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    In case you own a Lenovo Y410p or Y510p laptop, you might be interested in upgrading its performance by installing an external graphics card. Ultrabay eGPU adapter designed by @gerald was proven to be a convenient plug-and-play option to do exactly that. However, for a long time only an AMD-branded GPUs could be used due to limitations in the Lenovo's stock BIOS. The purpose of the modified firmware presented here is to expand the range of available GPUs by enabling Nvidia support on Gerald's Ultrabay eGPU adapter. Huge thanks to: @MWichni - For efficiently assisting me during the development of this mod. By flashing dozens of BIOS builds over the course of several weeks and thoroughly describing the effects observed (or the lack thereof), he enabled me to fully understand necessary parts in BIOS structure and come up with a final solution. @svl7 - Whose unlocked BIOS / Whitelist mod has served as a basis for this modification. His discovery of a security hole in V2.07 BIOS has provided us with a convenient BIOS flashing method that does not require a physical programmer. The Unlocked BIOS and WLAN whitelist mods originally designed by him are also implemented in this BIOS mod. @gerald - For designing the aforementioned adapter. Without it, all this work would make very little sense. Key features: Resolves the "40-second reboot" issue normally encountered while using Nvidia graphics cards with Ultrabay eGPU adapter, thus allowing all Nvidia cards to be used. Based on the latest V3.08 BIOS. Includes Svl7's WLAN whitelist removal mod - for the convenience of aftermarket WLAN card users. Includes Svl7's BIOS debug menu mod - for the ease of experimentation with newly available features, e.g. attempting to use Nvidia Optimus to pass eGPU video back to laptop's display. NB! Svl7's Debug Menu is not a toy! It contains a lot of options that are either not supported or partially supported by the hardware platform and/or can disturb its normal operation or prevent the PC from booting up at all. Any of the entries not originally present in the stock BIOS should be modified at your own risk! DISCLAIMER: ANY MODIFICATIONS YOU ARE APPLYING TO YOUR HARDWARE ARE PERFORMED AT YOUR OWN RISK! AUTHOR OF THIS MOD DOES NOT HOLD ANY LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE RELATED TO USING THIS SOFTWARE. Screenshots: Installation instructions: If things don't go right: Error 43: If you intend using the GTX10XX-series Nvidia card as the eGPU (which you probably do), you are very likely to encounter the infamous Error 43 in Windows Device Manager. This is a widely known issue in the eGPU community and is not related to this particular mod in any way. Following this guide thoroughly will in most cases resolve the Error 43 issue. Download: Get your copy here! P.S.: Version of this mod for Lenovo Y400/Y500 models is coming soon!
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    Good news, everyone! It looks like we've got more or less stable operation with an Nvidia GTX275 as an eGPU here. Still needs more testing and tweaking before I can release the installer, though. One major issue with current version is that it breaks original SLI compatibility: the PC just won't boot with the native GT750M/755M module in the Ultrabay, but I think there might be a way around. @AllanDavidson $250 for the whole y510p? That's an absolute bargain! I can now see why you considered investing into a 1080Ti. P.S. It's just occurred to me that this adapter is probably one of the fastest laptop eGPU interfaces out there (excluding proprietary-connector-based solutions, if such exist). PCI-E x8 will go up to 8GB/s while Thunderbolt 3 based solutions can only supply 5GB/s, which only allows to implement PCI-E x4 on GPU side.
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    Excellent! I'll modify the Y510p adapter configuration thread to incorporate information about your BIOS and hardware mods over the weekend.
