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  1. @Khenglish what do u mean by optimus bios? unfortunately my dgpu was active eversince i got the 980m, used 3 diffrent windows a plentora of nv drivers and intel drivers, the gpu always worked but was always active and even changing nearly everything in the nv driver menue didn t change a thing. the nvidia gpu activity panel says tehre is no program using the dgpu but still the fans spins up again and again... but im going 2 sell my clevo anyways
  2. well....having my p170em upgraded for about 800€ i have 2 say gpu upgrading is not that important tbh. i now have a machine with dp1.1 no pciE ssd and so on, ofc the cpu is capable and the 980m is/was too but 800€ is just 2 much 4 an upgrade and msi calls the same prices if not more. the platform/mobo just gets 2 old i/o wise so i will have 2 buch a new machine in 2017 and i m pretty sure it will be a desktop pc this time
  3. yeah that was the problem with the 7970m not shutting the fan off. that worked like a charm. but mit gpu fan turn on and off once in a while and with becoming hotter and hotter after bout 30min it just keeps spinning. i completely reinstalled win7 then win8 then win10 always witht he hope it ould finally just keep shut off but it just doesnt. pressing full fan mode just cools down the gpu a little so it takes longer time to finally spin up again. there is no program running that uses the 980m, the gpu activity symbol of the nv driver says there is no activity but still its in idle and doesn t completely shut off.... i seem to be the only1 having this issue and times ago i changed every setting in the nvidia controls and windows enrgy contorl but it just kept spinning, so i kinda gave up on this on ultimately making my buy an ultrabook for office work and stuff because the nois of the gpu fan is annoying af in the long term
  4. wow i cant believe it, new driver is installed.... thanks a lot 4 the help guys i didn t get that a new vbios was released still my gpu fan spins up so the nvidia gpu is still active while idle... but i wasn t having much hope on this 1 just to sort things out, after u freshly installed the nvidia driver, is there anything u change? which will put the dgpu fan 2 sleep
  5. so i got the same vbios version as u got, means i should update 2 version? didnt know prema released something new?! maybe this will also fix my alway on gpu, would be awesome...waiting so long
  6. u could replace the gpu thou. but otherwise keep in mind how old the em is... release 12, 5 years is a long time 4 a laptop
  7. so you went from v3b to v2 and that solved the issue?! didn t @Prema say that the v3b bios is the one where you can choose the drivers as u want and have no modding issues n stuff?! im puzzled so eversince i cant install any newer drivers i should also go to v2?! i dont get it, maybe prema can give us some intell side questin, does the p170em support dp1.2?! i read some pages and some say 1.1 some say 1.2 i think that comes from the 580m and 680m compatibility @InfectedSonic i am on v3b
  8. i doubt it but will try. what intel driver u use?
  9. im on v3b bios, i download the newest driver, run the installtion procedure, restart, driver is gone.... when i open nvidia experiance it wants to redownload the driver and reinstall the driver if i do that, story repeats itself again... so trying to install the newest driver leaves me with no nvidia driver so just for fun i treid everything: the above, most common way, downloading the new 1 installing it =no work deinstalling software reinstalling = no work deinstalling all software even in the system manager =no work deinstalling everything going offline so windows cant install shit and cleaning with DDU = no work device manager shows me that therre is a problem with my driver.... just spent 2 hours trying 2 install a new driver just epic, win10 + nvidia.... now rolling back 2 the old stable system
  10. i d like 2 update m driver aswell. can drivers only be updated with info-mod anymore? is still use 35x driver, but with that 1 i cant play bf1 so i d be happy 2 know how 2 update drivers is there any how2?!
  11. hey guys, i wanted 2 ask u which driver ur running and how 2 update the driver on our 980m em systems. im running 358.50 driver which is incompatible to BF1 on the other hand prema said that the newer drivers wount work with our laptop. is there any workaround or something? also driver installation on my laptop is not so easy, i tried running the newest driver and it doesn t work which had ma roll back to 358.50
  12. well according to my 7970m your wrong and the 7970m of @Khenglish was even better, it outran the 680m whilste beeing 200€ cheaper. it ran pretty hot but that was all.bang 4 the buck whise it was a great card. ever since then there was nothing new from amd^^ so hello 980m
  13. i just tried installing the newest nv driver with prema mod v3b and it doesn t work either, so no bf1 4 me
  14. 1080 sli?! 2x200w? for reals? thats insane my p170em is complete with my 980m, im stck to fhd with 60hz, there is no reason 2 upgrade 4 me, also the connectors are completely outdated. and until i have 2 run low or mid detail with the 980m it will take at least 2 years. so ill get a new laptop or desktop by that time. desktop wise ill see what vega brings and what nvidia has 2 deliver. i think its a joke whats going on, the 980 had the same power as the 780ti and now the 1070 has the same power as the 980ti, so there is basically only 1 gpu that is actually faster than theold one and this gpu is sold by 700€+... not with me, as im still stuck 2 bf3 only but i d like 2 play bf3 at 4k with maybe 100 or more hz, but manufactors just wount release dp1.3 monitors... they just dont want my money
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