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  1. I was copy and pasting it in, but I must have had a brain fart and just missed a letter each time because I got it working Great work! The full speed fan mode seems to ramp down every few seconds for some reason, but I am not worried about it. I thought I read somewhere that there was a slightly more aggressive fan profile you can choose. Maybe this is it... I have to disable Intel Speedstep (which then disables turbo) as when the laptop resumes from sleep mode the cpu is stuck at around 1.6/1.7 GHz until a reboot.(power saver mode I think). Turbo is about 3.2ish. Not your fault of course, just wondering if you have seen it happen before? Thanks again for the BIOS, good work
  2. Thank God it isn't another modern shooter set in the Middle East
  3. I didn't know there are books. Might read some of them before playing the game! Thanks for that.
  4. Amd Fx 8320 at 4.8 GHz (just bought a 4790k :-) ) Amd r9 290 with h80 mod at 1150/1600 8Gb DDR3 at 2000MHz Corsair BX100 512GB Phanteks Luxe case
  5. I think I am well over the 100 mark. Every time I see something for cheap I buy it thinking I will get round to playing it sometime... It's like I am a game collector but not a gamer lol
  6. I was looking forward to this for so long, seen some gameplay and just didn't bother buying it. Maybe I will pick it up when it's on sale but I just have no buzz for it anymore.
  7. I agree with Ex1Lee, Rust I a great game! Best to play with a few friends as it is hard to solo.
  8. Hi guys, have the passwords changed? I tried both that are in the OP and I still get an error trying to extract them in WinRAR. I downloaded them directly from the biomods website because I don't have enough posts to download here. Clevo w350ET
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