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  1. System Specs: I7- 4710mq @ 3.5ghz Nvidia 860 GTX Driver: 353.06 Overview: I went to one of the intro villages where you are still around lvl 2 or 3, gearing to slay the Griffon. Upgrading to the above driver netted me 3 to 4 fps. In general, on medium graphic settings and most of the post items enabled (minus blur..i hate blur) my average fps ranges from 36-42. Lowering the settings to low and leaving post processing enabled gives me an average of 40-47 fps. One item of note, like many others I had loads of crashes. Updating drivers didn't resolve them. What did was running the game in full screen mode only, cleaning up all background processes. If I overclock my card the game will crash. I can only overclock my memory which nets me an extra 3 fps. If I overclock the actual gpu processor it will crash like clockwork. Bottom line, this game is a beast. It looks fine on low and even better on medium. Its a shame we can't really run it max but such is life. If you have AA disabled but most other items enabled and settings on medium and NOT hitting 40fps, you need to optimize your machine. Update: Ok so here's what I did. I can run most settings on ultra, stay higher than 38fps. I had to lower resolution to 1280x720 (effectively 720p). All post stuff is enabled except AA and Blur. (again can't stand blur). I also didn't enable hair works. Come to think of it I need to try it. Anyway.. your 860mGTX should be able to run this at all settings but the resolution will vary depending on whether you want to play at 720, 1440, or 1080p. At 1440 medium settings are best. Haven't tried at 1080. Comparing 1440 at medium and 720 at ultra, I believe the ultra looks so much better. The textures and details trump the lack of resolution. just my .02 Good Luck and cheers! <aside>Alienware 17 system, standard with Intel SSD and some other basic stuff. </aside>
  2. So paired with the 4710mq, what is the max OC for the GPU before having to flash the vbios? Does the standard bios offer cpu OC or is it disabled on everything but the extreme processors? Thanks!
  3. a. The 860 being deployed with the AW17 is the Kepler. I have verified this already (trust me here) b. The kepler is 10-30 percent slower than the Maxwell. c. I posted on the official alienware facebook page and received the following "That's great feedback, Steven! We can't comment on that, but I would encourage to share it through IdeaStorm and our engineers will definitely take that into consideration. Here's the link: Idea Storm _NC" Good luck... Forgot to add my actual post to Alienware: Dear Alienware Team, do you mind reaching out to the Developers/Engineering team to ask "in the AW14/17/18 series, why are they being deployed with Kepler Nvidia Cards for the 800 series rather than the Maxwell? Lots of good benchmarks on these and the Maxwell shows to be a 10-30 percent increase in a lot of games. This may not sound like much but for those who are purchasing Alienware you are paying for the best. So again, please ask why they are being deployed with Kepler instead of the newer, higher performing, Maxwell. Thanks for your time!
  4. Well, I guess i'm somewhat eating my words. I got the Dell inspiron to a state where I feel confident enough to sell it. Dianna already received her AW14 and she loves it so that's staying and my AW17 should be here on Friday. Alienware has reached out to me and said they would try to compensate us with products for the trouble we have been through so I appreciate gesture. In the end Dell would not give us a refund or credit on the inspiron and im not convinced that 30 days is enough of a return/warranty period.
  5. Thanks.. complaint made to BBB of North Texas, ID 10172416.
  6. Well, after purchasing many alienware systems for both my wife and I we are done. I deviated in March by purchasing an inspiron 7000 14 for her since she wanted a touch screen. It has been horrible. Screen issues, wifi connectivity issues and many other items. So I reached out to sales last week through chat and asked if I paid for an M14 to replace it could a return it. The lady in chat said no problem. So I placed an order (and approved with dell DFS) 2 alienware notebooks. M14 and M17. I go through the process to return the 7000 and they said I can't. I escalated to a horrid agent and he also said I couldn't. I explained I have the saved chat session and it made zero difference. So I am trying to cancel both orders and getting the run around. Here are all the machines I have purchased in the past. M14xR2 M14xR1 M15 M11xR1 (2 of them) M17 (original alienhead version). I can honestly say that the company I work for has 100 million dollar contracts with Dell and I am going to be providing this feedback to the VP I report to. Bottom line, I'm done. Put a fork in me.. so now I have to figure out what to do with a piece of mess inspiron 7000 that I don't feel comfortable selling on ebay and then find a new company to go with. Maybe MSI or someone else.
  7. I have been playing ESO since sunday (early preorder access). The performance is not bad really. My system info is below. I am playing on an external dell 24'' HD monitor 4220l. With all setting on high (except AO / AA disabled) I get over 30fps at 1920 x 1080. Some zones it will go up as high as 55 fps but in hard fighting scenes it may dip below 30 fps for a few moments and then go back up. I've noticed this game makes good use of my I7, however with the 650m GT disabling Turbo does not impact the FPS. I have tried it in both small areas (like dungeons) and larger areas such as Daggerfall with lots of players. So the bottom line, if you have a 720p screen or a 1080p screen, you should have no problems playing ESO at high detail levels (including shadows) and maintain 30fps. Side Note: I did OC my GPU a bit to see if I could squeeze out a few more fps. Going from 835/2000 to 1050/2200 net'd me 5 to 6 more fps in most areas. System: M14xR2 i7-3610qm 720p screen (native) 8gb Ram (hyper x w/ heatshields) 250 Samsung SSD Bios a013 modified Windows 8.1 Please move to m14x game thread once this has received some visibility since its easier to see here rather than in sub thread. Cheers!
