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Battlefield 3


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All the aimbots out there just killed it for me.
I know, I have yet to join a server and not see at least one person get banned for aimbotting.
Yup pub servers are full of these kiddies that pay $20 to the sites selling the hacks. We used to run a T|I BF3 server which was fun because all T|I guys played on there and we had tons of fun. Eventually we had to let it go since everyone got busy with life.

That's the way people play today :apologetic: There's no game out there (MoH,NfS,Cod,...), that is not affected by hacks,...:apologetic:

Yeah, the T|I server matches were cool. (only knife on GrandBazaar:D:cool:)

I think I'm going to get ArmoredKill DLC and that's it then:peaceful:

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I'm totally down. Heck, I even threw $15 towards the other forum's one. I could do the same for this one (if you are planning on renting a server again). Although, surprisingly, for as many people as they have, the server was rarely populated.

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You gotta start somewhere. There's so much learning to do in BF3, I'd say half the process is knowing what everything does, how the physics work, what accessories/attachment combos work best for your play style. The rest is just practice, you only learn by making mistakes and repeated trying.

I wouldn't say I'm a pro, but every game I come out >1K/D on DM and top 5 score in Conquest. That's now, compared to <.5 K/D and lower 3rd in Conq. when the game came out. Also, my flying has gotten slightly better. At least I don't crash within 1 minute anymore :).

This is coming from a hardcore DotA player, not an FPS guy at all. But, BF3 has changed my taste definitely.

Plus, the only game where people take seriously is DotA, not BF3. It's nice to be able to jihad jeep and do stupid shit like that. It's not always about being #1.

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Agree with @Xonar, you gotta start somewhere Mike. Even if you suck, just play for fun and you'll have a good time. We used to goof around a lot when we had the BF3 server. Maybe we can rent a 16 player one and play on weekends or something? Those only cost like $30/mo so its not expensive if everyone is pitching in a few dollars here and there.

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Yeah well, if that particular hooker turns out to have a dick I'd rather just talk to her!

Well... yeah... but actually - no: :P


Hahaha, anyway, count me in for a weekend server, but I probably won't really play often until the summer's gone.

The rounds we played during the winter are legendary... b00bs, Brian, Sargent, Stam... epic! :D

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