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  1. Have you tried to work with your card? I have p150sm with 8970m and I wanted to undervolt it a bit and maybe set some higher parameters. Don't know if anyone done this? If something goes wrong can I just simply flash stock vbios and everything will back to norm?
  2. Ohh guys I have p150sm and my PCH is 75 at idle and around 103,5 C at load.... I just got my laptop few days ago so its new, should i be worried and send it back for check? Or its actually normal temp? Also my hd8970m is going to 89C... where it should stay at 75 I think?
  3. Thank you! Ok then I will go with 8790 for my Clevo
  4. Hi I want to buy a clevo laptop but I am messing with choosing a card. gtx 770m and 8970m are around same price. When I saw benchmarks the AMD is 25% better but I also heard about some problems with enduro and battery life and about haswell CPU is not working very good with AMD GPUs. Few years ago (maybe more then few) I had Ati Radeon for desktop and It was pain in the ass, no new drivers for long time etc etc, and since then I am always on geforce GPUs. What can you suggest? The problems were solved already? How often are coming out new AMD drivers? If I will take laptop with AMD graphics will I be able to change it later for better geforce?
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