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    Right! Who's ready for the next portion of cool things? This time it's the hardware mod I was talking about a while ago. In theory, it should work with all the Ultrabay models including Y500/Y400/Y410/Y510p WITHOUT THE NEED TO MOD YOUR BIOS! So far, it worked on my Y510p. Looking forward to future tests. I know, "hardware mod" may sound scary, but please consider this option too! Actually, it is beautifully simple! It's so simple that I'm not even sure whether it needs a separate topic! Download link: https://mega.nz/#!3AB0iSoa!v24VPHjNL2NkvEdeY3ZTkrmRWhcD1du_-N-JZfgTf7M -High_Voltage
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    In everyones name i just would like to thank you guys
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    Hi, everyone! As promised, the separate topic on the Y510p/Y410p Nvidia mod has been created today: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/12014-lenovo-y410py510p-bios-mod-to-enable-nvidia-egpu-support/ Therefore, I would suggest to continue the mod-related discussion there. You can also ask questions, describe issues and submit feedback on whether the mod worked for you, whether the instructions were clear enough etc. -High_Voltage.
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    Just a little teaser. Unigine heaven benchmark maxed out on GTX 1070 Ti.
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    Gerald, you are a god among men. I was thinking I had to go the mini PCIe to PCIe route and then stumbled onto this. I'm ordering one tomorrow, Thank you
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    @AllanDavidson Ideally, yes. The whole new adapter with a microcontroller or a socket for adruino. But really, arduino can be just soldered to the existing adapter without any modifications. Getting the GPU away from where it is right now is a good idea. Not sure how long the PCIe cable can be before it loses signal integrity though. I remember Linus from LinusTechTips had GPU working flawlessly with over a meter of PCIe risers in total (those were real high quality things though). Also, it seems like with Nvidia GPUs there might be a way to configure Optimus drivers to pass the image back to the laptop's screen. We shall investigate this at some point.
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    Hello! Send me your stock vbios. I'll take a look what we can do with it.
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    Thank you very much for your hard work. Is there a way with this mod to use the internal display? Also i have a slightly older adapter but i havent used it since amd prices were up in the sky. but i would appreciate it a lot if you can tell me if i can use a GTX 1050 Ti on my older adapter. I own a 2nd generation adapter as far as i know
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    @High_Voltage Plenty thanks. This is so cool.
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    This is what I expected. With Nvidia there might be a way to use Optimus driver to game on internal screen. More info on it can be found on eGPU dedicated forums. More data will never hurt! Go for it! If you really really want to try it right now, here's the link to release candidate version: https://mega.nz/#!XNozQbRI!QIZQheYs0bpua3nwJaJreKjnygVwUhRtU3QjfbLzPM4 Would be quite nice if you tested it too. This way we'll have more than just one user's confirmation of the mod working before the actual release. We're performing the final tests right now. Today @MWichni got a GTX1070Ti running. We have encountered Error Code 43 which appears to be quite common across eGPU community and managed to fix it using this guide: https://***********/forums/expresscard-mpcie-m-2-adapters/FIXED-Nvidia-GTX1050Ti-error-43-on-mPCIe-or-M2-non-hotplug-eGPU-interfaces-applicable-to-GTX10xx/paged/1/ Tomorrow if everything goes well, we'll create a separate thread with the mod discussion, download and the installation guide.
