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  1. Ok, so for whatever reason this thread now loads for me. I understand what is being said, but I have a situation happening on my system I do not understand. 1 - Looking at my stock vbios it is setup as a 1.05/1.00 3d state voltage. But when I stress it, it never gets above 0.975. I would think this is an error on the monitoring part, but when I upgrade to a 1.075 vbios it does indeed read 1.075!!!! 2 - When looking at the 1.075 vbios I can not seem to locate the voltage settings in the binary anywhere. I tried looking for the pattern to indicate the 1.075 voltage as well as pattern omitting the voltage and just the rest of the sequence.... 0000EF02 yada yada yada. No dice. It is the vbios that svl7 posted on here in another thread. I dont know if maybe he has a different way of coding things since hes the expert around here? I have no clue. This is all new to me but I seem to at least semi-understand what is said above and feel confident making the changes. I just do not understand why my system will not go above 0.975 volts. This is with my stock vbios, and another stock vbios from a different 150em user. (posted in this thread actually) I've also read about people "turning on" CCC Overdrive with a vbios ROM edit. I"d love t hear about that if someone cares to share. Thanks in advance for anyone's time and thoughts!
  2. If nothing else shoot me a PM with your email addy and I'll shoot you the entire vbios pack as soon as I get it. It will come as a zipped file with all of the files the pack contains. Just thought I'd offer to help!
  3. Does page 1 load for you?! I can't get it to load for some reason!! All of the important information is on page 1 so I'm kinda SOL there. Would be nice to be able to change the voltage on my own for the couple of things I would like to try!
  4. I was able to download that 1.075 clevo bios in another thread. Used ATIWINFlash and everything is rockin now! Thanks SLV7! As soon as I get a chance I'll be donating!
  5. Its really a personal preference thing. If a mouse was going to make a difference between you going 57-3 in BF3 vs 10-32, you probably woudn't be asking for opinions on the subject. I have a Razer Orochi. Based on my experience with their customer service, I will probably always buy a Razer mouse unless something is really that much more comfortable and feature packed that I just can't say no to it. For a laptop mouse I love the fact the Orochi is a bluetooth mouse that I can use without a dongle hanging off the side of my laptop. It just uses the built in Bluetooth module. Honestly, I have even gamed with it and it was just fine. However, after playing with it as a wired mouse for some time (performance is better in wired mode obviously) I can tell there is a slightly difference between the two modes as hard as I found it t believe I would ever notice the difference between 8 ms I believe it is and 1 ms. I mean we are talking milliseconds, who can really notice that?! Believe it or not when you play with a mouse for long enough, if you change it by even that small amount - your going to notice the difference. Especially in shooter type games or anything where a quick response is needed. In wired mode - 1 ms is all a person can ask for. Laser tracking is uber smooth. The size is a bit small but for the way I grip a mouse, I love it even though I do have larger hands. I made be the exception to that preference so definitely make sure you check one out in person before pulling the trigger. Or at least be ready for a possible return in case it is to small for you. But I wanted something nice and small to carry around with my laptop. I take it with me everywhere. School, my girlfriends place, pretty much anywhere I go. So having something that is easy to pack into my backpack is really nice. After a year of use it still looks great. I did have a problem with the wrapped USB cable. It got a kink in it and eventually the connection started getting goofy. I dont know what the deal was, but I had to have it in the port "just so" in order for it to work. At first I thought it was the USB port on my laptop but then I tried some other USB devices and realized it was indeed the cord. An email to Razer and a short time later, I had one in the mail - free of charge. When I company treats me right, offering up replacements with very little hassle - even if it was only a cable, earns them my future business in my books. I dont think you can go wrong with any of the Razer products, but for a laptop/portable mouse - the Orochi takes the cake for me!
  6. Just a word of advice.... Over the years Ive noticed the people who help the most will often overlook the people who make the posts like "So sad no ne wants to help me" when it sounds like from the above at least one person has said he would help - but it will have to be the weekend before it happens. Hope you find your help!
  7. I've always thought about doing this but havent' taken it on. Now that my warranty is expiring Im getting the urge again. Have people who have done this noticed any increases in stability or any side benefits besides the addtional features listed? Just the ability for the fan control makes me want to upgrade. Just curious if there are any "fringe benefits".
  8. Unless you can find a friend or relative that really really wants your system, or you have a system that is hard to find there really isn't one place or another these days that will net you a substantial increase in price. Everyone price shops, everyone knows how to use google to find the best deals. Chances are there are 100s if not 1000s others selling theirs and every sequential sale drives the price a little lower because they want to sell theirs first! I hate t say it but its just one of those things. Your going to take a kick in the groin when it comes time to sell it. You just have to figure it into your purchase and replacement scheme/plans. I've been going over the very same question myself on upgrading to a 8970m/780m, upgrading to a whole new system - or just waiting another year before I do either, probably the later.
  9. Is the above 7970m 150/170em vbios something that will work for anyone with a 150em or is this custom for the requester only? Curious because not only can I not download it, I didn't want to presume anything without asking first! Thank you in advance. I've tried leading myself to the trough so to speak but that thread with the information on how to edit your vbios yourself always locks up my browser (chrome) if I try to open page 1. Pages 2 to the end work fine, but they do not contain the important information!
  10. Do the modified ROM's in the bios pack that is downloadabe on this site work with the clevo based systems as well? I have a 150em with Enduro so I didnt know if that would affect things and definitely wanted to find out before I just started flashing. I have been able to use winflash to save a copy of my stock vbios from 4/12. If the Dell bios pack will not work for me I would appreciate anyone would could provide some overvolt or even an undervolt for some of my uses that I am curious about, I would greatly appreciate it!
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