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  1. Very neat you work for dell you must get to see some real inside stuff.

  2. Brian Taylor

    [solved] alienware nameplates

    Anyone know how to obtain a new one. i was doodling on mine and screwed it up. ______ EDIT by svl7 Solution: Generally it's not easy to just get a nameplate. There are two options. If you know someone working at/for Dell, ask them whether they can arrange something. Otherwise call Dell and hope that you get a nice rep on the phone, he might be able to send you a nameplate, maybe even customized. Good luck!
  3. Brian Taylor

    the base color red for the m18x is on back order

    @Jimbo @Michael I have no word. I check on a few orders and looks like base is still on BO but wireless cards are in.
  4. Brian Taylor

    the base color red for the m18x is on back order

    Looks like they are slowly coming in. I am keeping my ear to the chatter.
  5. Yup i hate to be the bad news bear. Also the wirless display transmitter is also back order
  6. So yea im working on Brian's order. The issue is Alienware is a consumer brand and off shore. I am working the back end to see if i cant get a rush out on it.
  7. yea if you could get me your customer# I will see whats up and fix or get it to the right people to fix.
  8. Brian Taylor

    Yellow Alienware?>???

    I love the paint work on that machine. I might just have to replicate in green
  9. Let me clear that up... I belive you not the shotty tech... I would assume he didnt know what he was doing! Didnt mean to come across wrong
  10. Brian Taylor

    no acer love in here

    Yea I agree. and if apple and adobe would be friends and bring flash i would have just given him my ipad. **shakes fist at adobe and apple**
  11. Brian Taylor

    no acer love in here

    the acer one with the atom proc 1 gig memory good for my son and his flash games. Gets him exposed and build some responsibility. i wish i would have waited for dual core atom
  12. Brian Taylor

    no acer love in here

    Maybe cause they dont die often. I bought my 6 year old the little netbook and its working great.
  13. Ummm i find that hard to believe he didnt have the tag... the order number would show the dispatch which of course would have the tag.

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