. ICH8M: issues with SSD TRIM - the ebay caddy doesn't. Intel ICHxM UDMA5/ATA100 PATA interface measured to give maximum read of 83-87MB/s. benchmarks show great SSD/HDD performance.Product Link #0 can be here.Hotswapping the optical drive and 2.5" drive in optical bay caddyhdparm commandline options. hdparm can also be used to set drive transfer mode, eg: 'hdparm -X udma5 /dev/sdb' Versatility: using 9.5mm caddy in other 9.5mm/12.7mm optical bay systemsThe newmodeus 9.5mm SATA-to-PATA/PATA caddy slides straight into a 12.7mm PATA optical drive bay. A great way of sharing data at full speed between hosts, without having to setup a network or be limited to USB speed. Can then hotswap the caddys between multiple systems. The SATA version likely to offer same versatility.Adding a 1.8" SSD/HDD in a 2.5" drive bay1.8-to-2.5" adapters allows a here. PATA adapter is available on How to enable Upgrade Bay Hard Drive boot: so can hit F9 and boot off an optical bay caddy HDD or SSD.Quirks applicable to PATA optical drive interfaces (ICH8M or older)1. Some system's bios sets the pata optical interface into slow UDMA2 mode. See tiuser's software and/or MBR workaround.2. Some system's bios sets the timings to use 33Mhz rather than 66Mhz timings. Notably HP 2510P which then caps write performance to < 30MB/s. See software workaround.4. Some Toshiba systems whitelist the HDD in a sata-to-pata caddy. See here5. May need to do a & to get an ebay caddy running as slave. Mod works with the topda branded ebay caddy.Followup If using an optical bay caddy to extend system storage, please post some details as examples. Eg:- which caddy you are using, eg: ebay or newmodeus- the look, feel and performance of the caddy. Photos against the chassis compared to original optical drive - any gotchas or tips and tricks- any mods, eg: on/off switch on the sata-to-pata caddy to conserve power if using it with a SSD.Note I have no commercial affiliation with any of vendors whose products are highlighted in this article. This information is provided to assist others in creating a great bang-per-buck storage expansion/performance upgrade.
  9. Tech Inferno Fan

