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  1. ThrottleStop 8.10 https://www.sendspace.com/file/4n3l0p New Features:- added PowerCut feature.- added 4th Gen and up microcode reporting.- improved Skylake U compatibility.- C State reporting and SLFM bug fix.Read the included ReadMe file to learn how to enable PowerCut on your 4th or 5th Gen Core i CPU.
  2. ThrottleStop 8.00 b7 https://www.sendspace.com/file/i84h7g I think the latest version of ThrottleStop should work well on a Surface Pro 3. Post some screenshots if you have any questions.
  3. Most motherboards from the major manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI; should have options in the bios so you can toggle the various core and package C States on and off. The OEM motherboards that are installed in pre-built computers for the masses might not have any options like this available in the bios so it is always a good idea to do some hands on testing to make sure the C States are working correctly. Some Skylake motherboards might not be turning on C8 yet but things like this are usually fixed with an updated bios.
  4. Making sure that the low power C States are enabled in the bios and are working correctly is the best way to reduce power consumption. You can use RealTemp to check what C States are being used. RealTemp T|I Edition https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0dpSo9k93jDZlpmbHNzeFlpcWc When an individual core enters C6 or C7, the core is removed from the voltage rail so it is getting zero volts. It's internal clock is also stopped so that core is running at zero MHz. When C States are enabled and a computer is idle, individual cores can be spending 99% of the time in this state. Changing the MHz or core voltage is not going to make any difference because the CPU is already as low as it can go. Skylake CPUs use the new C8 C State for further power savings as more parts of the core go dormant when not needed. Under clocking and using a high turbo boost is not necessary. With C States enabled, this is all taken care of by the CPU. Under volting will help when the CPU has a load on it. Here is an interesting paper about power consumption. Power Optimization – a Reality Check http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~krioukov/realityCheck.pdf
  5. You are making progress but the Set Multiplier value is set way too low. Increase that to 34 T, check the Set Multiplier box and then click on the Turn On button to take ThrottleStop out of Monitoring mode and put it into active mode. T stands for Turbo Boost. Intel designed the Core i7-3630QM to run much faster so you might as well use what you paid for. You cannot use ThrottleStop to overclock this CPU. You are only trying to make it run at its Intel rated speed. After that, try running the built in TS Bench test. Use the 1 Thread option and while the test is in progress, take a screenshot which will confirm that your CPU is using lots of Turbo Boost like it is supposed to be.
  6. Run ThrottleStop and make sure BD PROCHOT is not checked. If that does not fix it, click on the Set Multiplier option and increase that to the maximum value. Make sure both types of Clock Modulation are showing 100.0% on the right hand side of ThrottleStop. Post some pics of ThrottleStop if you are still having problems. I will let you know what the problem is after these tests. ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 5 https://www.sendspace.com/file/p1q40a
  7. The Intel CPPC driver that you installed is not for the Y510P. Installing an unsupported driver might cause more problems than it solves. The Lenovo webpage shows that Uninstallation is not supported. Are you sure your GPUs are stable with a 100 mV undervolt? What sort of testing have you done recently? Can you run 3D Mark or any benchmark program like that with this undervolt? As CPUs and GPUs get older, they sometimes require additional voltage to remain stable. An undervolt that was stable 6 months ago or a year ago might not be stable now. What temperature are your GPUs running at? You might need to redo the thermal paste on everything.
  8. Intel XTU cannot fix the CPU throttling problems that the Lenovo Y510P has. You will never achieve maximum performance while you are running Intel XTU. Those colorful graphs look nice but they are slowing down your CPU and reducing performance and Intel XTU does nothing to stop the throttling. You should try downloading ThrottleStop 8.00 and then take some time and learn how to use this program. It was specifically written to get the most out of the Y510P. ThrottleStop 8.00 https://www.sendspace.com/file/tmc96z Click on the FIVR button and try setting the Non Turbo Ratio to 1 and also select the Lock option. That's a new feature that I think can help the Y510P. Did you install a specific driver for Intel CPPC? If your CPU is not running consistently and it is throttling down to 800 MHz then CPPC and Intel XTU are not the answer to your problems. Get rid of them. This guy wrote to Intel on their forums asking for an improved version of Intel XTU that actually stops the throttling. https://communities.intel.com/thread/85921?start=0&tstart=0 ThrottleStop is the only solution at the moment so learn how to use it. Post some screenshots and ask specific questions if you do not understand how to set it up.
