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Dell m6600

12gb 1333mhz RAM (4x2 + 2x2)

750gb HDD + 128gb SSD

Firepro m8900 @ 820core & 990mem


fx8120 @ 4.5ghz

Corsair H100i

Crosshair V Formula Z (OC'd to hell)

16gb 2005mhz DDR3 corsair vengeance

256gb samsung 840 pro

2x Sapphire 7950 @ 1180core 1380mem

1000w platinum azza psu

wrapped up in a mid-tower cooler master case


Gigabyte am3+ mini board

fx6100 @ 4.4ghz w aftermarket air

500gb HDD

430w Corsair modular PSU

20gb DDR3 @ 1866mhz (8x2 + 2x2)

low profile radeon 5000 series

all put on a piece of non-conductive plexiglass

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ASUS Rampage V Extreme

Intel I7 5960X

2 x ASUS Titan X in SLI

4 x 4 GB of G.Skill Ripjaws 3000MHz

4 x Kingston HyperX 480GB SSD in 2 Raid arrays

SuperFlower Leadex Platinum 8Pack Edition 2KW

ASUS ROG Swift P278Q

Windows 7 - Still shivering about if I should upgrade to Windows 10 (Don't feel like doing a clean install haha)



Alienware M18X-R2

Intel I7 3920XM

2 x Nvidia GTX 680M

4 x 4 GB of Kingston HyperX (forgot the speed)

2 x Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD in Raid array

1 x Samsung SSD that came with the notebook (forgot size and model)






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Added a pic :-D
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My current rig:

Lenovo Y580


GTX 660M

16 GB RAM 

HDD unfortunately (maybe some SSD in dvd caddy or M.2 in next few months)

New wireless card comming soon, possible some hackinoshing in near future. 


My setup is a bit unconventional. Computer is connected to monitor (Dell U2410F) and wireless peripherals and stored in closet nearby my desk, quiet, sleek and still mobile solution :)

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Dell Precision M4600

Intel i7 -2920XM


500GB Samsung SSD

Bluray Burner/Reader

Cellular, GPS, BT,WIFI,Fingerprint Reader, Smartcard (contact + contactless)

1080 IPS Panel

Nvidia Quadro 2000M

====> wanting to put a Quadro K2100M - I have the card... need help with BSOD 5c error and intel management security error 207 PLEASE


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Clevo P150SM

i7 4700MQ @ 4.6GHz, 1.2 vcore (stock microcode glitch), Cinebench ~830-840 > DT [email protected] :hyper:

RAM 16GB @ 1866mhz

GTX770M , core @1154MHz, Mem@2554MHz (samsung), core voltage offeset: +137.5mV (working on external PCIe MXM adapter for Titan X)

Collaboratory Liquid Ultra TP on CPU/GPU, arctic thermal pads on cpu vrms and gpu memory

85/120 hz Chemei modded display

128gb crucial m4 msata (SSD) + 1tb toshiba HDD

240w power supply

SED SSD Encryption (+password) BIOS mod

Optimus GPU mod to use jpeg compression instead of mux for latency (useful for demanding fps game)

Punched some d**n holes on cpu&gpu bottom cover vents, decreased -5c(-12c without cover) (highly blame Clevo on that)

Modded 8-cell battery pack with Samsung 18650 cells (old: panasonic), achieving ~6 hours of web browsing on battery and -100mv on cpu(@1.5ghz max with dGPU off)


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Mine is : Lenovo Y500 with Core i7 ,

Graphics: NVDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB


HDD :  1 TB  as a data storage.

USB 3.0

Backlit Keyboard

Full HD screen

256 GB mSTATA : as main drive for OS

OS: Windows 10 Pro / Ubuntu Dual Boot

WiFI CARD : Intel 2.4 GHz ( Egerly waiting to change to to 5Ghz; Bought intel  ac7200; Need the BIOS mod)




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Lenovo Y510p.

i7 4700MQ



1 TB WD Scorpio Blue HDD at a majestic speed of 5400 RPM

Windows 8


Want the VBIOS mod so badly so I can actually play games on the go again without burning myself and/or overheating my 2 year old laptop.



i7 2600k @ 4.3 Ghz

R9 390

8 GB Ripjaws X RAM

ASUS Sabertooth P67

OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB SSD and 2 TB Hitachi Deskstar HDD.

Coolermaster HAF X case

NZXT HALE90 850-M PSU (upgrading this soon)

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My Notebook:

Medion Erazer x7813


i7 2670QM,

8GB RAM DDR3 1333Mhz,

Geforce GTX 560m,

Samsung 850 Evo 250GB,

Hitachi HDD 640 GB ,


My Desktop-PC:

i7-8700k @5,0Ghz,

Asus ROG STRIX Z370-F Gaming,

16GB Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-RAM @2933Mhz,

Geforce GTX 980

Samsung 960 Evo 500GB,

Seagate HDD 1TB


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New System


Dell Precision M4800

Sharp UHD 4K 15.6 panel (8bit per channel)

2TB SSD Storage

Bluray Drive

Nvidia M2200  (yes, a maxell nvidia card to  replace a bad kepler)

32GB DDR3L Ram

Intel i7-4920

Windows 10 19042.928 20H2


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My Desktop P.C:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

MSI MPG X570 Pro Gaming Carbon Wifi Motherboard (all the buzz words :lol:),

32GB Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB 4000MHz CL18 (4x8GB single rank),

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 FE

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 1TB pci-e 4.0 nvme + Corsair MP600 Core 2TB pcie 4.0 nvme SSDs,

Seagate Barracuda 8TB HDD

Corsair RM1000 PSU (the only time "future-proofing" has ever worked for me)


My bedroom P.C:

AMD Ryzen R5 3600

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge Wifi Motherboard

16Gb Corsair Vengeance RGB pro 3600MHz DDR4 memory (2x8GB)

Nvidia 1650 Super

Samsung 970 Pro 1TB nvme ssd + Corsair MP600 Core 2TB nvme SSDs,

Seagate Barracuda 4TB HDD

Antec Earthwatts Platinum 550w PSU



Dell Inspiron 15 7559,

Intel i7-6700hq,

Nvidia GTX 960m,

WD Green 480GB Sata III M.2 drive (primary),

1TB Mech HDD (OEM)


Older laptop:

Intel i7-3520m

Nvidia 640le (gimped)

256GB SSD (OEM with proprietary connector)

1TB Crucial MX Sata SSD in O.D.D bay adapter.

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