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  1. the max a 9.5mm caddy can support is the 500GB, for a 750 GB or a 1TB you would need the 12.5 mm caddy , which is already to big for the M14x
  2. Since you can choose the frequency in the BIOS for the memory, would the laptop be able to support these? Newegg.com - Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1866 HyperX Plug n Play Laptop Memory Model KHX1866C11S3P1K2/4G They are not XMP, but they are PnP @ 1866 already. Would like some feedback
  3. Since it is limited to SATA I, putting an SSD in there would be a waste.... SATA I is decent for gaming, it's like using a standard non SSD hard drive. You prob won't even notice the difference. If you were to game from the SSD with the SSD in the original port, then you would notice the speed increase. You can prob get like 250 MB/s read/write.
  4. It says Macbook cause majority of 9.5mm caddys are used by macbooks. They just are trying to market the macbook people so they can get it. The only thing you need to know is that it's slot-load and it;s 9.5mm It runs good, only concern is that it runs at SATA I speed, which isn't a big deal for me since i'm using a standard 500GB HDD in it . the SSD is in the main SATA slot.
  5. It seems that "just maybe" the optical caddy isn't the issue. The M14x was advertised as SATA III capable and I have heard that other M14x owners who have obtained SATA III SSD's cannot even get the M14x to run it at SATA III regardless of the drivers. I know the HM67m is SATA III capable so it's something faulty on Dell end. Could be a faulty MOBO or some kind of restriction Dell has on the laptop that they haven't enabled for some odd reason.
  6. Ok, after running some benchmarks on the secondary hard drive with the optical Caddy, it seems as it may not be running at it's advertised SATA II speeds. I have the WD black 500 GB 7200 rpm in the caddy and with ATTO it peaked at around 93Mb read/write. I don't know what avg speeds are for a mechanical drive but it doesn't seem normal to me. I'm gonna try the optical caddy with my SSD and see if gets atleast 200 Mb read/write. If not then the caddy is faulty or is only SATA I capable
  7. Thank you for finding out for us! Guess we just gotta keep our hopes up for the best.
  8. I'm doing the same. Unless there is a way to modify the bios to give us the other fixes sans the GPU Lock.
  9. I disabled the laptop from charging in the Bios since i'm going to have it connected for a long period of time... and it seems to still be charging, but around the rate of 1%-2% a day.... O_O Nothing major since I do a full charge cycle about once a week to keep the battery in good shape but it's still odd
  10. Should I bother with the Beta Nvidia Drivers (275.27) for The Witcher 2? Is there a noticeable difference from the latest stable drivers they have out now. (270.61)
  11. I just noticed, I started this thread and didn't provide my Steam ID... >< Steam ID: Stevakis Don't have many games at the moment, but next week i'm getting everything possible lol
  12. I read somewhere that in A03 they completely removed the ability to set the GPU to maximum performance while on battery. I guess they figured it would be cheaper than providing better batteries or doing some kind of recall. Regardless I'm happy with the laptop and the way it performs. I honestly only do my gaming anyways while connected to the A/C adapter. Whats the point of gaming on battery if you are just killing the lifespan of the battery and it only lasts less than 1 hour of heavy gaming.
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