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  1. I apologize @J95 and sorry for the off topics. Ill try XTU after work today
  2. I am not sure if Lee James Wood has a modded win 10 driver but maybe you can try his modded driver from his dropbox he linked a few post back. [MENTION=5647]Lee James Wood[/MENTION] is there a Win 10 driver you made ?
  3. if you reseated the card carefully and the bios recognizes it perhaps it is just a driver issue. I would follow the steps Lee James Wood outlines in the few posts above. It seems to be the same issue that Scanner is having as well. driver signing has to be disabled and folow the other steps outlined as well with the modded driver. Lee James Wood provided his dropbox link for users to download his modified drivers. I hope that helps get your system going again
  4. if I understand correct you removed card to install thermal pads and paste and now after reinstall device manager shows issue with card. If this is true then I would suggest what was suggested some posts back and try to carefully reseat the card in the MXM slot . they can be very frustrating to get them back in and working right sometimes.
  5. you arent kidding I had no idea they barely dropped below half cost from full retail almost more than half cost of retail when first released. Sorry I didnt realize.
  6. I dont have any but maybe we can find one being sold cheap it is quite an aged gpu now... it should bw able to be aquired cheaper hmmmm how much does Upgrademonkey list one or is that who you tried?
  7. I hate to mention AMD gpu (bleh under experience) but a 7970m is so cheap and for the performance could be a viable alternative till you get your Nvidia 980m GPU again. they can overclock a decent amount and cost next to nothing compared to the alternatives in how much performance per $ you get. I certainly would consider one as a temporary card if it is compatible with your system. had lots of AMD and Nvidia gpu and if I had to would use AMD temporarily just never my main choice
  8. awww I feel bad bro I hope you get a replacement sooner than expected and for cheap. Sucks when hardware fails and yeah it is rough on IGP. Intel gpu has been way behind since the dawn of Intel lol true. Ivy bridge and haswell igp gives an attempt of atleast providing a playable game but with less than desired reolution and detail...
  9. lol my brother played that years ago, IGP should be able to do a bit more than that if you have a mobile i7 cpu in the system? FPS on IGP does better on lower resolution with medium settings in a lot of games, seeing what effects drop fps by a lot can help tune it for temporary use till you have a proper Dedicated gpu again
  10. trying either tonight or tommorow likely tommorow. On bus back from NYC, I went to the Windows 10 release party hehe was fun
  11. I have Eurocom Panther 5 (Clevo P570WM) that I purchased with 980m Sli, I know these cards in this machine are running great, besides the throttle Nvidia drivers had caused for awhile.. so the Eurocom 980m in a Eurocom I can as well vouch are dependable out of experience.
  12. well it is just to even be able to install XTU on the latest Windows 10 build as it is being blocked the permission to install the XTU service. Even if you arent overclocking perhaps only using xtu for XMP for example the fix is needed to install and run XTU on the latest Windows 10 build.
  13. is this the compressed gas in a can? We noticed the remnants of liquid that evaporated. If its one of those gas based cans if they are used at an angle they start to spray propellent that evaporates quickly but is very cold. This was on the insulating black plastic in the picture. If so did anything else get wet with propellant before evaporating?
  14. United States - New York Eurocom Panther 5 (Clevo P570WM) Originally purchased with i7-4960X -> bought seperately and upgraded to Xeon E5 2697V2 -> gifted 4960x now have i7-4820k as spare overclocking CPU Quad Channel 16gb Hyper-X Impact Ram 1867mhz CL8-10-12-29 w/Xeon & 2400mhz CL11-13-13-25 w/i7 Quad 240gb SSD in Raid 0 Dual 330 Watt PSU Nvidia GTX 980m Sli 120hz Display External Blu-Ray Reader DV R/W Combo drive Sound Blaster X-Fi 5 channel Surround Laptop Speakers Prema Bios
  15. Trying another competition using the rig I built. So far worked the DDR3 2800mhz on XMP up to 2933 then 3000mhz using manual timings and a base multiplier change from 100mhz to 125mhz and lowered the 4790k's multipliers to use the same frequencies as before. Will post pics and results after I get my first entry in am on a trip currently
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