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  1. jaoz

    i need clevo p370em prema mod bios help me pls ty

  2. Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: ms_gx740.zip MSI 16F1 Unlocked.zip MSI 1762 Unlocked.zip MSI GT60 Unlocked.zip MSI GT70 Unlocked.zip MSI GT683 Unlocked.zip MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip MSI MS-16F2 Unlocked.zip MSI MS-1761 Unlocked.zip SecondGenAMDAPU.zip Should I Flash These BIOS? See thread link below to learn which notebooks these bios files should be used with. Who this does NOT apply to: - If you are afraid to brick your notebook, this is NOT for you. There is always a possibility for errors and accidents to occur. - If you do not understand what any or most of these acronyms mean, this is NOT for you. You will probably find little use for the unlocked features and the potential for risk is much greater than the reward. Who this applies to: - If you have an understanding of most of this thread and are willing to learn, continue reading. - If you are an enthusiast who loves modding and overclocking and have experience with this field, continue reading. Features: So what are these features that MSI had locked out? A short list would include:* - XMP RAM support (Up to 2133Mhz) [Warning: 4 DIMMs at 1866Mhz(+) may not be stable, 2 DIMMs are stable at 2133Mhz]. - BCLK Overclocking (Up to 5%, your mileage may vary, no guarantees). - TPL limits unlocked (With the combination of ThrottleStop, CPU throttling can be overcome). To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below:
  3. Selling it together will net one sale, for less though. Less headaches. Parting it will net more profit, but much harder. You might not be able to sell all parts and can take months.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Honestly, selling it might be your best bet at this point. Hardware issues can cause a work of headaches and wrong part purchases.
  5. No idea. Well the EC does control the fan relatively to temps. I'd try and use Pherein's Fan Control first. Even though you have a Whitebook (1761), the fan profile settings are identical to the Retail verison (GT780). Pherein's has the option for the GT780. You also need RWEverything for Phereins.
  6. If it's a whitebook you need to contact the appropriate reseller that sold you your notebook and ask for the EC files. MSI doesn't provide direct support for Whitebooks, only the retail versions. If you bought the notebook from a retailer, not reseller, you may have to ask someone else to go fetch it for you or randomly email some resellers and hope they are nice. Don't do that, you'll mess up your EC for good. This files on the MSI site are garbage for Whitebooks. Ask a reseller for the EC files.
  7. Xonar

    Online MSI Shop

    Can you get it shipped from other countries (I.E. Germany)?
  8. No, but you can flash an unlocked bios.
  9. Multiplier at 63? That's not right. Set it to Turbo. Anyways, try running without the overclock. Maybe your GPU is being throttled for some reason? Try new drivers too.
  10. No, you will be fine. You have overclock headroom too.
  11. My GT70 BIOS is a very old image (way before 675mx support). You will need to use a new BIOS version for support. No, I don't have one.
  12. What are your CPU temps? Looks like turbo boost is running wild. Have you tried using Throttlestop?
  13. 680/780 doesn't work. 7970 and I believe 670mx (maybe 675mx) will work. There's threads here with the info.
  14. I specifically talked about panel QUALITY not motion blur. IPS had better brightness and color gamut. Otherwise we agree lol.
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