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    This is continuation of this thread (http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2690-lenovo-y500-unlocked-bios.html) with all the necessary information in the first post in order to make it easier to find all the stuff. Lenovo Y400 / Y500 - 'unlocked' BIOS / wwan-wlan whitelist removal + modified VBIOS for higher overclocking The Lenovo Y500 comes with a pretty locked down BIOS, and in addition to this with a whitelist which prevents the user from getting 3rd-party wwan/wlan cards to work properly. The modified BIOS versions here will take care of this. Keep in mind that not necessarily all options available in the modified bios will work. Some might not do anything at all, others could possibly leave your system in a state which will prevent it from booting. Use care when changing stuff in the modified bios, don't touch things you're not familiar with. Use all the mods and software posted here on your own risk. Read the instructions carefully. NOTE: This will only flash the bios region. It won't reset the nvars set in the bios. *************** ONLY FLASH A MOD OF THE SAME VERSION AS YOUR CURRENT BIOS VERSION!!! If you're on 2.02 or 2.03 you can safely use the 2.04 update, *************** Attached you'll find modified versions of the Y400 / Y500 BIOS v1.03 and v1.05. Removed as they're outdated. Better updated to v2.02. The bios contains your Windows 8 license, therefore you can't just flash any file, else you'll have issue with your Windows activation. Furthermore the serial numbers, service tags etc. are stored there as well. You don't want to loose them. I wrote a little program that will take care of this issue and personalize the modified bios for you, so that you won't end up with an invalid Windows or no service tags. *************** Preparation to get to BIOS v2.02 (coming from any earlier version): Generally it's a good idea to keep the BIOS up to date. We're luck to have an official BIOS update to v2.02 apparently thanks to a leak on the net. (Lenovo is really bad when it comes to providing firmware updates and fixing issues). The leaked version must be genuine, else it wouldn't flash by using the regular method. If you want to update your system to v2.02 then grab the update here, extract it and flash the bios by executing the included InsydeFlash utility. Once the update is completed you can continue with the instructions below to get a modified version on your system. *************** Instructions for flashing a modified version: As a reminder - the modified BIOS needs to be the same version as you have on your system (2.02 to 2.04 is ok). Prepare an USB stick which can boot DOS. If you don't know how to do this, follow this short guide: Download the flash tool, for flashing you'll need the DOS version, but for creating the backup of your current BIOS the Win64 version will do as well, and it is faster. Get the prr tool as well. Grab the modified BIOS you want to flash, it comes as a tool which will patch the bios for you. Make sure you grab the version that corresponds with your BIOS version. Create a backup of your current BIOS using the flash tool you downloaded (first step) by runing the included backup.bat, or by using the Win or Dos version flash tool with this command: If the .bat doesn't work then open an administrator command prompt in your working directory and run the .bat per command line or type the command written above. In case you get an 'error 104' replace the parts file with the one that can be found in the 'error 104 fix' attachment at the end of the post. And if you still have issues after doing all of the steps above then please leave a reply in the thread and describe your problem. Open the downloaded tool and execute it. Drag and drop your BIOS backup file on it, it will create the mod for you. It will look like this: Put the modified BIOS, the prr.exe tool and the fpt.exe (along with the fparts.txt file) on the root of your prepared DOS bootable USB drive, restart your system and boot from that drive. Execute the prr.exe, if you don't get an error message continue by pressing enter. Then flash the bios by using this command (filename.bin obviously needs to be replaced with the name of the file you want to flash). If you can't remember the name of your file, use the command dir to display all the files on your drive. Flash with this: fpt.exe -f filename.bin -bios NOTE: The name of the BIOS file mustn't exceed eight characters (not counting the extension)! That's a DOS limit, so make sure the name of your file isn't too long. Wait until the process is done. After flashing it will verify the data, in case there's something wrong with the flashed data it will tell you. In that case don't reboot, just flash again. *************** Flashing the ultra bay 650m - only for SLI users with BIOS v2.02: The modified BIOS v2.02 also contains a vbios which will allow you to overclock your 650m past the 135MHz limit. As the ultra bay GPU has it's own vbios module you need to flash it separately. You'll need an USB drive which can boot DOS (just as the one you used for flashing the BIOS). *************** It might look a bit complicated at first, but that's the easiest way I could think of. Let me know if anything is unclear. >> Here's the 'buy me a beer' link in case you like this << Use at your own risk, you are responsible for your system and the changes you make on it. My programs come with absolutely no warranty to the extent permitted by applicable law. Grab file archive here:
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    Solved. just had to update nv_dispi under [NVIDIA_Devices.NTamd64.6.1] as it deals with windows 7 Plus the [strings] section as per TheTqM's posted pdfs. Thank you!!
