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  1. Gelid GC-Extreme - 8.5 W/mk Prolimatech PK-3 - 11.2 W/mk Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - 12.5 W/mk Your "IC Essential E1" from Cooler Master is only 4.5 W/mk
  2. Nobody told him that 7xx, 8xx gtx series will not work in clevo p1x0EM?
  3. Heatsink for 8970m looks like that: You can get them by CEG-hardcorecustom.(de)
  4. Maybe stupid question but did you try the "oven way" with 7970m?
  5. Did 1060 came from MSI? How/what with support for win7x64? Any gifts for the community this year Santa?
  6. He has already found a solution. The problem was the RAM.
  7. At the beginning it was loud about the possibility of using the 780m in p1x0em. Then it was even louder about the possibilities of use 980m in p1x0em. And suddenly this whole campaign is silenced. Eurocom relase a video which shows a possibility of installing 980m in Racer 2 (Clevo P150em). Description below of the video tells us sth like: But when we go to upgrades - VGA Showroom and search for 980m, we will find note like: Sooooo it is but it is not, OK so simple.
  8. I'm curious how this "story" will end, i hope good.
  9. Try newer and older drivers from AMD's and best on "newly" installed system. If it will not help use the warranty if you still have it, If not then Ebay and 780m. ifififif.. I have got also BTO but older one (; good luck!
  10. It would be nice to hear anything about the progress of the modified BIOS for the EM series. I can understand that someone do something voluntarily (god bless you), but when I visit this thread, and I see absolutely nothing new, I feel that the project goes quietly into oblivion, which fills me with sadness.
  11. I do not want to be pushy, but I would ask you for any information about the progress of the bios for Clevo p1X0em enabling the launch of the GTX 780m. I've seen some good deals of the cards, I wondered also about new asus g750jz but my Clevo (3720qm/7970m/16gb) miss just a little bit more performance in graphics. Regards
  12. Mine looks like this:| AMD Radeon HD 7970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3720QM Processor,CLEVO P170EM 1090/1550/1.1v If i set voltage above 1.1 (even 1.125) perfomance is going down.
  13. My checksum was c3dd(50141) it mean lower than basic. Solution to bring it to c400(50176) was to change the last "00" (looking from top) for "23" which is 35 in "dec". Maybe this info will help some other noob like me.(vbios stock 1.0v core/mem@950/1500) Aikei i'm really glad that there are still people like you, sharing their knowledge with another for which this things sounds like black magic Thanku you a lot, спасибо!
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