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    Asus G75VW - modified BIOS / VBIOS Here's a modified BIOS for the Asus G75VW. It enables some more options and settings in the BIOS setup. It also contains a tweaked VBIOS for the 660m. Detailed version information: mod02 'GHZ edition' - 660m 3d clocks at 1000MHz core - 670m @ 715/1650 (only in 'overclock edition') additional BIOS menus Pics of the most interesting BIOS settings (thanks @bobby7): Instructions: Download the BIOS you want to flash, as well as the flash tool (Win64). Put the modified BIOS (and included files) in the same folder as the flash tool . Make sure that your current BIOS version is the same as the one you want to flash. Then create a backup of your BIOS by executing the backup.bat file. . Download the 'G75VW-BiosFixer.zip, put it in the same folder as the flash too and run it. Follow the instructions on the screen, it will ask you for the BIOS backup you just created, as well as the modified BIOS file which you already downloaded. . If the tool doesn't come up with an error message, go ahead and flash the created file by executing the included flash.bat file. . Wait until the flashing is done, in case everything's okay you can reboot. NOTE: It's a good idea to go to load the default BIOS settings after flashing. Also I really recommend flashing the official version before applying the modified BIOS, as mentioned in the instructions. >>> Here's my donation link, if you like my mods feel free to buy me a beer <<< As always with such mods, use at your own risk. The program I provide here (BiosFixer) comes with absolutely no warranty to the extent permitted by applicable law. *** Asus G75VW - BIOS v223 - [unlocked] [overclock edition].zip G75VW-BiosFixer.zip Asus G75VW - BIOS v223 - [unlocked].zip
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    Yes. The 120Hz display and BIOS set to UEFI is the best environment to run the 1070. You will need a modded Nvidia driver though. If you have the 120hz then I don't think the unlocked BIOS is required as the system is already set to PEG by default although I have seen some threads saying the unlocked BIOS is needed.
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    Hello, got my hands on AW 18, and i wanted to ask how do i overclock this bad boy? Got 780m SLI and i´d rather ask someone with experience, then finding guide that would fuk me up on my own. Also how hard is it to get the 980s SLI working properly if ull buy them? Thanks !
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    Two new modified BIOS for M14x R1 users. Both based on A08, but with the same SATA performance as in A05.This allows GF106 users which are still on A05 to benefit from the fixes included in A08 while keeping the SATA performance of A05 and it allows GF116 users to get the benefits of A05 SATA behavior.It's actually the result of trying to bring GF116 support to A05 in order to change the SATA behavior (as requested by he_yincheng), since this didn't work as planned I tried it the other way around - bringing the SATA performance of A05 to A08, which succeeded. Thanks @he_yincheng for testing! Check here to see some screenshots he posted to verify that it is working as intended.There are two versions of this mod available, one is the standard A08 with only the SATA tweak and the other is the unlocked version of it.In the M14x R1 voltage mod thread you can also find both versions with an increased GPU voltage, GF106 and GF116 supported.As always with such mods, use at your own risk, I don't take any responsibility for possible issues. You are responsible for the changes you make on your system.Feedback is welcome!Donate link - feel free to buy me a beer if you like this mod M14xR1_A08_[unlocked]_incl_SATA_fix.zip M14xR1_A08_SATA_fix.zip
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    You have the 980M? I can make a driver for you. I just need your hardware ID. Have you got the card installed in the machine? Go to Device Manger - Display Adapter - Right click on Microsoft Basic Display Adapter or the 980M (if you have an earlier driver installed) - Properties - Details - Select Hardware ID from the dropdown list. It will give you 4 lines of ID code. I need to know what the first or second line says and then I can mod the file for you.
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    @BAKED you still have this thread active? I've been trying to get a moded BIOS for the Clevo P170-SM I know there was one made by Prema, but it is not longer available for download. I was wondering if you would be able to provide one.
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    I hope those new 820 G1 panels use LVDS rather than what seems to be a migration to eDP. If it's eDP then it's not feasible. While I'm OK with the stock panel it seems others desire IPS-like wide viewing angles. Unfortunately there's been no success retrofitting the X220/X230 IPS LVDS panels. I hope that HP PSG manager does make a Haswell ZBook 12. It would be a relatively easy addition that fits in nicely with the new model designations. ZBooks buck the ultrabook trend where a chunkier chassis = more power, price and performance. 2570P was almost ZBook i7-quad spec to begin with. It's just missing the better panel, Haswell internals and higher price. That info raises the profile of our system considerably. It's only our 12.5" HP 2570P and the now discontinued 13" Sony Z3 that can host a i7-quad in a small chassis. While the Z3 is technically impressive, I prefer the 2570P's durability, larger battery options, socketted CPU, expresscard slot, better warranty. All the while at a significantly lower ebay price. experimental howto: fitting a '820 G1' backlit keyboard It's pretty straightforward if the keyboard itself fits into the chassis insert correctly. There is an additional backlight ribbon cable that requires either 3.3V+GND or 5V+GND patch leads attached to an appropriate spot on the 2570P systemboard to power the backlight. Here's an tutorial of how a backlit keyboard was retrofitted to an Acer 3820T by doing just this: Acer TimelineX 3820TG Backlit keyboard mod
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