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  1. hi all i've been active in the other parts of the forum but here it's a first timer for me... so is the topic watercooling. now i have a thing i just can't get ahead with and have been thinking about it for a while now: i plan a build where i use two sperate loops, one for the cpu with one 480 rad (4 x 120mm fans) and one loop for the 3 gpus with one 480 rad (4 x 120mm fans or maybe 8 x 120mm in push/pull...not sure yet) and one 360 rad (3 - 120mm fans), using two pumps. now my question to pros: how would you hook up the pumps and the fans? all of my fans are pwm fans. now what i though about doing was the following: - using those pwm splitters (http://www.amazon.com/Phobya-4-Pin-Splitter-Power-Eight/dp/B00OD7MO6E) to "collect" all the fans of one radiator and then sending them to a aerocool touch 2100 fan controller (http://www.aerocool.us/peripheral/touch2100.htm). so in the end i have 3 rads going to 3 splitters and from there going to 3 ports of the fan controll. this doesn't seem to work, the fan controller is a 3pin one (only 1 of the connectors is a 4 pin pwm port). i tried with two fans on the splitter and from there to the fan controller. but i'm not able to regulate the fans. if this would have worked out, i would have connected the two pumps the the cpu_fan and cpu_opt headers on the mainboard (asus rampage v extreme). now i'm thinking about using those splitters to "collect" the fans of the rads and then connecting them to the different fan-headers on the mainboard, but the question i'm facing here is: let's say i connect the pump for the cpu-loop to the cpu-fan header, the pump for the gpus to the cpu_opt header...how does the mobo know that the gpus are getting warmer and therefore regulates the cpu_opt header? and if i do it like this, do i just connect the 3 splitters for the 3 rads to other ports on the mobo? here again my question: if the cpu is getting warmer, the mobo will try to up-rpm the pump. but how does it know, the fans on the rad connected to i.e. chassis1-header has to be upped as well? i hope anyone understands what i'm saying ^^ i'm so confused about this it's hard to even write straight haha... if you don't know what i'm talking about let me know, i will try to explain in more detail whatever part is unclear.. thanks for your help in advanced and i wish you all a great monday cheers
  2. i know, i was glad i didn't notice that he made the movie until i finished watching it haha
  3. hmmm, somehow i can't embed the video -.- just some fun we had with the gopro and our monofins at the pool this summer xD
  4. i watched "the visit" the other day and was pleasantly surprised about how much i liked the movie. except the little shit that plays the little boy, i was pissed off by only looking at his face -.- xD
  5. Desktop: ASUS Rampage V Extreme Intel I7 5960X 2 x ASUS Titan X in SLI 4 x 4 GB of G.Skill Ripjaws 3000MHz 4 x Kingston HyperX 480GB SSD in 2 Raid arrays SuperFlower Leadex Platinum 8Pack Edition 2KW ASUS ROG Swift P278Q Windows 7 - Still shivering about if I should upgrade to Windows 10 (Don't feel like doing a clean install haha) Notebook: Alienware M18X-R2 Intel I7 3920XM 2 x Nvidia GTX 680M 4 x 4 GB of Kingston HyperX (forgot the speed) 2 x Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD in Raid array 1 x Samsung SSD that came with the notebook (forgot size and model)
  6. btw, what i've noticed, is that the setting we talked about (adaptive / static mode) sometimes swicthes back to adaptive mode. so, lets say i acitvate "unlock adjustable volrage", and set it to 1,4004 static, there's a good chance that it will be set to 1,4004 adaptive, as soon as i close the window and open it again. also when the system starts and i start TS, i had it happen that it rebooted (probaby since it went back to adaptive again). just as an input :-)
  7. sure thing man! so i tried what you suggested, i set the voltage to static and then set it to 1.4004 and hit apply then it works! and how you said, it didn't freeze immediately, just upon hitting "apply". yes, when i click on the modifiers on the left, tha values (i.e. multis) change right away. yeah awesome man! great work as always :-D hey, what is the difference between when i set multis on the left of the main pannel (while i.e. on profile 1), or when i enter TRL and set them there (while in profile 1)? so far it works great, funny thing is, my oc-pannel of the mobo still reads 36 as the multi, even though i "cirumsized" it using TS :-D
  8. soo, i'm beta-testing @unclewebb 's throttlestop 8 atm. so far i've tested setting profiles and accordingly adjusting the clocks of the octa core. the clocks change fine, awesome! when i went into the trl (turbo ratio limits) menu, i accidently clicked on "unlock adjustable voltage" which made my pc freeze, and after a forced reboot i had the bios complaining the the oc failed ;-) but this was expected, as the voltage stuff isn't set up yet in the version i'm testing right now. i just misclicked. maybe the beer as well ;-)) the rest is as always and also works as perfect as always (all the different options with showing ingf in the tray, setting the profile-switch-shortcuts, start minimized etc.) so far it kicks ass, finding it totally awesome to have my favorite oc-tool working together with the 5960x will do more testing and beer drinking now...not necessarily in this order ;-) cheers dudes
  9. hey guys is anyone with a octa core sing any tool to throttle the speed? my idea was to have it set up like my m18x-r2, so that i can switch clock-profiles (like surfing, gaming, and benching i.e.). since i didn't find out how to use the profiles that i can switch using the oc-pannel that came with the rampage v extreme, i thought i will just use throttlestop. but then i noticed that 1. i can't controll the voltage (it will just use the same amount for 3ghz as it uses atm running the 5960x @ 4.5ghz) and 2. it will only controll 4 of the 8 cores xD i thought maybe someone has run into the same problem before cheers
  10. hey guys, been thinking about upgrading my m18x-r2 as well... it's sitting there with it's 3920xm and 675m sli, now i'm thinking about getting new gpus as well. what i saw is, i could get 2 x 680m for around 520$ the pair (new ones), or i could get for around 560$ one 880m, and in a few months get another 880m. i had the 780m's back when i had the aw18 and didn't like those...they got quite hot. now i'm just about to go and read up on i the 880m's also have probs with the heat. i never had any probs with my 680m's i used to have and also they never ran too hot, even under hardcore oc. now i'm not too sure what to do, what would you guys do or what do you think about it?
  11. i finally cracked the 30k barrier with my setup so now, there isn't even a non accepted result ahead of mine anymore xD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3920XM Processor Extreme Edition,Alienware M18xR2
  12. thx man yeah i can't wait until i can get something new on the gpus ;-) thx dude
  13. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3920XM Processor Extreme Edition,Alienware M18xR2 within the results of my current config (3920xm, 675 sli) there were only two results ahead of mine, ones that are non accepted results since a gpu was dedicated to physixs. with my last result i beat one of those two, making me 2nd place behind a non accepted one and 1st place of the accepted, counting results cool, still can't wait until i got the money to upgrade the two outdated gpus
  14. quick and dirty ;-) M18X-R2 3920XM 4.7GHz Flex 55 | wPrime
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