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    The attached files tell you what you need to do to mod the two files for PEG/ Dedicated, get into the practice as there is nobody consistently doing .inf mods here anymore. I have modded 391.01 following those instructions successfully however I hold no responsibility if it doesn't work on your machine as I've not checked for compatibility beyond my own, but let us know if it goes fine. The instructions were created from older modded files using the method @Ezio21 suggested. So thank you @Ezio21. Please note you still need to follow the whole string of instructions for installing modded drivers as previously outlined by @J95. But in short: 0) Make sure you have a copy of your last working driver ready to reinstall if anything goes wrong. 1) Download driver "XXX.XX-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql" and unzip using your preferred compression software. 2) Make a copy of the nv_dispi.inf and nvdmi.inf from Display.Driver into a folder for modding them. Make a backup of the originals too. 3) Follow attached instructions to modify those files. 4) Replace the two files within Display.Driver 5) Delete all folders other than: 6) Restart (Shift + Restart on Win10) in safe mode. 7) Use DDU to uninstall old driver in full 8) Restart (Shift + Restart on Win10) and Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. 9) Install from setup.exe 10) Hope that you did everything right. Once again the attached instructions worked for me. Hopefully they work for you. NVDISPI INSTRUCTIONS.pdf NVDMI INSTRUCTIONS.pdf
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    bought a 2570p last week, just needed a tiny brother for my 8460p n 8570p... now time for mods... first: cooling... with my 3740 the temps go up to 93-95°c. just a "bit" too much... so i ripped off a cooler from my studio xps 13 n pulled the smaller from 2 heatpipes down, its just 2.5mm thick n had the right length... next step will build a copper plate with the same size like the alu plate on da fan, soldering n lets go... first step:
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    Two new modified BIOS for M14x R1 users. Both based on A08, but with the same SATA performance as in A05.This allows GF106 users which are still on A05 to benefit from the fixes included in A08 while keeping the SATA performance of A05 and it allows GF116 users to get the benefits of A05 SATA behavior.It's actually the result of trying to bring GF116 support to A05 in order to change the SATA behavior (as requested by he_yincheng), since this didn't work as planned I tried it the other way around - bringing the SATA performance of A05 to A08, which succeeded. Thanks @he_yincheng for testing! Check here to see some screenshots he posted to verify that it is working as intended.There are two versions of this mod available, one is the standard A08 with only the SATA tweak and the other is the unlocked version of it.In the M14x R1 voltage mod thread you can also find both versions with an increased GPU voltage, GF106 and GF116 supported.As always with such mods, use at your own risk, I don't take any responsibility for possible issues. You are responsible for the changes you make on your system.Feedback is welcome!Donate link - feel free to buy me a beer if you like this mod M14xR1_A08_[unlocked]_incl_SATA_fix.zip M14xR1_A08_SATA_fix.zip
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    Its my Motherboard! Found the problem but haven't solved it. My computer crashed while on youtube. When I rebooted, computer beeped once and wouldn't boot. I got it covered from here, thanks for the help ll_r1d0_ll.
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    This has been already suggested in this thread before, as far as I remember. It should totally work. By that mean the reboot sequence won't be initiated. But apart from these dedicated checks at ultrabay address, BIOS has something that I assume to be generic initializer sequences for PCIe devices (there are structures like "Is it Nvidia? If true, do this. Is it AMD? If true, do that. Is it Intel? If true do other stuff"). Those will execute incorrectly too, with possible adverse effects. Let alone the obvious troubles with driver installation you'll encounter with altered vendor ID and a hassle of flashing BIOS of every card you're ever going to use. In my final version of the mod (coming soon, by the way!) I'm preserving compatibility with original ultrabay GPU by replacing checks for Vendor ID with checks for Device ID. So now instead of checking for 0x10DE at Vendor ID address, we're shifting by two bytes and checking for either 0x0FE4 or 0x0FCD, device IDs of GT750m and GT755m respectively. This unfortunately means there're going to be two separate versions of the mod for owners of different iGPUs. Other than that this should work perfectly (as long as AMD doesn't release some GPU with same device ID, but AMD users don't need to flash the mod anyway).