    mPCIe/EC eGPU troubleshooting steps

    We've had a stack of recurring questions from with problems getting a mPCIe eGPU working. This includes GPU-Z not reporting no clock details, error 10/43 or even not being detected at all. Overall it's more troublesome getting mPCIe working than say expresscard or Thunderbolt. Here's some common problems and some troubleshooting steps to correct them. Getting a black bootup screen, resolving error 10/43 or ACPI_BIOS_ERROR win bootup messages Here the BIOS doesn't know what to do when it sees an eGPU. So the solution is to not let the BIOS see it. Do that by setting the delays on the eGPU adapter (CTD/PTD - EXP GDC or CLKRUN/PERST# on PE4L/PE4C). Boot with eGPU adapter in the wifi slot into Setup 1.30 or Windows. Is the eGPU detected? I'll add that should error 43 continue AND you have a NVidia dGPU as well as NVidia eGPU then it's likely because of having the mobile NVidia and desktop NVidia drivers loaded simultaneously. Proceed to uninstall ALL your NVidia drivers, use "DDU" to clean NVidia registry entries and do a 'clean' install of the latest NVidia desktop driver. mPCIe port that hosted the wifi card disappears when connecting an eGPU in it's place Use the Setup1.30 PCIe Ports->enable to enable the missing port. eGPU does not get detected Overcome mPCIe whitelisting by booting with the wifi card and then hotswapping in the eGPU. That way the BIOS will enable the mPCIe port to work. 1. Boot with wifi card into Windows, sleep system, swap wifi card for mPCIe eGPU adapter and ensure eGPU is powered on, resume system. Do a device manager scan in Windows. Is the eGPU detected? 2. Boot with wifi card into Setup 1.30 *carefully* hotplug the eGPU adapter in place of wifi card. Hit F5 to rescan the PCIe bus. Is the eGPU detected? If this enables detection then avoid this tedious hotswapping by seeking a unwhitelisted modified BIOS for your system from say http://www.bios-mods.com OR test the Setup 1.30's PCI ports->undo_whitesting feature. eGPU still not detected - set the PSU to be permanently on The latest EXP GDC and BPlus eGPU adapters try to manage the PSU to only power on after they detect a signal. This can cause a race condition where the eGPU isn't ready to go when the CLKRUN signal is asserted. Avoid this by jumpering the PSU so it's permanently on rather than being managed. Depending on the PSU you are using refer to the following doco on how to do that: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/8441-%5Bguide%5D-switching-atx-psu-using-paperclip-trick-swex.html http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/9426-220w-dell-da-2-ac-adapter-discussion.html eGPU still not detected - a non-standard mPCIe implementation by your vendor? PERST# mPCIe pin 22 may need to be isolated due to a non-standard implementation by your notebook vendor: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/10812-pe4x-series-understanding-clkreq-perst-delay.html#post142689 eGPU still not detected - faulty hardware? If you still don't get detection then test the video card and eGPU adapter in another machine to confirm neither is faulty. NVidia driver stops responding EXP GDC, PE4H 2.4 and PE4L 1.5 all use a socketted cable and therefore are not true Gen2 compatible device. This error indicates there was transmissions errors. The solution is either to get a better Gen2-compliant eGPU adapter such as PE4C V3.0 or PE4L 2.1b (both with soldered cable), or downgrade your link from Gen2 to Gen1 using BIOS options or Setup 1.30 Other troubleshooting help resources? See DIY eGPU Troubleshooting FAQ.
