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T|I Battlefield 3 Server Returns!


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Well its baaaaaccckkkk!!! I'll skip the introduction and just give the info. you need:



Name Tech|Inferno Battlefield 3 Server
Game/Mod Battlefield 3 + B2K Expansion
Address [FONT=Verdana][/FONT]
Battlelog Link Tech|Inferno


Name Tech|Inferno Mumble
IP Address, Port 2662 PW: babesandb00bs
Mumble Link [URL]mumble://[/URL]


Players 16
Player Health 60%
Tickets 600
Friendly Fire ON
Kill Cam OFF
# Players to start round 1
# Players to restart round 1
# TK before player kicked 5
3D Spotting OFF
Kick Idle Player (seconds) 300

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great @Brian . Ping is now around 120ms. That should do much better :)

Excellent, that lower ping will more than suffice. Like @svl7 said, any lower doesn't confer much if any advantage in BF3 since it has prediction built into the netcode.

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Original game is all you need.

Great that is fantastic news Brian. Im waiting to hear from Frank before I can do anything. System isnt gaming stable. Ill be able to do Hoplesslyfaithfuls stress test but thats about it till I know more.

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lol, just tried to hook my 3d TV to my laptop. The game was amazing, at least for the first 2minutes. after that my laptop shut down due to overheating of my gpu :D

but even for this short time, that was just awesome playing BF3 on 55" in 3d :D

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