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  1. I guess trying a driver with modded .inf wouldn't hurt. Guide here: 1. Go to laptopvideo2go.com 2. Click "Drivers" tab 3. Go to Device Manager -> Display Adapters -> "Properties" of GTX980M -> "Details" tab 4. Select "Hardware Ids" from the drop-down menu 5. Copy required values from "Hardware Ids" to laptopvideo2go "Search terms" field 6. Set other search parameters at laptopvideo2go, as desired 7. Click on "Filter" 8. Download latest modded .inf file from laptopvideo2go.com and the latest NVidia driver 9. Unpack the driver 10. Copy (or replace) the modded .inf file into the folder, where you unpacked the driver 11. Run the driver installer 12. Reboot 13. Enjoy Try disabling VSync in NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Use Display Driver Uninstaller app to remove both Intel IGP and Nvidia GPU drivers from the system. Then install newest drivers, Intel first, NVidia second. This should solve the issue.
  3. Congratulations. Enjoy the card!
  4. You can upgrade your Windows from a bootable USB. You need to download Win10 ISO/USB from Microsoft using Media Creation Tool. After the upgrade use Display Driver Uninstaller and completely remove previous NVidia driver. After that install newest driver with modded .inf (both driver and modded .inf are already available at laptopvideo2go.com). Everything works like a charm, no throttling. P170EM w/GTX980M and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit here, no issues at all.
  5. I have a Clevo 7970M v1.1 for sale. PM me if interested.
  6. My P170EM is rocking a GTX980M now, with Prema's BIOS mod v2, Prema's vBIOS mod v1.1 and 353.12 driver with modded .inf, as well as a modest (for now) +135/+200 overclock!
  7. I jumped the ship and purchased a Clevo GTX980M today. It should arrive within 3 working days.
  8. Battery could be built in the palmrest. It would have to be very thin, but it's feasible, especially if the goal would be to reach the 15mins runtime.
  9. Thanks @Khenglish. So the rest of my thinking is correct, right?
  10. I have a P170EM with Radeon 7970M and Prema Mod BIOS v2 installed. I would like to upgrade the GPU to GTX980M. My supplier of choice (I am a bit $$$ constrained) would be RJTech. As far as I understand this thread, I need to buy the P150SM-A variant of the card (Does it differ anyhow from the P170SM-A? Would the P170SM-A be preferable for me, since my laptop is also a 17incher?): Laptop Video Cards :: nVidia GTX 980M 8GB Video Card for Clevo Laptops - R&J Technology, Clevo Barebone Notebook kits, Laptop and desktop system builder Plug&play, yada, yada, yada and all I need to do is flash Prema's MXM vBIOS for Clevo GTX980M from here: https://biosmods.wordpress.com/mxm-vbios/ After all these steps I can install drivers without modding the .inf and I can overclock the card. Is this correct? Can anyone please corfirm/deny/correct me in my way of thinking? Much appreciated. Cheers
  11. I hope it will indeed be compatible with P1x0EM Clevos. I would rather spend ~$700 on a GPU upgrade than ~2000 on a new laptop. I think my current setup has enough CPU power, it could use a bit more GPU power though. A bit more GDDR5 wouldn't hurt either. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. Heatsinks are interchangeable, you just need to transfer the thermal pads. I just installed a P1x0SM GTX780M heatsink in my P170EM (7970M). Temperature drop 8-10C under full load ([email protected] GPU client, clocks 930/1400, room temperature constant). EDIT: With the new heatsink my GPU is 100% stable at 1000/1500MHz @1.025V. FurMark temp is 88C.
  13. P1x0HM ans P3xxEM/SM don't support Enduro at all, you can't disable it if it's not supported right from the start. Disabling ULPS in the registry forces AMD dGPU to be switched on all the time, which is essentially the same as turning Switchable Graphics w. Enduro functionality off. I guess that you referred to routing dGPU signal to the display. In P1x0EM/SM the signal is routed via Intel IGP, what is called a MUXless design. In P1x0HM and P3xxEM/SM signal is routed from the AMD dGPU via a switching multiplexer, what is called a MUX design. It is impossible to switch from MUX to MUXless in Clevo Enduro laptops. The only laptops, which have an option to switch are Alienware.
  14. You can disable Enduro by searching Windows registry for a string "EnableULPS" and changing the DWORD value from 1 to 0 where possible. This is a well known bug in FC3 DX11 running on 7970M. I think that disabling Enduro will not change anything.
  15. Try following: Launch registry editor (regedit) and search for a string "ulps". The editor should find a number of entries titled "EnableUlps" with values set to 1. Change the values to 0 in all of them (there should be 4 entries like that IIRC). See if that helps. Use it only together with "UnofficialOverclockingMode = 2" in MSIAfterburner.cfg.
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