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[GUIDE] AMD HD7970M with Enduro vbios modify and flashing (For P1x0EM and etc)


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So... Aikei do you think that 8970M bios would work on 7970m since its basically the same HW?

It´s not the same hardware, at least if you place both side by side there are some differences. I would NOT recommend doing this unless you can burn a new rom if things go wrong.

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hello guys can you help me aswell, i got my bios extracted

my stock clocks should be 1000/1500 and voltage should be 1.1 ( can i pls have a 2nd vbios with 1.075;since some ppl had problems with 1.1v)

also i ask myself because there are various power states, is it possible to undervolt the gpu in idle mode and aswell lower the core clock

aswell my DRAM is still stable at 1560mhz which is the maximum i can choose in afterburner it would be sweet to find a way to get even more clock range on the ram, in my old 4850m the max value could be set in the vbios.

is there a way to get more voltag on DRAM?


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Just a word of advice.... Over the years Ive noticed the people who help the most will often overlook the people who make the posts like "So sad no ne wants to help me" when it sounds like from the above at least one person has said he would help - but it will have to be the weekend before it happens. Hope you find your help!

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thanks a lot! i see the problem with win flashing just like u , it is a higher risk, but im willing 2 take it. i will disable ulps in registy and it shoulb be working fine then.

the higher voltage leads to higher temperatures which has influence on the lifespan of the gpu , i for myself use liquid metal so my temperatures never exeed 70° in gaming. when i use furmark i get 90° after 30min but that was jhust to burn in the liquidmetal, when i use the fn+9 (full fanspeed) temperatures are around 74° in furmark. that is more ore leff the same temperature the desktop chips have to face and i guess it will be alright.

correct me if im wrong

and i didnt quite understand the chesum issue, do i have to find my orginal checksum and correct things in the registry or whats the deal with it.

anyways thanks a lot buddy!

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The higher voltage may affect other components apart from the from the GPU die but I'm not exactly sure. I know from personal experience after running my 5870M's at a +0.025v overvolt for over a year it suddenly wasnt stable anymore and I had to drop voltage and clocks back to stock. Desktop components cannot be compared to laptop components. They are built for an entirely different environment, not the tightly spaced areas we deal with in a laptop.

After my 5870M's lost stability with the overvolt and overclocks I did some research and found the above information. MXM cards cannot be compared to a desktop GPU with regards to tolerances. Of course they may be exceptions to the rule but when dealing with such expensive components I'd rather play it safe and run the card over its design limits for benches only.

The checksum is merely for checking if the vBIOS file has not become corrupt after download or copying it to a flash drive, nothing more. I'm unfamiliar with ATIwinflash but I know the command for the regular DOS ATIflash is "atiflash -cf biosfile.rom" where biosfile.rom is the name of your vBIOS file. You should rename the vBIOS to an 8 character file name before flashing.

After executing the above command, ATIflash returns the checksum value of the file which should be 0xF400, if it is different you will need to re-download the file as it is corrupt.

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so here are my results:

i only flashed the 1.075V bios because

- even with liquid metal the heat is tromendous i reach now 80-84°C whilste playing bf3 before it was 10°C below

- i can run 1045 at stock, i tried 1100 with the vbios result = 3dmark can run , crashed in bf3

- i never had stable clocks i had to downclock in 5mhz from 1100 to 1065 and even that was not stable

- even with these lower clocks of course the heat produced was still way too much

- i got artifacts all of a sudden and i had some nice enduro related issues

enduro related issues:

- when in game the game gets into window mode after about 1min of gaming

- bluescreens

- game crashes and i get 1100067% gpu usage, and the windows dies with it....it takes a while then u get a bluescreen , if i tried to reboot before windows tried to reboote but got stuck just after everythin disappeared but the desktop

general issues

sometime the enduro starts bf3 with hd4000

bf3 starts minimized if u max it by yourself in the wrong moment u get bluescreen

if you start Afterburner, precionX etc in the wrong moment u get bluescreen

after that bluescreen u reboot and than u have 99% gpu usage no matter what

after a restaart problem is solved

general things

the clevo keyboard is the worst i ever used

if you use the kayboard and want to use the touchpad right after that u have to wait like 0.5sec untill the touchpad starts reacting again

to be honest, this celvo machine is the worst laptop i had. i would never recommend this brand to any1 else. especially this amd bull****

besides that, if you r a usual customer (ppl that dnt buy clevo laptops) you can get somehow happy with this laptop

but all over all clevo is totally overpriced crap imho

regarding the price for this clevo was 1680€ with AMD so with nvidia i had to pay like 2000€ so the enduro problems would be gone but i would have a way more overpriced machine then before

nd alienware laptops look like they were designed for 12years old boys....i could never use such a machine in my environment

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Ok, so for whatever reason this thread now loads for me. I understand what is being said, but I have a situation happening on my system I do not understand.

1 - Looking at my stock vbios it is setup as a 1.05/1.00 3d state voltage. But when I stress it, it never gets above 0.975. I would think this is an error on the monitoring part, but when I upgrade to a 1.075 vbios it does indeed read 1.075!!!!

2 - When looking at the 1.075 vbios I can not seem to locate the voltage settings in the binary anywhere. I tried looking for the pattern to indicate the 1.075 voltage as well as pattern omitting the voltage and just the rest of the sequence.... 0000EF02 yada yada yada. No dice. It is the vbios that svl7 posted on here in another thread. I dont know if maybe he has a different way of coding things since hes the expert around here? I have no clue. This is all new to me but I seem to at least semi-understand what is said above and feel confident making the changes.

I just do not understand why my system will not go above 0.975 volts. This is with my stock vbios, and another stock vbios from a different 150em user. (posted in this thread actually)

I've also read about people "turning on" CCC Overdrive with a vbios ROM edit. I"d love t hear about that if someone cares to share.

Thanks in advance for anyone's time and thoughts! :)

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Sorry, i can not See the Pictures in the Startpost, because of no permission. Is it correct that atiwinflash only Shows N/A at BIOS version? I think it doesnt read the right values from my 150em.

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My checksum was c3dd(50141) it mean lower than basic. Solution to bring it to c400(50176) was to change the last "00" (looking from top) for "23" which is 35 in "dec". Maybe this info will help some other noob like me.(vbios stock 1.0v core/mem@950/1500) :)

Aikei i'm really glad that there are still people like you, sharing their knowledge with another for which this things sounds like black magic Thanku you a lot, спасибо!

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Thanks a lot for this, which is finally a good fix for the newer Enduro/UEFI/etc. enabled 7970m cards. FWIW though, at least on the xxx.022.xxx vBIOS the checksum bits start somewhat later in the file (0xFFFF) than where the OP's screenshots show and are formatted a little differently.

Does anyone know what algo ATIWinFlash uses for generating the CRC though? I would rather not have to boot a Windows box each time I need to check that, just for the sake of a couple of bytes.

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First of all, thank you very much Aikei. Your guide is clear and easy to do and works like a charm.

Since i am new here i would like share my overclock file to make it easy to everyone that is not sure how to do.

My file is for NOTEBOOK P150EM - GPU 7970M - CRC 0xF400- Core: 970 / Mem : 1200 - link :


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Could this possibly work with the 8970M? snince the cards are physically the same, it only changes the boost clock to 900mhz

Have you tried to work with your card? I have p150sm with 8970m and I wanted to undervolt it a bit and maybe set some higher parameters. Don't know if anyone done this?

If something goes wrong can I just simply flash stock vbios and everything will back to norm?

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