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  1. Been thinking about the Perma Bios... Also I'm kind of new to the overclocking thing any Guides you can direct me to? Thanks!!!
  2. Bone Stock, right after a session of D3 ROS- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4960X,Notebook P570WM
  3. I might be bringing this post back from the dead, but I would say Clevo. I might be biased since I've never owned a Dell or Alienware. Personally I'm not into the flashy cool factor exterior. Owning two Branded Clevos (Sager) 8790 and the NP9570, I can say the build quality has come a long way. I opted for a real desktop replacement solution. As for customer's support they always replied to all my concerns in prompt fashion. I've used my models typically for gaming and video/photo editing. I would say from where I live, when people think of Alienware they think of premium hardware the crème dela crème of gaming devices more of a "status" item. I love it when I whip out my non flashy Clevo/Sager and they ask me, "what kind of Notebook is that?" I would have a big grin on my face knowingly how more powerful my machine is compared to the "celebrity". Enough with my stories.. You can definitely see the price difference between the refurbished and new between the Alienware. I would always buy new. That's just me.. I read you prefer the exterior aesthetics (looks) so the Alienware definitely has an edge for you. If the price is within your budget then Alienware would be great for you.
  4. Maleficent, was ok took time to get interesting. Had a Lord of the Rings feel to it.
  5. Thanks, I wanted a powerhouse... Last PC I have was a Gateway FX P-8709u so Its a major upgrade...
  6. Sager NP9570 Dual nVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M 256bit w/8.0GB GDDR5 in SLi w/2nd AC Adapter + Power Converter Intel® Core™ i7-4960X Processor (3.6~4.0GHz) 15MB Intel SmartCache - 6 Cores - 12 Threads IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3/1600 Kingston HyperX 750GB SATA II 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM Hard Drive Combo Dual Layer DVD +/-R/RW CD-R/RW Drive w/Softwares 9-in-1 Memory Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/SD/Mini‐SD/SDHC/<wbr>SDXC) Integrated 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN + Bluetooth™ V4.0 Combo Card Windows 8.1 Pro - (64-bit) Makes me one happy camper!
  7. I traveled from South Dakota to Colorado, Colorado to Japan, then my final destination Guam. Using the Slappa M.A.S.K. Jedi Mind Trix. Notebook on hand was the Sager 9570/ Clevo P570WM with two Power Bricks, Astro A50's, PS Vita and Logitech G700 S Was quite a work out lugging 20+ Lbs but everything fit securely. Airport screening was a breeze due to the TSA approved lay flat notebook sleeve.
  8. @sa7ina Have you tried the 880M OC Edition VBios? Any right of the bat (No OC) stock improvements? I just purchased mine last week. Truly a Beast of it's own.
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