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  1. Was there a m14xR2 A14 Bios Unlocked yet? also i have a high level of electronics/soldering experience is it like i will be able to unlock bios on the new 2014 14 model? i really need VT-D support
  2. I will upload a pic. its in the chipset area by memory
  3. going to test out Xen Hypervisor and use Nvidia in Windows and intel GPU linux mint After searching arround out HM77 chipset does not support vt-d but the Alienware 14 2014 has a HM87 so this will. I will start saving
  4. Hi all having an issue with my m14xR2. I am running the lastest A13 unlocked Bios set to UEFI only Secure boot and Fast boot OFF. Legacy is also OFF. I am dual booting with Win 8.1 & Linux Mint 16 with the refind EFI bootloader. I use a samsung SSD and the issue i am having is on Cold boot the drive does not pick up in BIOS and after a "control alt del" drive picks up but i have to "f12" to boot the bootloader. Any ideas? faulty SSD, Motherboard,HDD Cable? Bios issue?
  5. You may want to check the m18x bench thread 2960xm is a beast of a CPU and we can use battery if need too
  6. Here's one of my 3Dmark06 And this @ 45x 1344-pri 0-flex 110wlong 56sec diasabled-short
  7. I'm running my 2960xm currently @ 44x 945pri 0-flex 99w/56s long & 85w short cstate c7-enable. CPU throttles as soon as a wprime load is put on it. Games run ok and CPU doesn't throttle as far as I can tell. I have oem thermals also. I what to push a little higher what settings do u recommend now? Also should I be using throttlestop? I haven't uses since my m17xr2
  8. Running my 2960xm OEM @42x 4cores (4.2ghz) I'm getting 30000+ vantage. These CPUs are truly awesome! I run these settings daily and temps are fantastic.. Have fun over clocking make sure you install intel XTU so you push past 44x multis
  9. @slv7 great work should the multipliers be able to go above 45? Or is that only possible via hex edit
  10. Here's my temp setup until new desk arrives. Still working out 2960xm CPU so bench results coming
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