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    For both You need to fill the green Area with Thermal Pads
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    Thank you for your kind.I have ordered and i’m looking forward to test it
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    NVIDIA 'Maxwell' VBIOS mods Here you find modified VBIOS versions for the mobile parts of the Nvidia 'Maxwell' series. The VBIOS versions in this post are tweaked for performance and versatility. You'll get almost complete control over the performance parameters of your GPU. List of available VBIOS mods: Nvidia GTX 970m - 'OC edition' rev0 - >> 6 GB Version << - modified by @johnksss & svl7 -> see attachments Nvidia GTX 980m - 'OC edition' rev0 - >> 8 GB Version << - modified by @johnksss & svl7 -> see attachments Screenshot demonstrating the capabilities of the 970m versions: >> Read the instructions carefully before flashing! << If anything is unclear after reading or if you have additional remarks, please post in the thread. Flashing: - Go to the device manager -> 'Display Adapters' -> chooser your GPU, right click on it and choose disable - Flash the VBIOS with mnvflash, a modified version of nvflash (see attachments). Here are detailed instructions for nvflash in case you aren't familiar with it. - After the flashing is done: Enable the GPU once again in the device manager. - Reboot Do NOT use driver 347.09, it's broken and useless and won't allow you to overclock, even with the stock firmware. Don't distribute the files hosted here outside of Tech|Inferno. Don't modify the files you download here. mnvflash_windows_5.196.zip Nvidia GTX 980m - 'OC edition' rev0.zip Nvidia GTX 970m - 'OC edition' rev0.zip
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    I think I've found the exact reason why the 40s reboot happens. Unfortunately, too busy this week to investigate further... This'll be quite hard to solve but if works, would open the potential of using adapter with y500p too.
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    I modified another driver, if anyone wants it Im sharing. 390.77 - Added compatibility for M18xR1 - GTX 880M. I used section for M18xR2 so there shouldn't be any issues. @NODice You require newer vBIOS as I remember. nvdmi.7z
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    @MWichni Right, this is to confirm our DOS versions are identical. Also, I've just reflashed my EC once again from modded V3.08 bios. Whether the BIOS has been installed with Ultrabay GPU or without, should not make any difference. Better not touch it once it's installed successfully. Have you checked the flash drive label? Could you maybe try another flash drive?
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    @MWichni Something might really be wrong with the DOS version then. Were you using the latest Rufus to prepare the flash? And if so, was it a portable version of rufus or the one that has to be installed? I've been using portable version. Just trying to follow my steps through once again to see what might be different. Can you confirm, that apart from bios files and autorun files, the only content of the flash drive is the LOCALE folder? if so, can you take a SHA-256 of it? (this should be available on right click menu, then CRC SHA, then SHA-256, if you have 7zip installed). Comparing our checksums will tell whether we're using the same version of FreeDOS. Also, what is the label of your flash drive (the one displayed next to the drive letter in My Computer)? This shouldn't really matter, but try changing that to something below 8 characters long, like "FLASH" for example.
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    I have read Clevo cards work fine. Most likely a bad card If you are positive the card Is in the primary slot. It is possible your Primary socket is bad but If working when you pulled the original card I would not think this likely. I would still reinsert the original GTX 675 to test it out and see if the older card is seen in the bios. Wish I had better advice, but if its not seen by the motherboard It should be a problem with the card not working or a problem in the motherboard. One last thing is if the 980m is a g-sync card from clevo then you would have issues. You seem to be able to boot to your operating system fine in both legacy and UEFI ,and you have not experienced 8 beeps. I would clear the cmos making sure all has reset to the original settings and manufacture date in the bios and run DDU through your OS, reboot again and hope for the best. You might pm Mr.Fox and see If he might have any further thoughts. Let me know If you have any luck or what the problem might be after you reinstall the original card.
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    Hi! Your mod vbios done. Check PM.
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    Is the bios set to peg or what is your bios setting for graphics?
