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  1. Hi, I wanted to know my Intel UHD number but couldnt find it in Device Manager so I looked up in the Intel website followed their instructions but found nothing. I looked up my CPU in the intel website no numerical digit was there in the graphics section. CPU is Intel core I3 1005G1 Thanks in advance
  2. So my CPU is Intel I3 1005G1 and Multi-Thread - 1120 Single-Thread - 387 I don't really know if these are good but for me the CPU is absolutely fine Use Version 17.01.64 not the beta ones for benchmark
  3. Name-Dell Vostro 3491 CPU-Intel i3 1005G1 RAM-12GB DDR4 2667 MHz Hard Disk Space - 931GB SSD Space-256GB OS-Windows 11 So yeah thats about it. Works just fine
  4. Hi, I have recently been using ThrottleStop.But I wanted to revert back to the old settings.I read all the articles to uninstall Throttlestop but it kept the same max frequency turbo speed of my CPU which is 3.4GHz.And this causes high temps (reaching up to 98 C).Base speed is 1.19 Ghz.I know I can undervolt my CPU to keep temps normal but I want it to run at its base speed. My CPU is Intel i3 1005G1.Please help
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