  10. DISCLAIMER: use these modified bios at your own risk!!You will be responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from using a system with a modified BIOS. Ensure your system's cooling system is working well before trying any overclocking. These BIOS are not tested or approved by HP. Alert - do NOT upgrade if you are using a F.20 or newer bios. Doing so will endanger your ability to flash the modded bios below providing no-whitelist, dual-IDA and SLIC 2.1 functionality. Details here.IntroductionI noticed that mostly Dell and Alienware Core 2 Duo systems were dual-IDA capable from the factory. I proceeded to successfully modify and test the 2510P dual-IDA bios, extending the modification to other Santa Rosa HP and Montevina HP Business notebooks. Find the resultant modified bios-es below: Flashing a dual/quad-IDA bios will provide an extra multipler, gaining 5-17% more CPU performance on an IDA-capable CPU when using Throttlestop. Examples shown on the right. Throttlestop also provides IDA overvolting and superLFM undervolting to provide greater setfsb overclockability on AC and increased battery life on DC. Combining dual-IDA/quad-IDA and PLL overclocking will give the greatest possible overclocking. Installation Instructions Windows users Download package of interest in the Version column on the right, double-click, extract to a desktop folder then run the HPQFlash file and follow instructions. The supplied HPQFlash is modified by TTAV134@mydigitallife to allow successful flashing of a modified bios. If HPQFlash doesn't do anything and you see a LOG file containing an entry WMI BIOS Flash function is not supported on this system, then install HP Quick Launch Buttons on your system and try again OR perform a DOS based install like for Linux users below. Linux users (Santa Rosa) Download and install modified rompaq from here. Download bios file of interest from above, extract rom.bin from the ROM.cab and copy it as 68***.bin on your DOS bootable USB thumbdrive. Reboot using the USB drive and install bios using the rompaq utility. How to setup Throttlestop to use the extra multiplier the dual-IDA/quad-IDA bios provides? See 2.0's great guide here starting at step 3. . Example of dual/quad-IDA overclocked Core CPUs T7300-2.00 -> 2.20@x11 T8100-2.10 -> 2.30@x11.5 T7500-2.20 -> 2.40@x12 P8600-2.40 -> 2.53@9.5 T8300-2.40 -> 2.60@x13 T9300-2.50 -> 2.70@x13.5 T9400-2.53 -> 2.66@x10 T9500-2.60 -> 2.80@x14 T9900-3.06 -> 3.20@x12 Q9000-2.00 -> 2.26@x8 Q9100-2.26 -> 2.53@x9 Q9200-2.40 -> 2.66@x9.5 U7500-1.06 -> 1.20@x9 U7600-1.20 -> 1.33@x10 U7700-1.33 -> 1.46@x11 L7500-1.60 -> 1.80@x9 L7700-1.80 -> 2.00@x10 SU9300-1.20 -> 1.40@x7 SU9400-1.40 -> 1.60@x8 SU9600-1.60 -> 1.80@x9 SL9300-1.60 -> 1.86@x7 SL9400-1.86 -> 2.13@x8 SL9600-2.13 -> 2.40@x9 Model BIOS Family Dual-IDA/Quad-IDA modded bios BIOS image^5 PLL overclock possible? Version Tested? HDX9000 68DVD F.40E^2 YES YES schem 8730p/w 68PAD F.13^3 YES(me) YES 8710p/w 68MAD F.0F^2 YES YES schem 8530p/w 68PDV F.13^3 YES YES schem 8510p/w 68MVD F.15^2 YES +me YES schem 6730b 68PDD F.17^3 YES(me) schema 6530b 6930p 68PCU(IGP) F.19^3 YES(me) schema 68PCD(ATI) F.19^3 NO schema 6910p/w 68MCU(IGP) F.19^2 YES(me) YES schem 68MCD(ATI) F.19^2 YES 6710b/s 68DDU F.16^2 YES 6510b/s 2730p 68POU F.0F^1 YES YES schem 2710p 68MOU F.15^2 YES YES schem 2530p 68PSU F.13^3 YES(me) F.12 YES schem 2510p 68MSP F.10^1 F.0F^2 YES(me) YES schem ^1 SLIC2.1+no_whitelist+dualIDA bios created from scratch ^2 created from TTAV134's SLIC2.1+no_whitelist bios ^3 created from TTAV134's no_whitelist bios. Has SLIC 2.1 ^4 no schematic available - try 6910P/6710B/6510B details?? ^5 pre F.20 bios. Requires SPI eeprom burner to write to BIOS eeprom Flash gone wrong? (Santa Rosa) Use Emergency Recovery. You must use a USB floppy drive. A USB thumbdrive doesn't work.(Montevina) Use HP EFI BIOS Recovery.Conclusiondual/quad-IDA and setfsb overclocking system wrings every last bit of performance out a Core 2 system. Please report your results so I can update the Tested table field above.Acknowledgements - a BIG thank you to :* unclewebb for bringing dual-IDA to the world with his Throttlestop software.* semi@wimsbios for producing ADDCCV3, necessary to do the Santa Rosa series bios mods.* Uncle Joe@thinkpads for identifying the EIST locking bios code and coding guidance.* TTAV134@mydigitallife for modifying HPQFlash and comprehensive SLIC2.1+unwhitelisted bios-es.* andyp@mydigitallife for creating PhoenixTool, necessary to perform the Montevina-series bios mod.