  9. Post a picture of how you have ThrottleStop setup. When ThrottleStop is setup correctly, you should not be seeing your CPU chugging along at 1.5 GHz. The main ThrottleStop screen should look something like this and make sure you are using the Windows Higher Performance power profile with the Minimum processor state set to 100%. http://i.imgur.com/iwebbBg.png Make sure you are using the latest version which is available from my signature. Edit - The TS Bench is not the world's best benchmarking tool. With a 4700MQ, you should be seeing 32M times in the low 9 second range. http://i.imgur.com/lutZBvu.png Maybe half of your CPU is disabled. Make sure ThrottleStop shows 8 lines of data which represents 8 threads.
  10. Most laptops are not designed to run the GPU at full speed when running on battery power. Some laptops throttle both the CPU and GPU. If you find a way to run both the CPU and GPU at full speed while on battery power, you will likely damage your battery. From NotebookCheck -
  11. Try running ThrottleStop 8.00. In the Options window set AC Timer Res (1..16) to 1 and then click on OK. Go back to the main screen and check Set Multiplier and set that to the maximum value. Make sure BD PROCHOT is not checked. After that click on the Turn On button. These tricks might help your laptop run smoother.
  12. Excellent observation Mr. Fox. I think some laptops have charging systems that are so inadequate that they are unable to provide enough power to maintain full performance during an extended stress test. The throttling might be the laptop's way of screaming for mercy or at least some more power. How many watts is the power adapter rated at? It is too bad that unbiased reviews that properly load and test a laptop are impossible to find. There seems to be some sort of conspiracy between manufacturers and media sites to keep consumers in the dark. As a consumer, you have to be willing and able to do your own product testing and then immediately ship back any laptop that doesn't live up to the sales hype.
  13. Your laptop has some throttling problems. What model is it? I am not sure why it throttles but you should try using ThrottleStop. Check the Set Multiplier box and set that to the maximum value, disable BD PROCHOT and you can also use ThrottleStop to under volt your CPU and cache. After that click on the Turn On button and then run a stress test to see if anything has changed. Try turning on the ThrottleStop - Log File option and then copy and paste your log file data to Pastebin.com - #1 paste tool since 2002! and post a link here. ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 1 https://www.sendspace.com/file/hxhifj
  14. What CPU model do you have? The maximum turbo boost multiplier is locked in the majority of Xeon CPUs. The maximum multiplier is usually only available when 1 or 2 cores are active. When 4 cores are active, the multiplier decreases. On the locked CPUs, that limit is built into the hardware so there is nothing that software can do.
  15. Your feedback helps me understand how people use ThrottleStop and what can go wrong. I am going to make a change so when ThrottleStop starts for the first time, it will read the voltage settings directly from your CPU and have these settings available as default settings just in case someone presses OK or Apply by accident. Doing that should be safer. I found and fixed one bug where the Static and Adaptive voltages were not being saved correctly but I think that was only a problem on the last 2 profiles. The same register in the CPU controls the turbo multiplier and the voltage. I will need to double check to make sure that ThrottleStop is setting these both high at the same time or perhaps setting the voltage high first. If the multiplier tries to go high before the voltage, that would definitely be a problem. Have you tried adjusting the clock modulation settings? Can you decrease them individually by 25% just to see what shows up in the monitoring table. I am pretty sure that Clock Modulation will work correctly but not all of Intel's chipsets support Chipset Clock Modulation. If that one is not working correctly, I will need to disable it. ThrottleStop is a multi purpose tool. My advise is if your computer does not have a particular throttling problem, don't check that option in ThrottleStop. The less things you need to check off in ThrottleStop, the better. If your computer is not using the Clock Modulation or Chipset Clock Modulation throttling methods then there is no reason to check either of those boxes. You can run a ThrottleStop log file if you want to see if your computer has any throttling issues when loaded. On some laptops like the LenovoY510P and Y50, the ThrottleStop - Set Multiplier option needs to be checked to prevent the multiplier from dropping from 36 to 24 when gaming. If you do not have any throttling issues like this and if you can fully control the speed of your CPU by using the values in the Turbo Ratio Limits window, there is no need to check Set Multiplier. Using the turbo ratio values in the ThrottleStop TRL window is the most efficient way to control your CPU speed.
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