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  1. I also bought 7260, tomorrow I will try it at work
  2. Most likely, he means that the laptop does not charge after resetting the battery indicator (but I do not say that). If it’s all the same, and you started the reset of the indicator with the Lenovo native program, then for many after that the transistor on the power board flies out, you need to solder it.
  3. Most likely you flashed the BIOS with the wrong version, for example there was the second one, but the eighth one (or vice versa). Create a bootable USB flash drive, and with your version, or if you do not remember what sewed, try both. If this does not help, then it remains only to sew the programmer, with a complete cleaning of the microcircuit.
  4. There was such a problem, but I can’t help much, there is no link left to the site from which I took the solution. I can say for sure that the transistor burns out there, I soldered it and the laptop began to charge normally.
  5. Change the card. If you do not want to bother, then choose from the list of allowed. If it is not possible to find a card from the list, then you can always alter the BIOS with a clean white sheet. E in general, use a cable for better speed. Oh yes, I forgot you can also put another modem, the speed and range of the connection also very much depends on it. If you have a modem provided by your provider, then you can safely change it, or add a repeater.
  6. It is advisable to replace, since, firstly, they came in the kit. And secondly, they are after all newer than you already had. And changing them is a matter of minutes.
  7. In order for there to be an increase in FPS in games, you do not need to constantly update NVidia drivers, I noticed that in many new versions of drivers, very poor performance. Itself put the old driver instead of the last and was dumbfounded, FPS grew three times.
  8. I have a Y580, I myself switched to 7, I have never seen such a problem, check if all the drivers are installed correctly, and for your devices
  9. You have the same thing as mine, in order to return to the second version of the BIOS, you need to flash the chips, they have two, and for this you need a programmer, without it I have not yet found
  10. This can be done using the programmer. If your friends have a programmer, then you are lucky, just download the dumps for your chips and sew them up. Or if your friends don’t have it, bring it to the service, there they will find and do everything themselves.
  11. I ordered on Aliexpress, everything works fine, maybe not the original, but it doesn’t cost that much either
  12. It should work immediately after installing Windows, no drivers are needed there
  13. To get started, try to return the old hard drive, and try to start windows from it.
  14. Hope this helps my problem. And then I bought a card, but I can’t insert it, it immediately blocks it. I tried to install the older BIOS, I copied it myself under my card, to flash it, so it knocks out an error. And this version is only on some sites, and then there are basically only dumps for the programmer, and since I do not have it yet, I have to torment and search.
  15. Exactly the same, but Windows 98)))
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