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  1. Hello, It seems that new Pascal gpus in mxm form factor no longer support Surround? Any insight on why it has been disabled, or how to enable it? 980 desktop mxm supports mxm according to notebookcheck. Thanks!
  2. You should avoid Optimus as it adds noticeable latency. Use kyran 30awg wire or PATA/SCSI (preferred) solder the wires, then tape the entire wire (shield) with copper tape, and connect ground to the copper tape. Don't do twists, single flat 90 degrees is ok, helix like twists are bad. Keep no-dry flux over the soldered pins/contact with wire. Then cover the copper tape with kapton tape to avoid shorts. I was able to do pcie 3.0 gen x8 with my mxm laptop, should be easier with mpcie @gen2.0 Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  3. @Derlep Yeah liquid metal fixed my temp jumping, though not max temp as significant. Example: IC diamond stayed consistently at 90 for 50 seconds before it started to increase which is okay I guess. Took long to rise to 90 with gallium on the other hand with -5c difference max temp at 26c room temp. Thats 96c at [email protected], and 86c at 20c room temp which is significant due to airflow (active cooling effectiveness is not linear with room temp) v0 and v1 only gives wrong voltage reading, just square the value to get the real one. Power delivery differs between brands and laptops, e.g my p150sm/p170sm supports i7 4940mx which is 65watts, my 4700mq running at 1.20v pulls 78watts at 4.2ghz (stock 48w) which is close. I don't think your model is designed to handle the extreme or high tdp CPUs so you might be putting too much stress on mobo since it's way far from the designed tdp, would explain why Dynamic voltage mode is unstable (my speculation tho). You can also try cooling the VRMs if they're not being cooled, you can post your laptop model.
  4. yes its totally fine, there is no risk at all playing with microcodes, the important part is bios size and padding insertion, UBUtool does that properly (checked aswell), you can go ahead and do it with confidence. (Note: I don't have access to my PC for the next month)
  5. If your bios is AMI Aptio 4 or 5 ,use Ubutool: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9SSs/YJbsWyC2V, extract, put the bios in the extract folder, run UBU.bat then change microcode to v1 or v3. I avoided this as I'm not aware of how it inserts padding. I'll update this reply soon once I have access to my laptop.
  6. I don't remember what I did in 6, has to do with MSR199 198 and 150, I'll flash 6 tonight and check again
  7. First, remove the microcode, or do 00h, then open R/w everything select CPU MSR register, do and post a screenshot of it before throttlestop and after throttlestop bin increase (in your case 37x all cores). What throttlestop version are you using? I had similar issue locking at 38x unless I shutdown completely. Also, make sure you aren't using Windows uefi mode, standard uefi is ok as it works here, bios works aswell. Disable fast boot when shutting down.
  8. hey thanks to your quick guide, it gave me an idea where to start with memory OC/OV on my ancient 770m lol I was able to go from ~2000 mhz memory to ~3200 with samsung memory @ 1.51v (stock 1.35v), used 4B pencil as i noticed its less grainy and thus dust and airflow doesnt wipe it out easily i guess, though still havent tested it >1mo. I also had to raise vbios tdp limit since the core started to throttle after memory overvoltage, and now its perfectly stable. http://i.imgur.com/3iRJwed.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eA3MHcc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/V7T8MoL.jpg offtopic, did you actually remove the backside memory from your 980m? " MSI 980m 4GB (no pointless backside memory wasting power) " thats awesome for OCing...
  9. Would be nice to see temps with CPU OC, I need more fins for increased "virtual" cooling capacity
  10. I don't mind throttling as long as long as it doesnt stay at tjmax temp, see this video i made for a fix (a.k.a adaptive voltage): switches 4ghz to 4.5 back and forth, 4800 can run at lower voltages, so yours should run much cooler, 180mv at 4ghz, and 270 at 4.5 ghz, insane 360 at 4.6 pulling 110 watts which worries me about mobo components and warping XD
  11. Btw, you can always flash the latest uC after opening the FVIR (bin recursion bug) multiple times till u reach 80x with the old uC Right now i'm on the latest, will add note...
  12. Your uC is stock, not undetected, I'm on 06 right now since I no longer need to do overvolting over 250mv Disable C1E for stability(as it introduces scaling issue), and BD PROCHOT for throttling (down to non turbo clock speeds instead of decreasing frequency by 1 step). Ofc, P157 and P150 has the worst airflow design, try removing the back-plate and see the temp drop down, 10 in my case(punched holes), this is what i have done to both gpu/cpu and decreased around 5c: Check this awesome blog: http://null-bin.blogspot.com/2015/04/extensive-clevo-p150sm-cooling-and.html Glad it worked for you!
  13. Thankfully, my system up time has been 3 days on OC, though I also think MC can improve performance, stock frequency bench on stock MC < latest, I also noticed that in newer MC , CPU voltage has been decreased, 45w mc17 cinebench vs 48 with 1% power throttle current (00) without modifying anything
  14. Done: EDIT: oops, thought you quoted me, sorry... But why would you want to do it when stock (clean) bios has the update anyway? Would be useless without posting how to remove mc from bios first XD
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