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  1. i can create backup but not really know how to unlock it.
  2. E1762IMS.50X i used newer version of afudos and got massage " bios is write protected"
  3. sadly i cant flash bios at my gt70 it gives me massage " problem getting flash information" i did everything like in guide and when i'm just about to flash it by command "update.bat" it gives me this massage and nothing happens ;(
  4. Nice video, i didnt know that 980m sli is so close to titan x
  5. i5 6600k @ 4,4ghz asus z170 pro gaming corsair ddr4 2x8gb 3000mhz gigabyte geforce gtx970 wf3 oc @ 1450mhz samsung ssd 840 120gb segate baracuda 1tb thermaltake se 530w zalman z3+
  6. Yes i know, just waiting to get promoted
  7. it will help with 100% fans , dead gpu problem ?
  8. i'v got gigabyte 970 wf3 oc and its at 1453mhz without even rising voltage, so i thing g1 would do even better
  9. i'v got 18, but my steam account was created 15 september 2003 only 2 days after start ;P
  10. thevirusplw

    Witcher 3

    I really like this game, one of the best games i ever played definitly the best 2015 game.
  11. I have exact same problem with my gt70 ;(
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