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    As promised! Here's a tutorial on how to take your Alienware M14X and Changing the Hard Drive Part 1: Part 2:
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    the latest Intel graphics drivers prevent the laptop from switching back to 40Hz once you set it to 60Hz. Here is a link to the drivers I'm using and they are perfect! http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/20035/eng/Win7Vista_15221.exe〈=eng&Dwnldid=20035&DownloadType=%0aDrivers%0a
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    Here's a teaser pic taken with my iPad Rest is comin'
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    I would feel the same way if I had been there much. By the way if you have a lot of material posted there and it is at risk... and it would add to the community here you could post it here in the most fitting forum or theads. Always good to have a fellow tech enthusiast here at T | I. Welcome again Commander.
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    Internet Communications vendor Skype was purchased May 10th for $8.5 Billion. In a seperate buisness division, Skype CEO Tony Bates has been promoted to President and will now report to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Lync VOIP platform, Outlook mail, Messenger instant-messaging, Hotmail Web mail and Xbox Live gaming service will be integrated with Skype allowing cross talk between those services. Microsoft was bidding against Google and Facebook for Skype and won. Apparently the largest monitary aquisition under Microsoft's belt of many thus far. Read about it here... Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion; creates new business division | ZDNet
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    If you choose to post in other forums, Please have the integrity to list STEVENXOWENS792 as the solution... 1. Step 1, hit f2 on bootup and go into bios. 2. Choose Advanced tab. (Note also make sure you have stock bclk) 3. F10 to save and exit. 4. Boot into Windows 7. 5. Create a power option called GAMING ON BATTERY. 6. Choose advanced options for this power setting. 7. Set PROCESSOR POWER MANAGEMENT TO MINIMUM 90 AND MAXIMUM 90 PERCENT FOR BATTERY. (For Steady FPS) 8 Set Intel Graphic Settings to Balanced for Battery. 9 Set (Graphic Processor State) Nvidia Graphic Settings to Balanced for Battery 10. Save 11. Choose your new gaming on battery setting and reboot! Go have fun and game for approx an hour on battery. Your welcome... StevenX
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    Hello all! My name is Steven and as you can see i'm new here. I have 2 M14x's (one is mine and the other is my g/f's) I've been reading through these forums and I like what I see and am happy to join a good friendly community where I can contribute as much as possible. Both my M14x laptops are in the process of being sent to Alienware's engineering team so they can get a better look at the shutdown issue a lot of people have been having so a solution can come about asap. Once again, i'm happy to be here and will keep everyone updated on the status of these laptops.
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    Is that time of the year again, time to lock and load. Gigabyte has release their new weaponized Motherboard Series the G1 Series. And One of them the G1.Assassin just won the award of Design and Innovation Award from TAITRA. This massive motherboard has extreme enthusiast and extreme gamer all written over form the massive cooling pipes to the ability to use 4 way Crossfire or 3 way SLI this is one motherboard who promises to deliver serious competition to other high end Mobo's out there. Besides Super Shield: Locked and Loaded Heatpipe Design, this motherboard seems to have it all. Dual bios chipset for redundancy, 5 smart Fan connectors, Easy to use overclocking interface, USB3.0, on board Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi DAP. Front audio headphones amplifier, Audio capacitors, on board Bigfoot Network Killer E2100 with a dedicated NPU, SATA 3.0 and a myriad of other options that will make any hardcore enthusiast drool. They come in 3 flavors, the G! Assasin, The G1 sniper and the G1 guerrilla and they all based on intel LGA13366 socket and the x58+ICH10R chipset. Price range for the G1 Assassin is $509 to $549 proving to be not a motherboard for everyone but the few, the proud the techno geeks and extreme enthusiasts . link to their website. GIGABYTE G1-Killer Series Motherboards
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    Titan: http://forum.techinferno.com/off-topic/300-hot-chicks-thread.html
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    When clevo adds backlighting to their keyboard plus a FULL number pad, it will be a much better buy. Plus if they had edge to edge glass on their systems, they would look much more modern. But at least with the way they are designed, it's easy to remove the display and upgrade it to a 95% gamut one.
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    Congratulations michael!!!!! Are we doing a unboxing movie? should I get you some epic music? Should I call Brian so we can play a violin Duet while you unbox? what should I do? should I put a video parody of the what should I do Lebron James video?...wait, that sounds good. here it is
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    welcome to the forum TittieGod, to become an official member you must post some sexy pics in our sexy babe thread or else you will be banned.
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    Sorry mate, I must have forgotten that by the time I finished @svl7 AFAIK the clevo p150/sager np8150 Is what you're describing, 6970/485, 15.6, SB etc. No backlit keyboard though (still!!).
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    Really impressive...!! I never had my hands on a Clevo machine, I wonder how they feel... build quality etc. I really like the feeling of the M15x... too bad they didn't update the machine with SB. What I'm missing are some 15-15.6 inches machines with SB and a high-end GPU. As long as the manufacturers don't use two HDDs it's possible to bring the size a bit down.