  8. I got BF4 anyway and its a mix bag. The servers who maintain a strict MS response of less than 100 are outstanding. The public servers which allow 200/300 ms ping times are beyond fucking horrid as they always win in a 1 on 1 situation. I have been reporting the shit out of people who are taking advantage of it. If they are going to ruin my experience I am going to ruin theirs. Battlefield feels big and its amazing on many levels. The netcode just ruins it. Just my .02.
  9. The reason your having FPS issues is that your machine is using the integrated video (HD 4000) rather than than Nvidia 650. To change this, download nvidia inspector, use the profile manager to delete the profile for BF4. Then Set BF4 to use the same profile as a game that works such as BF3. Or, just set everything to open with the nvidia dedicated GPU in the nvidia control panel. Either way you HAVE to delete or modify the profile for BF4 using nvidia inspector. Then it works fine. I had to do the same thing for GW2 and for Neverwnter nights mmo and for my bluray software. You should get 30-40 fps on medium for bf3 beta. Good luck!
  10. Cheers all! Its been a while. I decided to load up the beta during initial release, dust off the performance optimizations on the m14xr2 and see how it holds up against the new shiny. System: M14xr2 I7-3610qm Nvidia 650mGT 2gb ram 120 SSD intel 3 8 GB ram @1600 with heatsyncs 1366x768 repasted with ICdiamon24 I played on various 64 player servers in Chicago, LA and Dallas. The first thing i noticed in game was the constant haze which is annoying, but that aside lets go to beta performance. Game Settings: Vanilla Medium (meaning medium with zero changes) System Settings: Turbo enabled, Video clocks at 1010 gpu/2000 mem. (Inspector set to P:5) Bios A13 (Dell) Fan (HWinfo set to max) Temps GPU 60-62 max CPU 82-84c max Nvidia Driver 331:40 beta Windows 8 pro FPS 64 player maps (full) Avg 47 Range 42-52fps most of the time. Very playable Still haven't decided if im going to purchase it or wait for Ghost. I miss the fully destructible environments of BFBC2 and keep feeling BF is moving in the wrong direction. Good Luck! Remember to update Punkbuster and then manually ADD bf4 as an installed game within Punkbuster Tool. Side Note: For grins I change the settings to Custom and changed all the settings to ultra except AA, Ambient Oc and Post FX (set these to low or off) Still managed to stay at 40fps avg. I think the hit registration took a toll here and I certainly wouldn't play MP maps with Ultra as Hit detection is priority over looks. It dived into the 30s a lot.
  11. I have read some complaints from m14xr2 users that they are not being severely throttled after using any driver above the 310.xx from NVidia. Is anyone having that issue here? If so do you mind listing your bios level and driver level you are using? I personally don't have the issue (knock on wood) but I have an original r2 (purchased a few weeks after release) and I left the bios level low once it was unlocked for unlimited overclocking (Thanks to SVL). I run hwinfo to set fans to max when I know im going to game for a while but even if I don't I don't notice throttling. Thanks for your time!
  12. 1. The m14x is not capped at 60fps. I play bf3 above 60 all the time as well as other games. 2. the cpu and gpu have a "shared" cooling system. If you lower the cpu speed by disabling cpu turbo it will not "heat soak" the GPU and help keep it cooler. It really depends on whether or not your game or program requires the higher cpu clockspeed. 3. You should ALWAYS take steps to make sure your machine is running at its best. Setting windows to run for "maximum performance", cleaning registry, keeping hard drives defragged, removing unnecessary services and or drivers, etc. Good luck, StevenX
  13. Im really not sure on this one.. The 650 is a strange beast in that, if the utilization threshold is not met, it will not fully turbo correctly. If the temps get to high, it will down clock. Have you tried completely disabling the CPU turbo (using the same gpu clocks) and see if the same issue happens? Thanks!
  14. I haven't read all the logs, but I do know that the 650 (In the alienware) likes to hang between 57-65c. No higher. If its in the 70s, then that may be the cause of the throttling. One thing you can try is to use Throttlestop to disable turbo for CPU and see if that helps to keep the temperature down. It also may just be the model of notebook. Cooling is key. If the notebook has a small fan or less than stellar cooling this may be an issue. (Sorry) Just trying to respond and think out loud here. Good Luck!
  15. Windows 8 still rolling strong. Performance in BF3 is tops and no lockups or issues. Again I can't stress enough the memory mgmt and the ability to switch smoothly between applications. I'm very impressed so far.
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