* kizwan for providing an easy-to-follow document on modifying bios for dual-IDA/quad-IDA capability. Revision History2013-12-21: modded bios files re-released after a hiatus due to a change of circumstance. Merry XMAS 2012-09-08: added 6930p bios2012-07-28: added BIOS image section inc 2530P image.2012-05-30: added 6530b/6730b bios2011-09-12: new 2510P bios: complete F.10 mod, added pcie_ASPM to previous F.0F and fixed bug in F.0F-fan30pct bios. 2011-08-20: Quad-IDA highlighted2011-07-07: added 8730P/W bios2011-03-07: all modded bios are now SLIC2.1+no-whitelist+dual-IDA. Update details in spoiler:
  11. <i>This issue has been logged with the text below on the HP Support Forums at http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware/HP-ZBook-15-17-G2-has-non-functional-expresscard-slot/td-p/4962544</i> The ZBOOK 15/17 G2 series looked to be the perfect candidate for me to do EC and TB2 testing with. Unfortunately it looks like the G2 series has a non-functional expresscard slot. Both my own testing with a 17G2 and that of @hishamkali with a 15 G2 here <i> where he says "I have noticed that the express card slot on my unit seems to not work</i> confirming this to be the case. My analysis below points to the introduction of the Z Turbo Drive (x2 2.0 PCIe SSD) in the G1->G2 revision as being the cause of the lost expresscard slot functionality. The ZBook 15 G1 has a working expresscard slot as can be seen at http://www.tinhte.vn/threads/hoi-egpu-external-desktop-gpu-for-laptops-mo-rong-card-do-hoa-gan-ngoai-cho-laptop.2350894/#post-43575840 . Wonder how HP will fix this since they are advertising the G2 systems with an expresscard slot? Will they install revised boards for affected users? Otherwise they could transplate a TB2 chip onto the TB1 systemboard. Though the use of a G1 systemboard means no Z Turbo drive functionalilty. Or else affected users could seek a refund and acquire a 15" Lenovo W541 instead which does have a EC2 slot and a TB2 port. Analysis details below: ZBook 17 G2 QM87 Southbridge port layout (max = 8 ports) ZBook 15 G1 QM87 Southbridge port layout (max = 8 ports) How HP could make a revised ZBook G2 systemboard to provide a functional expresscard slot
  12. Originally posted at http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-apple/8771-2012-15-macbook-pro-gtx970%4010gbps-tb1-akitio-thunder2-win8-1-osx10-10-%5Bgiordy%5D-2.html#post130475 There are low profile 90 degree PCIe extenders on ebay that might do the job with if you have a bit of clearance. <A HREF="http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzY4WDEwMjQ=/z/EFUAAOxyNThTdh9D/$_57.JPG"><img width=900 src=http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzY4WDEwMjQ=/z/EFUAAOxyNThTdh9D/$_57.JPG></A> Like the practical examples in the links but they all have a larger section above the stop edge than the ebay linked example I posted above. I'm wondering if the ebay items are as low profile as they can go while providing a 90 degree bend AND do it safely.
  13. [Started 2-13-2009 as *HP 2510p Owners Lounge* (NBR). Relocated to T|I due to being banned by Lenovo fan ZaZ] Welcome to the 2510P Owner's Lounge! A place to liase with other owners and share useful tips/tricks/mods to get the most satisfying user experience. A running summary is below: Release Date: 27 June 2007 (pre-GFC build quality) Alert about HP's 2510P bios F.20 or newer - do NOT upgrade to it for these reasons unless you don't care for the awesome no-whitelist, dual-IDA, SLIC 2.1 modded functionality. Also expect your resale to be worse if it's got the > F.20 bios once buyers figure out they are the undesirable systems to have.Alert about HP's newer and faster replacement ZIF HDDsIf your factory-delivered slow 60GB/80GB/120GB 2-platter Toshiba ZIF HDD has bad sectors then HP replace it under warranty with a higher-density thinner (5mm versus 8mm) single-platter drive. Eg: HP replaced my 80GB MK8009GAL with a MK8025GAL. It's still 4200rpm but my Win7 WEI disk increase from 3.9 to 4.4. It's faster and consumes slightly