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    Yeah, you told me that at NBR.. Or I think it was you.. Thanks a bunch. I installed it right away.. Steve also gave me the tip. Works perfectly.
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    As I said at NBR, the best of both worlds if you're just going to game, getting the M11x would be the best option. Since you can game in full power. IF you are very particular of the power output rather than the game itself. I can deal with medium power in gaming because it's all about the game not the goodness of the graphics.. hahaha :D Love this world. We all want the perfect laptop.. I'll quote my friend "The perfect laptop is the laptop that you can be productive with." whether in game or work. What can float your boat.
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    So far I have played Crysis 2 (custom config settings) , Dead space 2, MW2, Portal 2 and all these games run amazing on the M14x .
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    "You must spread reputation to three other users before giving rep to the same user" http://forum.techinferno.com/techinferno-forum-feedback/385-how-t|i-reputation-system-works.html
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    I have done it finally!! The problem was the A10Mod Bios! was setting HDD as Disk0 and not Disk1 so just flashed back to A10 and worked first go ?
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    "I thought you were an elf..." LMAO for those who have seen it only
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    Unless you're in AW section of the NBR. (Sorry, had to.) Steven seems a good guy, has my voice too. Btw, I used to be a site admin on one of the sports betting forums - those were the days when I had a bit of free time.
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    The only thing is... I think sometimes folks get tired of the "StevenX" opinion and have a real desire to hear from others... Truthfully I don't blame them. Getting a variety of thoughts, ideas, opinions (even when they are drastically different from yours) can help shed light on issues. My opinion has always been as follows.. (which is much different than I was raised due to my Marine Step Father). If I ask you, any of you to give me the number 10 with two numbers, some of you might say, easy... 10 and Zero, or 5 and 5 or 1 and 9. Others might be even more creative and say 1000 minus 990. The point is that most of the time their is many different ways to resolve a problem or provide an answer. It's not my personality to stifle creative solutions or assume that MY WAY is the best. So when it comes to moderation, It's not my style to say MY WAY or the HIGHWAY. It's more like Let me hear your thoughts, and hear are my thoughts, what can we do to provide value to everyone. If this sounds like something that fits the T/I mentality then let me know. Thanks again to everyone. StevenX
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    SSD + ram are here. M18x is AWOL..sigh.
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    Vinnie Moore - Check it out. well, nothing to add... check it out, especially if you like some crazy guitar stuff
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    i agree! PD: andale andale? Speedy was saying that in the old cartoon ... a classic! el ratón más veloz de todo México!
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    You have to fine tune the pressure each screws applies to the heatsink and the CPU so you can make sure that both surfaces are as flat as possible to each other, (for me I had to use only 2 screws, the other two are just there doing nothing, using 3 ir more screws with my heatsink changes the geometry to the worse). Contrary to Brian, I fine tune the screw pressure by leaving my CPU to idle, the reason I do it is cause the temps don't fluctuate that much so I have better feedback when I do a change, with load on the CPU the multipliers drop or distribute the workload to the rest of the cores in order to keep the temps down so it is harder for me to adjust the screws this way.
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    I can only imagine having a m17/m18x in front of me during school. The weight isn't that big of a deal. I put mine in a back pack and don't really notice the weight. I will say however the screen size would be a issue if in a class room setting. The m14x built up would be a good system to casual game on and for school work.
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    It looks like your fix sacrifices some CPU performance which reduces power consumption and probably helps prevent the throttling that most users are seeing while trying to game on battery power. Nice work Steven. Not sure why NBR doesn't want knowledgeable people like yourself posting on their forum. After you left they decided to harass Martin, the brains behind HWiNFO. In typical communist fashion, they deleted any posts supporting Martin and his contributions to the community and then locked the thread to prevent further discussion. Great. You won't see that kind of asinine behavior over here on Tech | Inferno.
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    Fixed this mess... Open Realtek HD audio manager. Go to speaker headphone tab. MAXX stereo defaults to left being less strong than right.. stupid stupid stupid. The sad thing is to change it and save it you must create a custom profile so just create custom1 or something and save it in the middle at 50 percent for MAXX STEREO. Stupid...
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    Thank you The moderation seems to have gotten very heavyhanded lately. Like I said, seeing great posters suddenly banned for no real reason or posts destroyed because they want to keep a certain balance makes me nervous to post there anymore.
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    I ordered a bunch of those plastic prying tools off eBay and only use those to pry plastic stuff. they cost next to nothing and I highly recommend those!
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    Controlling, trickery and persuasion are not qualities of a good following, but society growing as a loving world is important and if we expect others to do as we'd hope they would as an intelligient being, then we can't act as if we are not intelligient beings. Let's not go backwards as a world.
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