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    Mainboard from a clevo X7200 /sager np7280 working condition. make me an offer

    120.00 USD

  2. Doki

    Clevo X7200


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    Clevo X7200 for sale! good condition. with Windows 7 config: price 590 USD CPU i7 960 12GB RAM 128GB SSD GTX 470M Barebone (cpu only) 460 USD without CPU 420USD ask for details

    590.00 USD

  3. Doki

    Clevo X7200 Different SLI instructions and updates

    good post! what PSU are you guys using? my 300W failed at full load (GPUs overclocked) so i built this monstrous setup: 580W in total the small box in the middle is a selfmade powerconverter
  4. Doki

    P150HM - GTX680m, wrong vbios

    your welcome @Robigarga 88 ! beside the Testmode part (thanks @sirana ), you have to do this every time, because the driver setup replaces the nvlddmkm.sys with a new unpatched one. you can find the new 1.6 version by googling it, however im not sure if its allowed to post it on this forum. you can use my instructions
  5. Doki

    P150HM - GTX680m, wrong vbios

    Hi, im also running a X7200 with 680M SLi. update your displaydriver to the latest Version. Use the lastest DifferentSLI (V1.6): 1. Install Displaydriver (if your running win10, you have to be in "Testmode", just use a Watermark-remover to get rig of the white Text in the corner) 2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and copy the File nvlddmkm.sys into the DifferentSLi folder. 3. Run DifferentSLIAuto.exe and pacht it. 4. Run Install.cmd as admin. (it signed it, but fails to copy the file back to the drivers folder. however, we do it manually in the next step. 5. Now your file is patched and signed. copy the patched nvlddmkm.sys back to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and replace it with the orig. (make backup first) 6. reboot and you should be able to activate SLi tell me about your results
  6. Problem solved. don't know how and why, but it works now. thread can be deleted. Hi everyone, i need your help (once again) i have a GTX 470M and a P170EM which i don't need anymore. so i tried to put them togther and sell it. however, the p170em doesn't recognises the 470M. (in the Bios it says N/A) is that normal? The laptop goes berserk after 1 minute (fans 100%, beeping and flashing leds like the end is near ) so i thought the 470M is dead. but no, it works perfectly in my X7200!! my other thought was that the p170em is somehow damaged. so i put my 680M in it -> works like a charm. so the question is: whats wrong with my p170em and 470M? are they even compatible? thanks!
  7. Doki

    Clevo P150HM and 680m Vbios problem

    Hi! i can flash your 680M if you want. im from austria btw.
  8. Doki

    X7200 <-> P570WM GPU Heatsinks

    so i found a other heatsink (for 25€ ) which is pulled from a X8100. as far as i know, it can be modified to fit into a x7200. i will let you know if it really fits and how it performs under gpu load. i already asked them. they don't have it anymore in stock.
  9. Doki

    X7200 <-> P570WM GPU Heatsinks

    Hello, i recently bought a x7200 with one gtx 680m in it. now im planning to upgrade to sli with an other gtx680m. but i can't find a heatsink with fan. so the question is: does the p570wm GPU heatsink fit into the x7200? they look very similar. or does someone sell parts of a x7200? thanks in advance
  10. Doki

    Clevo P150EM & GTX680M

    this sounds like a software problem. it may sounds stupid, but if you still facing this problem, try Windows 7 instead of Win 10.
  11. Doki

    X7200 <-> P570WM GPU Heatsinks

    thank you buddy! doom runs great on my gtx680m too. yes, its slightly overclocked: 850 core 2000 memory with another 680M im pretty sure it runs a lot better. thanks! i found someone who is selling a X7200 Motherboard with a 460M on it. he also offers the heatsink for it. this is the picture i got from him: it looks different, but he claims that it fits into a x7200. what do you guys think? OFF TOPIC: is there any trading-page/forum/thread on this site? im not very familiar with techinferno yet. thanks
  12. Hello everone, i just want to share you some Hardware mod ideas for the p170hm. the goal was to improve the airflow for the fans, while maintaining a decent look of the notebook case. overall improvements: GPU (GTX680M OC) about 7°C drop at 100% load CPU (i7 2820QM) about 6° drop at 100% load not sure if the two small fans helping that much. you guys think its better if they would suck in the cold air instead of blowing hot air out? the fans are 30x30x7mm. the power is taken from the sata connector. this took me about 3 hours to make.
  13. Doki

    485M cooling issues on P170HM

    from my experience the GTX485M in my p170hm ran about 87 - 90° maximum. does your fan speed up to 100%? i upgraded to gtx680M. temp is about 70-80 max even with +100MHz OC. //EDIT: can you pls post links to the hardwaremods you made? thanks
  14. Doki

    P150HM - GTX680m, wrong vbios

    Thank you i will try it as soon im able to download the files.
  15. Doki

    P150HM - GTX680m, wrong vbios

    Hi, im also from Austria. i am about to flash my GTX680m 4GB Clevo. i have a P170HM. what did you done wrong to encounter this problem. what vbios did you flash? thanks in advance.
  16. Hi guys, im from austria. as an IT guy i looking forward to help other people! cheers
  17. Doki

    GTX 970M vbios flash to stock

    why shouldn't you update to the latest drivers? what is your vendor?
  18. Doki

    GTX680M Flasf FAIL

    did you flashed your gtx 680m already? im also going to flash my card
  19. not much. 4 games. mostly free to play
  20. Doki

    I have a reseller model clevo laptop

    https://geizhals.at/?cat=nb&asuch=&bpmax=&v=e&hloc=at&hloc=de&hloc=pl&hloc=uk&hloc=eu&filter=aktualisieren&plz=&dist=&mail=&xf= enter your specs here. maybe u can find the model. but i never heard of it
  21. Doki

    CLEVO P170HM Grafik

    i have a GTX485M. no need for it. im also from Austria, in case you are interested.
  22. Doki

    Are someone playing in csgo?

    CSS is way better than CS:GO imo
  23. Doki

    What's your first personal computer?

    Pentium 3 233MHz 128MB RAM 4GB HDD Windows 95!! ATI Rage something with 2MB VRAM
  24. Doki

    Post Your System

    Clevo P170HM with 24GB RAM GTX680M 4GB 120GB SSD+500GB HDD i7 2820QM

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