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  1. Ok as for gpu overclocking, again im not familiar because I haven't done such thing before. Would you recommend MSI Afterburner? I have a R9 M290X, which is just basically an 8970M and 8650G. Is it possible to hybrid crossfire both? Since I opened GPU-Z it says crossfire available. I already have AmdMsrTweaker. Here's the SS. I'm kinda like a monkey in front of a laptop not knowing what to do with it. Trying to look for ways
  2. I am not familiar with undervolting but I will just google it no worries. Another problem occured. My GPU clock as seen in overdrive is locked at 351.22Mhz but the target speed is 720Mhz. I think that is the reason why I experience hanging for a bit as I noticed a drastic decrease in frame rate when I press something in the game. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. I think I finally got it to work. 0DC bits 10 and 9 are set to 0 without my system crashing or BSOD. The bit 8 is 1. As for 0A8 setting bits 31 and 30 to 0 doesn't cause problems as usual. Now, in my AMD Overdrive CPU monitor, I see that it stutters between 3.2 and 3.5. Did I successfully do it? Sorry for newb questions.
  4. Is there any way how I can reset to factory settings? I messed up my BAR EDIT now it's really lagging. EDIT: I just deleted the saved file in BARE-EDIT then rebooted my system now it's fine. I have one problem. In coordinate 0D0-0C, skidmarek's simplified instruction says that in that coordinate it should be 00A75734 default but mine says it's 00A75736 default. So when I change bits 9 and 10 to "0" in B0D24F3xDC it becomes "00A75136" when I click write my system begins to lag really bad. I have to reboot my PC and try again. Do you think it should be 00A75734 default and not 00A75736 like what it says in mine? Hehehe I'm really desperate to learn how to do this.
  5. Wow... dual 880M Sick CPU as well! For me Intel has proven itself to me. I'm going to build a desktop sometime in the future that's AMD-based. I know AMD is just as good as Intel IMO
  6. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots. Reminds me of GTA: SA... nostalgic
  7. MSI GX60 Windows 8.1 x64 AMD R9 M290X AMD A10-5750M 16GB RAM 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD @7200rpm Everything is highly satisfactory except for the APU. I just need to lock it at it's top clock speed @ 3.5 for smoother gaming experience. AMD Overdrive does nothing to help
  8. I have a bag that fits my 15.6" notebook really well. It has a sling so I can carry it around with me. However it's not waterproof so whenever it all suddenly rains I must find shelter ASAP
  9. I currently have my Turbo Core disabled. How to enable it? Since it's disabled it runs really slow now @ 900Mhz... that is really slow. my loading and opening speed of applications have been affected. I'm gonna have to try the BAR-EDIT to see if it will run games smoothly
  10. Uraz

    GX740 CPU Overclocking

    it's much better if you just upgrade it to the latest CPUs your laptop's motherboard supports.
  11. So I have a GX60 with an AMD A10-5750M. Does anyone know how to use BAR_EDIT to lock the clock speed of the APU to 3.5ghz? I'm a beginner so I will be needing a detailed explanation. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Uraz

    Adding SSD to GX70

    I have a GX60. What's the improvement if I add an SSD? Sorry for the question, as Im still a beginner at tweaking the system.
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