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  1. I don't know if you've solved the problem already, but try this. Now with the 980M installed, format and clean install windows 8.1 again, and see if it works. Because old versions of windows 8.1 didn't like Enduro systems, and they would just get stuck forever in that black screen with the mouse. If it works, first thing you do is install all the updates for windows 8.1 (dont let windows update install gpu drivers and such...) Also, if that falls into the black screen, i see 2 more options, going for windows 8.0, or downloading a more updated version of 8.1 and installing that (this one worked for me). Cheers
  2. Alright, i'll leave an update here. Looking into the thread [GUIDE] AMD HD7970M with Enduro vbios modify and flashing (For P1x0EM and etc) I was able to find the Clock (900Mhz) and the memory clock (1250Mhz), so i can change them through a vBios update. But i never tried, im kinda afraid i'll just brick the system, and that's not a possibility for me. So, for someone looking into overclocking a 8970M, this thread has some nice info, Cya guys!
  3. Could this possibly work with the 8970M? snince the cards are physically the same, it only changes the boost clock to 900mhz
  4. Thanks, tried 2T, still to no avail.. couldn't boot at 1800mhz. Bad luck i guess, i'll stick with 1600mhz 10-10-10-24. Happy holidays!
  5. I get it now, damn i'm dumb. So, it turns out my ram sticks really don't enjoy higher frequencies... I've tried 1.00 and 16, it boots up ofc, at 1600mhz. With the latencies stock, i've tried 1.00 and 18, doesn't boot up at 1800Mhz :/ I've changed the latencies to 12-12-12-32, 1.00 and 18, still doesn't boot.. damn it's hopeless...i'll just stick with 1600Mhz @ 10-10-10-26, which is an improvement vs stock Maybe 2T can smooth things up a little? I made up the 1800mhz with the lower latencies, but i don't know how much better is 1T 1600mhz vs 2T 1866mhz... Well, thanks everybody! Guess i'll stick with these, and maybe change rams in a couple months just to satisfy myself
  6. No, that's not it. My rams, @ stock are clocked 1600Mhz with 11-11-11-28.I have them 1600Mhz at 10-10-10-28 no problem. But there is an option missing on the memory bios tab.. i've seen other bios'es from Prema on other Clevos, and they have a option to select, 1600, 1866, 2133.. while i have nothing of that sort. I've tried to raise the Memory frequency from 12 to 14 (i don't know what it does.. i was just hoping), and even with 12-12-12-28, the system refuses to boot. So, i can achieve tighter timings, which is nice, but i can't seem to change those pesky pesky 1600Mhz, because i see no option to change that. If you ask, i can post pictures of my option on the memory tab. Thanks for the support!
  7. Hi Prema! Thanks for your awesome Bios! I can't seem to overclock the memory clocks at all..i have no option for that! Do my rams unsupport that? I was able to reduce the cas latencys, but there are no memory clock options. All i see is a Memory Clock frequency, blocked to 2 options (1.00 and 1.33) and a Memory Frequency ( at 12, can't change that, bios always refuses to boot if i do). Any advice? Thanks, happy holidays!
  8. Hello once again! Yes, i haven't forgot you guys! Since it's christmas, why not try to destroy my awesome PC? So let's have it, i've done all the things you said above. I only have 2 ulps entries, i've changed them both to 0, and changed msi unofficial overclocking to 2. No change here, still crashes everytime i overclock. BUT, i CAN downclock! So, keeping that in mind, im 99% sure that only a custom vbios will solve my problem. And that's the same with custom voltages! I've overclocked my i7 4700mq to 3.6ghz, thanks to Prema (thanks man!) AND at the same time, undervolted 50mV! I've kept the adaptative voltage, just changed the offset to -50mV, really handy this feature. I have about 83ºC with full fan speed on prime95, if i disable the full fan speed, it's really quite stupid what happens. The temps go to 91ºC, at that temperature, the fans go full speed, so it'll cool down to about 86ºC, where the fans get quieter again, so the temp goes back up to 91... and so forth and so on... But, 83ºC on this CPU is really amazing! Playing games, Crysis 3, it goes around the 70-74ºC mark. On Team Fortress 2, it keeps it at around 60ºC (that's REALLY good!) The GPU, at 900MHz, playing Crysis 3, 78ºC, if it reachs the 80ºC mark, it's only for a quick second, i've only seen it hitting 80ºC for a few minutes while i was playing Skyrim with 30+ only visual mods, but that's another story. On Team fortress, GPU is at 68ºC. If i overclock to about 1000Mhz, the temps really are about the same, at most they'll suffer a 3ºC increase, and what's 81-82ºC while playing Crysis 3, when some people struggle to keep it under 95ºC! I guess im really lucky with the temperatures on my machine, i haven't modded it in any way, it's with the stock thermal paste. I only have 2 rubbers under the 2 rear supports, to keep the airflow better, while aiding my writing skills! But, regarding the 8970M problem (which i've researched, and found that other people with the same GPU on the Clevo's can't OC the memory as well. I leave here some information about the GPU = [url=http://https://www.dropbox.com/s/zasz3sxzv1sidts/gpu-z.png The vBios version, as you can see, is the (BR44465.003) one. Happy Holidays Folks! Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!!
  9. I'll try all of the above in a near future, i'm not at home nor have a USB bootable drive with me right now, i'll give feedback in about a week, thanks all of you guys for the help
  10. Well well, with that, i can unclock the memory clocks without freezing the whole computer! But, if i OC 1mhz, still freezes... Damn
  11. So, to update the situation. I've update the Bios/EC to the version: 1.03.01 The ME to The issue with the HD8970M continues (oc memory clocks) I can only hope now
  12. Thanks Prema, you're really great! I'll keep this topic up-to-date, to people with the 8970m
  13. Hi, i'd like to say thank you to everyone who frequents this forum, you're really helpful I do infact have a problem, i have a Clevo P150SM, with an i7 4700MQ, 2x4GB 1600mhz, 120GB Samsung Evo SSD, and a 8970m! I've tried to research this particular problem, with little sucess, so here's the deal: I'm sorta of an entusiast about OC's and things, so, as the Prema Bios for the SM come along, i would like to test and benchmark my GPU! I get pretty good temps actually, 55ºC on the CPU, playing for 1 hour, and GPU doesn't pass 78ºC (with all maxed out, no v-syinc), while playing, and the fans at the passive default mode! With MSI Afterburner, i can push the Core clock, upto 1000mhz with no crash on furmark, after that, it starts crashing on 3DMARK 11 (not furmark nor any other game tho???). So i can max out the core clock (1050mhz) and can play with that pretty stabely-ish! (i think 3dmark hates me). But, I CAN'T overclock the memory clock, as a matter of fact, i can't even unclock that, as soon as i touch it * booop* freeze! I've installed many OC software, Trixx showed me that my core clock was at about 1.025 (ou 1.040, can't remember), but i couldn't overclock even the core clock, on any software, only the Afterburner allowed me! I'm asking for your help guys, because im kinda of a noob when it comes to vbios and those kinda of things.. i don't want to wreck this pc To fill you guys a little more, on the bios, i've fucked up really hard, i made a "load bios defaults" and that changed the layout of the bios loading at the boot, but it's still the same version as it was before! BIOS VERSION: 1.00.03 EC/FIRMWARE VERSION: 1.00.05 I do believe these are the versions, i'm lazy to check right now :3 If anyone can help me with the GPU-oc thingy, i would be really really REALLY glad Thanks! Edit: I MAY have noticed that it's the 8970m vbios blocking the memory overclock... because every single one of the 8970m's i've searched are memory clock blocked too...
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