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  1. So... Aikei do you think that 8970M bios would work on 7970m since its basically the same HW?
  2. Did anyone tried to flash this on a 7970m?
  3. Aikei, just noticed something my original bios has 0xC400 CRC but after i flash the moded bios changes to 0xC500, if ia put back the stock bios it reverts back to 0xC400. Is this suposed to happen?
  4. But when checking with hardware monitor in 3d apps i givesme 1.0v, maybe the app is not reading correctly
  5. Just flashed it. Works like a charm! Many thanks aikei!
  6. Thanks alot m8! will try it tomorrow since i need the laptop today and in case something goes wrong i need to switch to my 675m and i dont have it with me. Please check your PM´s, need some info from you.
  7. Here you go. Can you mod it for 900/1300? 7970mP150EMstock.zip
  8. Thanks for the advice but alreay done that, even change thermal pads, temps at 925/1300 are 80c playing crysis 3. I think im good to go. - - - Updated - - - Just one final question, is the crc value equal for any clocks? can i use the B4 for my clocks?
  9. Thanks again. Will post my results as soon as i flash it. It will help alot of people in my situation
  10. Im such a noob when it comes to this things. Can you please say whats the correct string for 900/1300 and 925/1300? Thanks - - - Updated - - - Btw, to flash the rom do you need to be in a game too, just like when saving the bios?
  11. Wow. Thanks alot m8! Can i buy you a beer? i Will try it tomorrow! Will post may results as soon as i flash it - - - Updated - - - Just one quetion, how do you reverce the hex values? Because they have a 0 more than the unrebersed one, and theres no logic. Do you reverse it with windows calc as well?
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