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  1. PlayStation AIO Box Hey all Some weeks ago I ordered a CronusMAX USB-stick to be able to play my console games with keyboard and mouse, the stick has far more capabilities. Some days ago it arrived and I did some initial testing, I'll write a review in the next weeks, while testing I got pretty annoyed by all the cable chaos the setup come with. The main reason is because you need to run the software on a Windows or MacOSX OS respectively you need a PC running at the same time to be able to play with keyboard and mouse. So I came up with the idea to build a box with all needed components packed into it. The goal would be to that one has to connect the power (maybe internet connection too) and will be immediately ready to game. I started to design some first basic models of a box. I found some cool PlayStation CAD models on GrabCAD, this saved a lot of time and helps to get a better idea on how it will finally look. Meanwhile the version number has reached the 5th level and it looks like this: Box materials: Acrylicglass or wood Components: PlayStation 4 and accessoires PlayStation 3 and accessoires Zotac ZBOX/Intel Nuc/other nano PC AOC i2269VWM monitor 1x120mm + 2x60mm fan 1xRJ45 Splitter (1 Female to 3 Female) 2xHDMI Splitter (Male to 2xFemale) 2xHDMI (Male to Female) 2xHDMI Cable 1xDP Cable 1xUSB2.0 Y-Cable The project is still in development and for now it's just a study. But I'm pretty determined to build this PlayStation AIO Box. Tell me what you think about this project and feel free to give any advice on doing something differently.
  2. If you're using tubes made out of copper, you will need to use fittings, which are compatible with acrylic or messing tubes. I found this one from Alphacool on Aquatuning, this should be compatible with your 10/13mm copper tubing.
  3. okay...as mentioned above, can you give some more information about the other components of your rig? powersupply,...? If you're PC is working, can you please provide a HWinfo Summary screenshot Regardless of what games you'll play, I would recommend again to go with an AMD Radeon R7 260X, an AMD Radeon R9 270 or an AMD Radeon R9 270X or maybe the all new AMD Radeon R9 285, which will be released on September 2nd ;) Nvidia has some good solutions too, but AMD is far superior when it comes to price/performance ratio.
  4. Transformers: Age of Extinction: fighting Transformers needs no story Looper: Action packed movie with a good story Broken Flowers: Stored for a long time on my Movie HDD. Recommendable. 47 Ronin: wasted 2h of my life Haha
  5. hmm...What do you mean with "but not like that type of video card you remain good to that processor"? What about an AMD Radeon R7 260X, an AMD Radeon R9 270 or an AMD Radeon R9 270X? This system is for office work? Gaming? Can you provide some more information about your rig?
  6. 64Gb SSD and 4gigs of DDR3, lol a real "plus" for plus 100€ The "plus" version should have at least 128Gb SSD and 8Gb DDR3
  7. Conker

    AMD Catalyst™ 14.7 RC

    Has anyone ever tried using Eyefinity 3.0, which was introduced with 14.6 driver version, with mixed resolution displays? Wonder how this is looking in action...
  8. I actually never seen a 4K screen in action, but I think it's really cool to have one, whether for office work or gaming. The ones using a TN-panel are available for about 600$, those with an IGZO-panel are still costing 2000$+, but deliver a much better viewing angle, black level and colors. Currently the big problem is to reach 60Hz on those screens, that's why (almost) all models using tiled display mode via DisplayPort MST to achieve 60Hz at this resolution. I currently lost track, whether new display controllers are now available, which can handle to output 4K@60Hz. HDMI 1.4 is only capable of delivering 4K@30Hz, the newer 2.0 version is finalized for some time now, but there's no monitor available with this version, maybe we will see some first monitors with HDMI 2.0 at IFA in Berlin next month. I think, I won't buy a 4K monitor until fall 2015...
