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  1. I made my rom with this software : VBE7 - vBIOS Editor for Radeon HD 7000 series cards | TechPowerUp Forums
  2. Don't work on P170EM with Win7 x64. The latest hotkey version for this system is 6.0100 and I don't want to upgrade to Win8...
  3. NO, it's impossible to control the color of one specific key...
  4. I looked and I saw a AlienInMiami.dll. I tried to put your lightfx.dll and renamed it to AlienInMiami but it keep crashing. This is the crash log :
  5. I tried it with World Of Tanks and it works ! I see the health of my tank on my keyboard. I don't know if I own other games that use LightFX so it's the only thing I can say about that for now. EDIT : I forgot to mention I had to stop the audio effect on your controller app. I post it here because I don't know if it's more useful in this thread or in the other. EDIT 2 : I tried Hotline Miami with the Alienware option switched on and the game has stopped working...
  6. So, I like this software and the way it work. I noticed on the audio effect, when there is no sound : the color and the luminosity stay like it was at "the last beat". Sometimes it turn off the backlight and I have to put another effect or wait for another sound. If you can, it will be nice when there is no sound that the color and the luminosity revert back to something that we have chosen before (like the settings for the custom effect for example). But it's great, nice work !
  7. So, there is no way to interact with the led controller apart from "pre made" stuff !? It's weird because it's harder to create a controller like that than the controller MSI apparently used.
  8. I just installed your bios mod and I'm pretty happy. Especially for the 1T, my ​​VMs run a little bit smoother! Thanks a lot !!
  9. Do you know if the controller work with them with a PWM system or "simply" work with the voltage ? I ask that because if it's voltage, maybe there is a chance to make that. But if it's a PWM system, it's a lot more difficult.
  10. I use a Zalman ZM-GM1. An cheap but very nice laser mouse. Resolution up to 6000 dpi and polling rate up to 1000 Hz. I'm very impressed, especially for the price: 40 €
  11. My laptop come from PWN PCS and I always use their bios. So, what can i do ? Simply update to the last stock bios & ec and after use your mod?
  12. What you can do with that cpu is allowing the turbo "phase" to be longer. You have to work with the max tdp but it means that your cpu will be more hot before the turbo stop for cooling. It isn't really an oc but you can gain something in particular circumstance. But can I ask why do want to oc your cpu because it's a good cpu and it's not restrictive for the 7970m.
  13. In my opinion, if you want a better cooling: you'd better looking some mod to allow a better air intake.
  14. Will it be merged with your other project (the custom light controller) ?
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