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    Good news, everyone! Having studied Svl7's BIOS modding method, I've been able to create my own installer for the nvidia patch discussed in previous posts. It works in a similar fashion and installation instructions are pretty much the same (although applications I recommend for backup and DOS drive creation are IMHO easier to use). Also, note that this mod is applied to Version 3.08 of BIOS whereas original Svl7's mod is applied over V3.05! You will find detailed installation guide in the Readme file. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!yd41hBJK!E76XI_NbCG-3q1VDbF9XMePwImkOyiGwjFZAg-wJzNQ DISCLAIMER: Follow the instructions carefully and thoroughly when applying the patch! Although I have successfully tested it on my own machine, I provide ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY that it will not damage yours. ALL THE ACTIONS YOU PERFORM DURING INSTALLATION PROCESS ARE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK ONLY!!! Now, it would be interesting to see whether it actually works for anyone. If it doesn't, we will continue our search through BIOS's disassembled code. Also, if anyone is interested, I can tell you more about this installation procedure and the reason the BIOS rollback is necessary. I can also explain how to extract EC image from factory BIOS installer, and list my interesting findings about the general structure of official updater's .bin files. Also, if anyone wants the patcher's source code, I'll be happy to provide that too. Yours Faithfully, High_Voltage.
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    Any P870DM / G bios 2.0 version comming out for us Baked? Pls let us P870DM / G users know. Thanks.
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    after two weeks of surfing the web finally managed to get a backup of my bios and a lot of trying after modifying it tried to increase the core clocks of 850m or even remove the 135mhz limit but nothing works just the default clocks works i even checked the modded bios rom from a backup after flashing and it shows what i had modified ... any idea why doesn't modified vbios was not applied after flashing 850m stock and overclock.zip
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    There's not a lot available, but some additional menus are accessible. It might be possible to tweak it a bit more, but I don't want to break anyone's machine, but in case you're interested and understand the risk, let me know. Grab the BIOS here: Acer Iconia 6120 - BIOS 1.07 unlocked As always with such mods, use at your own risk. Not all options are necessarily working for your system, only change what you're familiar with. If you mess up and the system won't boot anymore remove the coin cell battery for a while to reset the bios settings. Acer_Iconia_6120_-_BIOS_1.07_[unlocked].zip
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    Hello! In your laptop vbios it's a part of main system bios. In that case GPU-Z or Nvflash can not work. We need to modify main system bios, we can to do it, but you can't flash it, because in your laptop bios have strong safeguard from flashing any modified bios. So, only hardware SPI programmer device can help in that case.
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    ********** * This is only for systems with Intel chipsets. * * It still won't work for all of them, but for some it does. * This article is meant as an explanation for interested / advanced users. Since some of the more recent bios mods require the tool described below in order to allow flashing, I decided to share some information about it. Also I really don't like how users get locked out of their own hardware, this is a way to circumvent a couple of the more recent restrictions of certain systems. I hope this will be useful to some of you. If you know other ways to get around the current firmware updating restrictions (per software), please let me know. The problem: With the appearance of Windows 8 and Microsoft's requirement for OEMs to support 'secure boot' in order to get the Win8 certificate for their machines, a lot of the most recent systems (notebooks and desktops) use now firmware which is digitally signed. Since secure boot looses its purpose if firmware updates aren't verified and protected as well, the latest UEFI implementations come with a secure firmware upgrading procedure which makes sure that only properly signed and unmodified images can be flashed. This updating protections is active even if you don't enable secure boot. These two pictures explain the idea behind secure firmware updating very clearly: On the second picture you can see that the system verifies the firmware image even before it loads the drivers required for the flash. For bios modders or people who want to use modified firmware, the consequences of this are severe. It simply isn't possible anymore to flash digitally signed bios which have been modified, there's no way around the signature, at least not with the usual tools. The solution (at least for some systems): The only way to get around those new restrictions is to directly program the firmware flash memory and therefore leave out the verifying of the image. In Intel systems the flash chip is directly wired to the PCH, and it can be accessed by an Intel utility called Flash Programming Tool. It's a very powerful application which supports the