less power. The reason for this 'upgrade?' Toshiba no longer make those dual-platter models. Examples of modified 12" HP 2510P systems ordered by approx additional expense spent Benchmark Storage Other Mods 1.8" ZIF bay^1 PATA optical bay/2.5" caddy used External akwxc87 hdd: 80GB-5400rpm DVD - L7700@2.3 chris32303 hdd: 120GB MK1214GAH DVD - modded_bios, U7600@1.6 >>2540P mike60 hdd: 100GB Toshiba DVD - modded_bios, 6200AGN.wifi, F3507G.wwan webcam losdrivare none pata-hdd: 160GB HM160HC/ebay usb_DVD U7600@1.5, quiet_fan, >>2530P kecsap none sata-hdd: 160GB WD1600BEVS/ebay U7600@1.5, RT2571W_wifi, nc2400_palmrest, broadcom_HD, 9cell_83Whr sfsilicon none sata-ssd: 60GB OCZ Vertex/ebay - U7600@1.4, quiet_fan, +others rooseveltthecat none sata-ssd: 90GB Kingston V200+/ebay - ?? hammadurb none sata-ssd: 96GB Kingston V+100/ebay - 6250AGN.wifi +2USB rangeroverhse8 hdd: 240GB MK2431GAH DVD - modded_bios, L7700@2.0 Crx7 ssd: 60GB SuperTalent ZT2 DVD - modded_bios, 5200AGN.wifi, 4GB RAM webcam m.fessler none sata-ssd: 128GB Crucial M4/ebay - Khalaris none pata-ssd: 128GB Transcend/newm zerGus ssd: 64GB ProIV DVD - hw_undervolt e&i ssd: 60GB MX-Nano sata-hdd: some HDD/newmodeus usb_DVD+f.. modded_bios Jay2k1 ssd: 32GB Mtron^2 DVD e-sata U7600@1.5 tudorlaptop ssd: 64GB ProIV pata-hdd: 160GB HM160HC/newm usb_DVD quiet_fan, >>x201 w0lla hdd: 80GB Toshiba sata-ssd: 80GB Intel X25MG2/newm - ?? Ayori ssd: 64GB K3VLAR DVD ZIFhdd_USB modded_bios, 4GB_RAM Borh ssd: 64GB ProIV DVD - 93Wh_9cell pocket_geek ssd: 64GB Samsung pata-hdd: 320GB WD3200BEVE/newm - HS2300.wwan, >>2530P withanee67 ssd: 120GB MX-Nano DVD - modded_bios, 4GB_RAM rr3636 hdd: 120GB Toshiba sata-ssd: 80GB Intel X25M.G2/ebay+newm - 4GB_RAM Tech Inferno Fan & ssd: 60GB K3VLAR-E sata-hdd: 500GB MJA2500BH/newm^3 ZIFhdd_USB modded_bios, U7600@1.66, quiet_fan, GTX470 eGPU, pc2-6400, MC8780.wwan >>2530P RED - highest performance setup | GREEN - lowest power consumption drive setup (2.5" SSD see here). ^1 - can sell HP supplied ZIF PATA HDD to recoup storage upgrade costs | ^2 - only available as 32GB or smaller ^3 - hotswap on demand as otherwise adds 0.8W power consumption overheadUS$180 12" HP 2510P 60GB SSD_____ : US$150 2510P + US$90 60GB 2.5" SF1222 + US$20 ODDcaddy - US$80 ZIF HDD+DVD sold@ebay US$225 12" HP 2510P 60GB SSD+DVD : US$150 2510P + US$125 60GB 1.8" Supertalent ZT2 ZIF SSD - US$50 ZIF HDD sold@ebay. Ensure has minimal cosmetic issues, remaining balance of 3yr onsite warranty and a decent battery. I recommend a 2530P over a 2510P due to it's stronger build, SATA storage subsystem, longer battery life and superior performance.OS, drivers and disassemblyDrivers, Manuals, Maintenance And Service Guide, Media Services Library with disassembly videos.Replacing a damaged LCD: one-gen older nc2400 shown with identical process.Popular HP Notebook Software Collection : one-stop location for the latest versions of popular HP notebook sw.Win7 OEM sources : the additional HP installation contents added to a Win7 CD.HP/Compaq Desktop Wallpapers : A compilation of stock wallpapers from the HP and Compaq notebook rangeTouchpad/quicklaunchTwo-finger scrolling touchpad driverWin7 Quicklaunch buttons supportVideoWin7/32: Modded X3100 video driver. Increases desktop WEI by 10%.XP: downgraded X3100 video driver to correct high CPU utilisation at idle after a few mins of usageBIOS/DMI modificationsmodded_bios: Win7/SLIC 2.1, no whitelist, dual-IDA overclock, quiet_fan, pcie-ASPMs.HP Flash BIOS Emergency Recovery: in case have a bios flash go wrong.HP DMIFIT 118 Utility: change DMI details, eg: model number, serial, password.Disabling AMT and TPM (serial/IDE in Device Manager) permanentlyBIOS whitelisting mods. To add non-HP WWAN/wifi or external pci-e cards. Obsoleted by no-whitelist modded_bios.Resetting a forgotten admin bios password - requires a systemboard swap, or boot-to-bios with a non-protected flash eeprom (near the 1.8" HDD bay), hotswap the protected eeprom and change the password OR flash a new eeprom with an unprotected password using a 4MB bios