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  1. As a musician i currently dont have much time to listen anything else but the work i'm doing. For Pregressive Metal fans check out my band: SULLEN
  2. Hi.

    Just to let you know that i can sell you the GTX 680M for 300€ with shipping.

    I can also flash it with a vbios compatible with you M15X and even give you thermal pads.

    Where are you from?

  3. I can confirm, there´s no hardware id change for the graphic card. It´s just a rename in the BIOS. Still what make it show up like M290X is the driver. If you get the driver from the ATI website any card will show up like 8970, if you get the driver from CLEVO (wich seems to be only modded?) you will get M290X... no diference, no performance change... just a RENAME of the hardware... Prema can´t help you with a P370SM-A atm, but i can help with a P570WM if you need
  4. The 15" with the biggest amount of HDD slots ( 4x or 5x 1TB SSD RAID0 ) doesn´t even matter if it´s mSATA or 2.5" 32GB RAM! High Color Gamut or any really good IPS screen. Thunderbolt + Ti Firewire 800 Would be great if it could disable devices in BIOS, stuff like onboard crap (audio, fingerprint, dedicated gfx card, etc) That would be heaven. Honestly i don´t care for anything else. I think that there´s nothing like that out there. Clevo P150SM can handle 4x SSD, does have TI firewire400, and there´s HCG screen for it, 32GB RAM is easy. On the downside, no thunderbolt, no option to disable stuff in bios
  5. Sorry for the delay, i usually only do this type of work in the weekend. Well not even the .007 work... same problem, if i enable SECURE BOOT pufff no image. Going to try the one svl7 posted. EDIT: Nope... the one SVL7 posted also doesn´t work, i think the P370SM, P375SM BIOS is the culprit, although the NVIDIA cards all work fine. I quit! lol
  6. Ok, but where can i get the v3, v5 or even v7+, i do work for a Clevo Reseller, but i don´t get any kind of update like that, nor i can find it in the CLEVO channel. Da hell is CLEVO doing? Or am i missing something? Everyone who is kindly putting P375SM Bios updates available online for the end users should also add that update or at least a warning, we resellers, are going to have some serious problems with this... I know Bios updates that go wrong are not covered by warranty but i don´t really like to apply those kinds of policies.
  7. Sure i can try out. I´m out of ideas anyway. I´ll have to continue testing tomorrow... im done for today.
  8. Ok so, the P375SM card does have a label saying: BR44616.001 But the VBIOS was updated to BR44618.001.ROM before shipped to us. And i can confirm, no SECURE BOOT with BR44618.001.ROM Anyone knows of a more recent version? - - - Updated - - - Well i reflashed with P370SM BR44618.001, it´s the same, no image, from the moment i turn on the PC, this machine has no HDD at the moment, i didn´t even started installing the OS. Tried activating the Secure boot with standard keys and with custom keys... no image, i can only make this units work if i turn off secure boot or if i place an NVIDIA card.
  9. Woot... well i uploaded the EXACT file that i downloaded from the P375SM card, that mean it was already updated to BR44618.001, and that means BR44618.001 won´t work also... just gime some secs to test it and compare files.
  10. Here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/158457984/BACKUP.ROM Going to test with BR44618.001.ROM I will be right back with the results!
  11. Give me a sec and ill upload it. I do have BR44618.001.ROM for P370SM, which probably solves this issue, i was going to test it now. The problems is all the clients who don´t have that version installed, and will probably update their BIOS and pufff, no image, i smell a lot of RMAs. There should be a VBIOS update / Warning in the CLEVO Bios latest FW update package, and there isn´t any.
  12. Stock ones supplied by CLEVO: BR44616.001 I´m mostly sure its a VBIOS problem, since it only happen with AMD and its clearly a gfx card problem.
  13. Here´s something weird that is happening in all P375SM with dual 8970M. After installing the new BIOS/EC/EC2 for Windows 8.1 compatibility (the NEW FW 1.03.01) i´ve noticed that if you enable Secure Boot the display won´t turn on anymore. I can clearly see that the laptop is booting but i get no image. While enable and disabling UEFI won´t cause this, enabling secure boot will. I tried 3 different laptops, got the same result. There´s no way i can restore this with the usual procedures, remove battery, clear cmos, remove memory, bios recovery. The only solution is installing a NVIDIA card (765/770/780) go to bios disable secure boot and then install 8970M again. I´m currently trying to find out if this is a problem with my BIOS files or something else. I think i seen some other user complaining about this and he actually sent is unit back to warranty. I´ll keep testing and ill let you all know what i found out. So if you got P375SM with dual 8970M don´t update to new FW just yet if you have AMD.
  14. The reason for my problem with the LEd always is simple.... you just need to reinstall the AMD driver, puff problem solve. There´s actually no difference between CLEVO 8970M cards... I feel stupid
  15. Hummm weird with at least one W230ST i still got the warning after unplug the AC, i even removed the battery, and it still was going on... better play it safe and if using the clevo package just wait some time before updating the bios to be sure there´s no stuck value and it won´t start the warning beep. We´re getting units from clients and if this keeps going a lot of resellers are going to have a hardtime. About the recovery tool i wasn´t able to use it with the P370SM and im sure the unit shutdown after boot flash section, it was the only one i had to return to clevo, btw the info i got is that correct file name for recovery is P370SM.ROM right?
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