most common flash memory chips. The requirement for it to work on a system are the following: - BIOS region of the flash memory must have write permissions - The OEM or BIOS vendor omitted to set an additional flash lock. - You can't flash an encapsulated firmware image, only the pure bios region. You will have access to the BIOS region for obvious reasons, but the second point can only be figured out by trying to flash a BIOS. If the tool comes up with an 'Error 28', download the attached 'prr' utility, as well as the DOS version of the flash tool. Put both on an USB drive which can boot DOS, boot from it and execute the prr.exe, if it manages to remove the protection on your system it will tell you 'ready to flash', in this case go ahead and directly flash with fpt, without rebooting before doing so. If prr can't remove the protection you're most likely out of luck, even though might be ways for certain systems, but the chances are pretty small. In order to flash a BIOS you will need to remove the capsule from the firmware image provided by your system manufacturer. You only want to update the bios. Then flash it by using this command: fptw64 -f FILE -bios (FILE stands for the image you want to flash) ***WARNING*** This tool is only for very advanced users. If you mess up it will override your BIOS without a warning or waiting for you to confirm. This means you can easily brick your system beyond any chance of recovery. You most likely don't need this tool. My BIOS mods which require this application for flashing will always come with a .bat file which will do the flashing for you. Again, for 99.9% of the users there's no need to mess with this. This version of the tool works only for 7 series chipsets. *InBeforeOmgMyYystemWontBootAnymore* The tool provided here by svl7 (prr2.exe and former prr.exe) may not be hosted anywhere outside of Tech|Inferno without the previous approval of the author. FPT_DOS.zip Fptw64.zip prr2.zip
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    Sorry I didn't see your reply. Im not online here often. Download new stock drivers and unpack it. Download old stock drivers and unpack it Download modified INF file for your clevo for old drivers from this thread Use something like WinMerge to see differences between these old stock INF files and modified INF for your laptop You will now see which parts are required for your card to be supported Make same changes in new stock drivers INF file and install it.
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    Wow I never new these machines had pretty bad cooling systems for their specs, and to think I was thinking of getting one 3 years ago. Here's a quick thread I was able to find trying to tackle this issue:
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    Baked, when do you think we will have a 2.0 version for the p870dm bios? I realy need those cpu overclock menus. PLS
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    Version A05-v2.0


    So, here is another version of the m18xR1 bios for your enjoyment. Bios Version: A05 Update Version: 2.0 **WARNING: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR INTEL ME(Intel Management Engine) MUST BE THE ORIGINAL. If' you've updated, please make sure you downgrade back to stock Intel ME! ** I've updated the following: Unlocked A05 (slv7's unlocked version) iRST 12.9.0, Atheros LAN ROM vbios 2171 (latest) Microcode Updated M.2 support (with adapter needed) And more... (But these are all I can remember) This version RST will work with RAID, TRIM for RAID, etc... *** This is the MOST STABLE VERSION! *** If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! (On a side note - if ANYONE is willing, I MIGHT know how to get legacy to work on 800m+ video cards. But I need GOOD testers that know how to recovery flash and POTENTIALLY use SPI programmers in case of bad flash)! PM me if interested!


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    Ok. Your mod vbios done. GM204.rom
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    PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1C60&SUBSYS_11FF1462 GT70 4gen
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    Installation of this bios went flawless, installation of windows was flawless. However, installing any nvidia driver fails, moddified or not, disabling driver signature has no effect. Any ideas?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Alienware M17x R3 A12 unlocked BIOS with tweaks on SATA settings Files contained in this archive: AtpTimerInfo.dll Ding.wav FWUpdLcl.exe InsydeFlashx64.exe iscflashx64.dll iscflashx64.sys PAR00MEC.fd platform.ini READ ME.txt xerces-c_2_7.dll To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below: Donation link In case you want to buy me a beer Thanks and cheers!


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    I bought a gtx 680m 2gb for $280 AUD a couple days ago so you should be able to get $240+ usd for the 4gb version easily. Also Prema has teamed up with a few resellers to make a custom vbios and/or bios for p150em on his site there is v2 but resellers have a v3 for gtx 980s so double check that rj-tech is in on that.
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    As guideline: With the 970m mod you can expect about 10.1k GPU score in 3dM11 when running the modified vbios at stock, and about 13.5k for the 980m.

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