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  1. Er..... I've built countless systems and never heard of this before. Do you have some reference pages I could read?
  2. Titan. /trolling, I agree in principle.
  3. Nope, compare it to a laptop, even a tiny desktop box has bulk space for fans and airflow.
  4. Next: 2k worth of everything else.
  5. First reports I've heard of backplates assisting with cooling. Now to cover them in spiky heatsinks from radio shack and point a 200CFM fan at them. What do you mean looks will be ruined, THEY HELP THE COOLING!!!
  6. In all the game benches I've seen so far the 690 and the 7990 are within a few FPS, which makes sense given the cores they're based on. They're obvious competitors, nvidia just got their card out way earlier. I agree about both points on compute power - nvidia definitely nerfed it, which sucks for those hoping to save money on pro cards, but it's not terribly relevant to most people.
  7. ROFL So true! Plus CF-X on a card is not a good idea right now, CF-X in general really.
  8. If it's a hard pad use isopropyl alcohol and a stiff bristled plastic brush. If it's a soft pad warm water with a tiny bit of soap, rinse it well and expect it to take ages to dry.
  9. I would also strongly advise you to custom build, less than one day of watching youtube clips and taking your time will save you HEAPS. Unreal raises a good point, what resolution is the monitor you're using? This is a rough idea of how much more powerful you could make the build.
  10. I've never heard of it as a known issue with the AX1200 especially, but it is a known general issue. Sometimes it's just two components disliking each other. I've heard a PSU buzz when connected to my old GTX280, but not any other GPU. You just never know.
  11. No haswell for 2011, it's coming on 1155 first. 2011 is still waiting for IB-E which will likely be irrelevant (Slightly faster clock for clock but probably won't OC like SB-E). A 4770K Won't work in a Rampage because it's a different socket, it physically will not fit. Just wanted to make sure that's 100% understood. The Asus Maximus V Extreme is very similar to the Rampage, but will accept the 4770k. If this build is for gaming I would strongly suggest staying with socket 1155, haswell will be out in June if you want to wait that long. Where will you be ordering from? I'm happy to do a "What I would buy" list, but I need a starting point. Preferably a store with an english option.
  12. I know a few guys up there now, do you get to GGF LAN at all?
  13. So you're under phase and in my country? Which state? *Stalking mode: Engaged.
  14. 3930K is a monster heat producer when overclocked, I have one in my watercooled system. EDIT: Ignore me, I didn't even realise the 3970 had a higher TDP! Either way, if you're shooting for 4.5+ it's going to get VERY hot. EDIT2: On an unrelated note, I wish Clevo used the Alienware type connector to the laptop, I'm always slightly worried I'll snap the little pins of or butcher the holes they slot into.
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