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  1. I've been away too long. Great comic there @LunaP
  2. This is true. I guess with thin and lights, just M.2 or mSATA is OK, but hard drives are a necessity especially with these larger laptops.
  3. They should make the ODD bay more modular then. I guess you can swap it for an extra hard drive or SSD, but would be nice if they added other options too like card reader or some PCIe adapter cards. But personally I'm glad to see it gone too. ODD drives and media, even in most work places that would use such a machine, are not that common from what I've seen. Best to use it for cooling. Hoping M.2 drives become more robust, and run much cooler so we can do away with 2.5" bays and keep slimming the form factor and/or more room for cooling or other neat new features.
  4. Crap @Prema - I didn't realize that this happened. So sorry for your loss. That is horrible and hard to deal with. I wish you strength and my thoughts are with you.
  5. I have IC diamond, GC Extreme, and just ordered some NT-H1. I'll have to do some testing and check results on my P650SE as well as on the P770ZMG if i have it long enough to test.
  6. I have not found a better non conductive, non capacative TIM than IC Diamond. From my own experimenting, it runs 2-3C cooler than GC Extreme at load, and results are instantaneous and don't degrade over time. GC Extreme takes a little bit of set time, to see some improvement (not much, but a handful of hours at temp/load) and it does start to degrade after 10-12 months. I know the scratching with IC diamond sucks, but with some due care you can minimize it. It's really cosmetic anyhow.
  7. Leave the battery in. Seriously, you gain very little from removing it. People get so uptight about it, drives me nuts. Just leave it in. I know someone that removed the battery because he wanted to conserve it (which is not really achievable considering they lose capacity over time anyhow) and went and spent $200 on a conventional UPS for his laptop. /facepalm.jpg/ What!? Leave it in. Worse case, buy another one in 2 years for $50-$100. /shrug/. And people that say that they remove it because they don't need to run on the battery, well then why are you removing it in the first place then!? It's free power outage safety. Trip over your cord, adjust your laptop and cord comes out, cat plays with the cord, whatever.
  8. I should have qualified that by saying MXM high performance TDP cards.
  9. P570WM3 is 17" though. There really isn't enough room for SLI in a 15". There's barely enough in a 17" unless they shrunk the MXM card form factor, but then you'd be sacrificing something else then I'm sure.
  10. Has anyone successfully flashed a third party vBIOS (like Prema's) to unlock their locked vBIOS?
  11. Clevo didn't really have a choice since no socketed CPU's were available unless they used the previous gen chips. They DID come out with the P750ZM though which uses a desktop CPU in a traditional 15.6" gaming laptop chassis so you can't go so hard on them. Only thing that they could do is if they made their own socket adapter for BGA chips with a socket on the mainboard. But that would be proprietary and likely not very efficient either. With regards to the locked down overclocking I just hope that one of our talented BIOS modders can make a vBIOS that will simply unlock overclocking with software without the need to constantly flash to test clocks. Honestly, I hope that AMD does offer some decent competition with their R9 300 series but I'm not holding my breath and really it's irrelevant because I'm certain that Nvidia has plenty of options to trump whatever AMD has to offer, unless AMD secretly is able to outperform Nvidia by 2:1.
  12. I'm surprised this didn't show up here yet, but Nvidia, in their infinite wisdom, has officially stated their stance on mobile GPU overclocking. Basically it will no longer be supported in any way, shape, or form in their drivers or BIOS. See this post here: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/805791/geforce-drivers/gtx-900m-overclocking-with-347-09-347-25/post/4458903/#4458903 This discussion has also been taking place at NBR: No more overclocking on Nvidia mobile GPUs | NotebookReview From ManuelG: "Unfortunately GeForce notebooks were not designed to support overclocking. Overclocking is by no means a trivial feature, and depends on thoughtful design of thermal, electrical, and other considerations. By overclocking a notebook, a user risks serious damage to the system that could result in non-functional systems, reduced notebook life, or many other effects. There was a bug introduced into our drivers which enabled some systems to overclock. This was fixed in a recent update. Our intent was not to remove features from GeForce notebooks, but rather to safeguard systems from operating outside design limits." I'd like to get Prema's and svl7's take on this and what this means down the road.
  13. What? No 965m in the 13"? That's quite a shame, I hope it does pop up.
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