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  1. First of all, thank you very much Aikei. Your guide is clear and easy to do and works like a charm. Since i am new here i would like share my overclock file to make it easy to everyone that is not sure how to do. My file is for NOTEBOOK P150EM - GPU 7970M - CRC 0xF400- Core: 970 / Mem : 1200 - link : LINK
  2. Thanks, my model is the p150em as Prema said. My best regards In your opinion is too risk downgrade my bios to 1.00.04? I have a very little experience in moddin so i don't know how risk it could be. I updated here :Clevo BIOS Thread Thanks
  3. Thank you very much, my bios is the BIOS V 1.02.17. I should update direct to the mod? I updated this bios 3 months ago. ( :
  4. Hi my clevo is a P15xEMx. I should use the P151 or the P150? or none of than? Thanks in advance
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