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  1. Hi, I had the same problem on my p670hp6. First solution was to manually run InitHeadphone.exe in the horrendous hotkey program directory. But recently I've found that Obsidian-PC's Control Station provides a fix which is working out nicely for me. And they offer a lot more than just that!
  2. not entirely sure if this will be any help to anyone, but here are the major menus from Baked's BIOS on my P670HP6-G. Main Menu Advanced Part 1 Advanced Part 2 Advanced -> Advanced Chipset Part 1 Note: Built-In Shell Support Enabled/Disabled is not shown in these images Advanced -> Advanced Chipset Part 2 Advanced -> Overclocking Advanced -> Overclocking -> CPU Advanced -> Overclocking -> Memory
  3. Huzzah! One thing you may have to get used to is its size on trains and in coffee shops. Also that is a beautiful spec list and I love the idea of a delidded kaby lake in a laptop!
  4. If anything I think a larger laptop would have better thermals (assuming all components stay the same). Personally I'm a big fan of large laptops. I currently have a p670HP6-G and used to own a Dell m6600. I hauled the m6600 to school and back every day and it was never much of a problem for me. Also, seeing how high on the component spectrum youre aiming, I don't know if that level of hardware comes packaged in anything less than a 17''. So I would say to go for it!
  5. Hi, I'm exceedingly new to this! I'm wondering if these BIOSes will work on Sager branded laptops. I have a Sager NP8176 which is the counterpart of a Clevo P670HP6-G. Thankyou Baked for making these!
  6. I think there would be enough room. the adapters look like they add 1-2mm (based off of my horrible estimates) and there is some form of clearance between the keyboard and mcpie slot in all laptops. For around $12 I would give it a go. If it doesn't work or you just don't want to try I don't see anything wrong with an Intel AC 7260. It is going to more than saturate your internet connection.
  7. I do not know remember any details about gains from running GeForce Drivers instead of Quadro ones. But you should be able to install the drivers by modifying the INF files. These files contain all the information which tells the driver which card is which card by storing hardware/device ID's. You find the ID of your card's "counterpart" < (that is a very loose term) in one of the INF files and replace the listed device ID with that of your Quadro. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/quadro-driver-tweak-how-to-make-your-quadro-a-geforce-driver-side.253667/ Here is a link which describes the exact process for this specific driver tweak.
  8. Laptop: Dell m6600 12gb 1333mhz RAM (4x2 + 2x2) 750gb HDD + 128gb SSD Firepro m8900 @ 820core & 990mem Desktop#1: fx8120 @ 4.5ghz Corsair H100i Crosshair V Formula Z (OC'd to hell) 16gb 2005mhz DDR3 corsair vengeance 256gb samsung 840 pro 2x Sapphire 7950 @ 1180core 1380mem 1000w platinum azza psu wrapped up in a mid-tower cooler master case Desktop#2 Gigabyte am3+ mini board fx6100 @ 4.4ghz w aftermarket air 500gb HDD 430w Corsair modular PSU 20gb DDR3 @ 1866mhz (8x2 + 2x2) low profile radeon 5000 series all put on a piece of non-conductive plexiglass
  9. I haven't been able to find anything on this so far so I figured I'll just ask. Is it (theoretically at least) possible to flash a k5000m to a 4gb 680m?
  10. I personally like csgo better. It has a better competitive scene. However I do miss 1.6 bhopping .
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