image.Flashing bios in Linux using flashrom: partial read success onlyOverclocking2510P Performance Toolkit 1.0c to provide overclocked AC and undervolted DC profile switching.setfsb/Throttlestop. Includes Win7 WEI+wprime benchmarking, PLL pinmod, ram timings.166Mhz_bclk : A 133->166Mhz hardware PLL pinmod overclock - no longer need setfsb to do it. 200Mhz_bclk: run a U7500/U7600/7700 as 200x6 instead of 133x8/x9/x10 for faster X3100 and RAM. Using Linux's grub2 bootloader. Useful too for non-Windows operating systems.Improving battery lifeExtending Battery Life. Includes power consumption measurement tools. hw_undervolt: undervolt by up to 0.135V (-16%) via VID3, VID2, VID0 pins.93Wh_9cell: Install the 2540P 93Wh 9-cell battery for 12%/69% longer battery life than the 2510P's 9/6cell.Software tweaksquiet_fan: Almost silent fan using a custom ACPI dsdt table.Enabling third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstykIncreasing touchstyk speed under Linux/UbuntuStorage relatedUndo the slave PATA 30MB/s sequential write speed cappingManually setting ZIF/IDE transfer mode and standby timeoutSolution to 30 second bios hang when using a caddyDisabling power saving to increase SSD write performanceSSD tweaks for Win7Storage mods1.8" ZIF compartment noting a 240GB ZIF HDD is not compatible with the 2510P as explained.1.8" ZIF PATA SSDs availableZIFhdd_USB: Convert supplied 1.8" ZIF HDD to a tiny USB drive using a US$7-delivered enclosureJumpering the 1.8" Toshiba ZIF HDD as slave and here. eg: run ebay caddy with a 2.5" sata SSD as master. Installing the ZIF cable and purchasing a replacement 2510P-specific ZIF cableschematic snippet of the 2510P's 1.8" ZIF and optical drive schematics.Optical bay compartment2.5" SATA or PATA SSD or HDD using an optical bay caddyForcing master/slave on optical drive or caddy if there are no jumpers.Setting the ebay caddy to run as slave. This works whereas link above it doesn't.usb_DVD: Convert supplied 9.5mm internal DVD drive to an external USB unit using a US$15-delivered enclosureusb_DVD+faceplate: Same as usb_DVD but swap ODD faceplate to have perfect appearance.OthersPCMCIA e-sata and hereAdd a mPCIe USB 3.0 port: to run faster internal/external storage Add a mPCIe sata port - could thread internally to drive a non-bootable sata SSD/HDD in a caddy.e-sata/usb cable or enclosure, useful for external e-sata storageEnabling and connecting to the ICH8M native sata port + detailed update. Anyone who can pull this off gets a prize Other hardware mods/upgradesnc2400 palmrest (kecsap): use a nc2400 palmrest if don't want the touchpad (inc other parts too)How-to: Installing a Broadcom Crystal HD (BCM70012) into a nc2400/2510p (kecsap): improves HD video playback4GB_RAM: 4GB memory upgrade + using extra 'inaccessible' RAM in a 32-bit OS as a ramdisk. +2USB: add 2 extra USB ports via a US$10-delivered PCMCIA cardpc2-6400_RAM: Upgrade your stock 2GB 667MHz RAM to 800MHz for free.wifi-in-WWAN slot : using a USB mPCIe wifi card in WWAN slotMC8780/MC8781 WWAN: add US$30 internal 3G card using 2510P's WWAN and SIM card slots and antennas.2530P_keyb:. Fit the more contemporary, less busy 2530P keyboard.webcam &: successfully add a webcam by tapping internal docking connector USB pins. See schematic snippet.2530P nightlight retrofit : closest thing to having a backlit keyboard. Adding internal USB devices by tapping USB pins.DIY eGPU. - desktop HD5750/GTX470-equipped 2510P for gaming/DVI/HDMI/S-Video accelerated graphics.Systemboard swap: superLFM capable 800Mhz FSB L7700-1.8 CPU systemboard a direct swapout. A 2530P systemboard swap has been attempted.Schematic 2510P-Quanta-OT2-schematic.pdf courtesy of laptopdesktopschematic. Block diagram in the spoiler: Mini 2510P ReviewThe 12.1" HP 2510p ultraportable has an impressive 5-6 hour battery life from the 10W TDP ULV U7x00 CPU and 6-cell battery. It is rather inexpensive too which I assume is because it is now older tech and the reviews highlight the bottleneck 23MB/s 4200 RPM 1.8" PATA drive, dreadfully slow against 50-60MB/s 