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  1. Build Info: DriverVer=12/19/2012, 9.012-121219a-151592C-ATI Catalyst: 13.1 CCC: 2012.1219.1521.27485 D3D: OGL: OCL: 10.0.1084.4 Sign Date: January 11-16 (Microsoft WHQL) AMD Catalyst 13.1 Release Notes AMD Catalyst 13.1 Win 8 | Win 7 | Vista (64-bit) AMD Catalyst 13.1 Win 8 | Win 7 | Vista (32-bit) AMD Catalyst Mobility 13.1 Win 8 | Win 7 | Vista (64-bit) AMD Catalyst Mobility 13.1 Win 8 | Win 7 | Vista (32-bit) AMD HydraVision 13.1 Win 8 | Win 7 | Vista (32-bit & 64-bit) AMD HydraVision Mobility 13.1 Win 8 | Win 7 | Vista (32-bit & 64-bit) ----- via guru3d & AMD
  2. Crysis 3 game trailer Crysis 3 Cryengine3 tech trailer Looks amazing!
  3. Already played...terriffic good ...the graphics are good, not the best but...what the hell...still a nice shooter game. The new missions are pretty cool, there are much much demons and a new weapon: double barrel shotgun...fucking great But, there are a bug in the opengl library...is a shame but still playable Cheers!
  4. You need to clean (pretty) with alcohol, like I said in the guide the thermal pads are "melted" and you need to have a lot of patience to clean this shit...When you apply the thermal paste, must be applied uniformly, otherwise the CPU/GPU will have overheating issues...remember to avoid "air bubbles" 'cause this fuck all the process. b safe!
  5. Funny video: 24 256GB Samsung MLC SSD's (RAID) Awesomeness
  6. Exactly!! I was thinking exactly the same, but Fallout is much better game in my opinion!
  7. The history is fine, the trailer is nice... I don't really like the game that much
  8. Doom 3 BFG Edition, a re-mastered and expanded version of Doom 3, will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this autumn. The new version includes the original Doom and Doom 2, Resurrection of Evil plus The Lost Mission, a never-before-seen single-player story for Doom 3 spread over seven fresh levels. Re-mastered graphics, support for 3D and head-mounted displays, 5.1 surround sound, improved rendering and lighting will also feature. There's also a new checkpoint save system for "smoother progression" through the game, plus an armour-mounted flashlight, allowing players to illuminate dark corners and kill enemies at the same time. Doom 4 is coming? hope so!
  9. im using Comodo dragon (same chrome with better security and no track from google) and no issue
  10. Mnnnnn...strange...anyway the URL from the pic http://forum.techinferno.com/attachments/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/779d1305744732-17052011-007-.jpg try to open the pic and let me know...You need to unplug the fan cable and the headsink
  11. Call of Duty Black Ops is back. Out 11.13.12
  12. Yeah nice graphics...and the new weapons are great!
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