2.5" drives. The 2510p is a far better user experience than cost competitors such as a netbook and pricier newer CULV systems (see comparative SU7300/SU9400 overclocked performance). It comes with 3yr global onsite warranty, a decent-sized keyboard with touchpad and touchstyk, 1280x800 LED backlit matte LCD, pcmcia slot, mini firewire port, DVD writer, internal modem, bluetooth, WWAN-ready with mPCIe slot+antenna+SIM slot, 2xUSB ports with the left one being powered. Weighs 1.46kg with the 6-cell battery, without the 180gram DVD and has optional accessories available: docking station with s-video port, 9-cell battery. Links: comparison to a netbook, a good review. 4 - docking station ports | 5 - the slow ZIF PATA harddisk in the 1.8" drive bayThere are negatives as well: only 2 USB ports, a mono speaker, no webcam (unless mod one in), no HDMI, 1 RAM slot means a pricier 4GB upgrade with x3100 graphics working 20-30% slower than a dual-channel setup, the WWAN/wifi slots are whitelisted as are on all HP Business systems, and the bottleneck with 4200rpm 1.8" PATA harddisk. 2510P, 2530P, 2540P, 2560P differences Item/Owner's Lounge 2510P 2530P 2540P 2560P unwhitelisted bios yes yes no no PLL/overclocking ICS9LPRS355/yes ICS9LPRS397/yes no no LED-backlit LCD 12.1" 1280x800 12.1" 1280x800 12.1" 1280x800 12.5" 1366x768 primary/optical bay 1.8" ZIF/pata 1.8" usata/sata 1.8" usata/sata 2.5" sata/sata CPU/chipset 65nm Merom/965GM 45nm Penryn/GS45 32nm Arrandale/QM57 32nm Sandy Bridge/QM67 FSB Mhz U7x00/L7700 533/800 U9x00/L9x00 800/1066 1066 1333 Graphics x3100 4500MHD Intel HD HD3000 no of RAM slots single channel (1) dual channel (2) dual channel (2) dual channel (2) RAM DDR2-667 DDR2-800 DDR3-1333@1066 DDR3-1333 Wifi 4965AGN 5100AGN 6200AGN 6205AGN expansion slot PCMCIA+mPCIe expresscard 1.0+mPCIe expresscard 1.0+mPCIe expresscard 2.0+mPCIe WWAN-ready yes yes yes yes webcam and nightlight no, consider mod yes - on some models yes yes Displayport/HDMI no no, consider DIY eGPU yes/no yes/no USB ports (+ODD caddy) 2 2+1 3+1 3 native e-sata no no no yes keyboard traditional traditional semi-chiclet island Bootable SD card? no yes yes yes Weight with 6-cell+ODD 1.63kgs/3.59lbs 1.70kgs/3.75lbs 1.81kgs/3.99lbs 1.92/4.24lbs 2510P/2530P/2540P HP Accessory List shows shareable accessories between 25xxP units. COL=undersirable features of the series.The sum total of the features, and mod possibilities, when combined with a low buy-in price on ebay make the 2510P a bargain. So then how does one go about extending the functionality of the 2510P in a cost effective manner? Read on..Acknowledgements: a cast of many 2510P contributing to this thread. Many thank yous.
  14. Bizon (RU) has struck again, this time modding an AKiTiO Thunder2 and calling the end result a "BizonBox 2" As seen on the Google-translated BizonBox 2 product page (RU). Bizon = serial overpricer?! Like his overpriced previous expresscard offering, he wants a staggering USD$533 (!!) (29890 Russian Rubles) for his box supplied with a 220W Dell DA-2 PSU and no Thunderbolt cable. His value add over a standard http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/7205-us%24189-akitio-thunder2-pcie-box-16gbps-tb2.html#post98210 being ventilation holes on the outer cover, a Dell DA-2 PSU + input jack placed at the front, a cutout for the PCIe connectors on top and a (imho) silly looking Bizon logo. Obviously attempting to generate a tidy profit for his efforts based on some of the older examples presented here. At no time does he disclose what that it's a AKiTiO Thunder2 enclosure instead calling his modified form a "unique solution" emblazed with his name. What's the bet he'll introduce low-profile PCIe connectors in his next revision and get rid of that unnecessary cutout on the top cover? Thumbs-down - warning potential customers of being ripped off You can thumbs down his video to alert potential customers there is something amiss with his product and/or post on his youtube page. I've posted a warning but again he's censoring it.
  15. Tech Inferno Fan

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Do this to fix the error 12: iv. Enable VGA Output on the PCIe bridge hosting the Macbook TB3 controller using rEFIt or rEFInd as explained at
  16. reminder: automate-eGPU.sh discussion only Folks, just a reminder. This thread is for automate-eGPU.sh discussion. If you have a generic Apple hardware question pls post in an existing or new thread at https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/forum/114-apple-egpu-discussion/
  17. Tech Inferno Fan

    Error 43 with NVidia 372.90 and newer drivers -> Use 372.70

    See @Arquebusa answer, quoted below. GTX1050's oldest driver is 375.63. We know NVidia drivers return error 43 on drivers newer than 372.70. You may try to do a INF patch, adding GTX1050 support to 372.70?
  18. Tech Inferno Fan

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Switch your eGPU to Gen1 for stability. If you need more pls reply email to the instructions you've been given provided requesting assistance. Anybody else affected with BSOD on startup requested to do the same.
  19. Tech Inferno Fan

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    1. The STATUS window will list say "p1@x1.1 10de:0a6f@x1.1 (NVidia)" to indicate detecting your eGPU on a mPCIe/EC port. The boldfaced letter indicates if the port is running at Gen1, Gen2 (2nd gen i-core+) or even Gen3 speed (6th gen i-core+) 2. Work through getting your eGPU detected: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10811-mpcieec-egpu-troubleshooting-steps/ 3. If you have only a dGPU that's wired to run your internal LCD, then yes, trying to disable it will cause a hang. The dGPU can be disabled if it's secondary in a switchable graphics environment with the iGPU as the primary. 4. Set Chainloader->mode=MBR, then chainloader->Test Run. 5. The "dsdt=off" status window item isn't complete so does nothing. To do a DSDT override, pls work through https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5874-guide-dsdt-override-to-fix-error-12/
  20. Tech Inferno Fan

    Error 43 with NVidia 372.90 and newer drivers -> Use 372.70

    There are other reasons for error 43. A telltale sign of incorrect initialization is if GPU-Z doesn't report clock info for the GTX1050Ti. See error 43 troubleshooting at https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10811-mpcieec-egpu-troubleshooting-steps/
  21. Tech Inferno Fan

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    The window drag method works with NVIDIA or AMD. @LukeHero has a method where an external lcd isn't needed. Instead, he creates a pseudo external lcd with a hdmi-vga adapter, windowed app started on pseudo monitor driven by the egpu and management software used to move it to the internal lcd. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8088-2012-15-mbpr-gt650m-gtx97010gbps-tb1-akitio-thunder2-win10-lukehero/ It's something to keep in mind if can't get NVIDIA Optimus working.
  22. When hotplugging, your psu has to already be on for the egpu to be detected. Refer to following to set your psu to be permanently on.
  23. Tech Inferno Fan

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Error 12 fix I've added another item which may be the key to fixing error 12 on these 2016 MBPs https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10718-2016-macbook-pros-and-egpus/&do=findComment&comment=152894
  24. Tech Inferno Fan

    DIY eGPU Macbook experiences

  25. Tech Inferno Fan

    DIY eGPU Macbook experiences

    What does "switched to work" mean? error 43 can be due to newer driver versions: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10516-error-43-with-nvidia-37290-and-newer-drivers-use-37270/

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