  9. @icke_dd: Never read about these Nano-ITX builds before, but it seems to be a pretty decent option for office work and media playback. How much storage do you get with that price tag of around 320Euros? Passive cooling at 40°C , that's cool. I think, once Broadwell is released, we will see a lot more product lines based on this Nano-ITX form factor.
  10. At the time Crytek revealed Ryse: Son of Rome as an exclusive title for Xbox One at E3 2013, I thought: It looks so great, why it must be an exclusive title?!? However recently Ryse: Son of Rome was announced to be released on PC later this year With improved textures and environmental objects it looks even more stunning. Definitely a must have title for me in 2014. The developers even think of rerendering the ingame-cutscenes in 4K and deliver it as an additional download for people, who own a 4K screen and have 120-150Gb free space on their harddrive. 4K Offscreen gameplay: :p
  11. It's possible to have SLI with your current powersupply, but you will have to use one of these MolexTo8pin or MolexTo6pin adapters, these are usually contained with the graphicscard. 470$ overall...hmmm... I would buy an Intel i5-4590K instead of an i7-4790K, further I would choose the Asus Maximus VII Hero and GPU-wise I would take the EVGA GTX760 Superclocked, which you have listed. This calculates to a total of about 665$, including a cooler like the Noctua NH-D15 or the Corsair H80i, we have an overall total of ~760$ It's your money, your decision...
  12. Maybe I can be a bit more specific which cooler you could buy, that's why I asked you for the case model. ;D Can you be a bit more specific or maybe you can attach a picture of your current setup? The powersupply should be sufficient. But...it has only one 8pin EPS connector (CPU power) and two 6+2pin PCIe connectors...depending on which motherboard you choose it may be required to have two EPS connectors (Asus Maximus VII Formula for example 8+4pin EPS)...the EVGA GTX760 Superclocked needs 8+6pin PCIe connection, this means that if you're going to add a second GPU you will need another powersupply or you use your Molex to PCIe connectors (which are usually in the GPU box)...keep that in mind
  13. Hehe Nice, don’t forget to give us an update once you upgraded your rig. Don’t forget to buy an appropriate CPU cooling solution for the i7-4790K I would recommend a closed waterloop cooler like Corsair H-series, CoolerMaster Nepton-series or a good air cooler like the Noctua NH-D15,... Which case and powersupply do you have?
  14. Hey guys Some time ago or better to say, before I handed my two GTX Titans to @svl7 for some further TriSLI benches (which are still pending ), I ran some benchmarks on my watercooled rig comparing two GTX Titans in SLI with my Asus MarsII (GTX580s in SLI). :glee: Here are the results, enjoy : Setup 1: [email protected] Asus GTX Titan@876/1502 core/memory (stock) Asus MarsII@782/1002 core/memory (stock) Asus MarsII@876/1002 core/memory Setup 2: [email protected] Asus GTX Titan@1156/1502 core/memory Asus MarsII@950/1002 core/memory
  15. Of course I don't know how much money you want to spend overall for your CPU, GPU and motherboard upgrade, so I'll list some options below: Top class: EVGA Z97 Classified Asus Maximus VII Formula MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC MSI Z97 XPowerAC Generously equipped motherboards with special features like SataExpress (Asus Maximus VII Formula), AC Wifi (both MSI boards and Asus Maximus VII Formula), Dual Ethernet (EVGA Z97 Classified). Ready for Quad-SLI/Crossfire setups. Possibly delivering the best CPU overclocking capabilities. They're the flagships so they're quite expensive. Good Price/Performance class: EVGA Z97 FTW Asus Maximus VII Hero MSI Z97 Gaming 7 I think one can say these are motherboards optimized for gaming oriented people. These motherboards still offer a lot of features, like mSata, SLI/Crossfire (2GPUs), nice onboard audio,... other options: Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark2 Asus Z97 Pro WifiAC Asus Z97-A MSI Z97 MPower MSI Z97 Gaming 5 These are some options that I can recommend, especially if you buy an i7-4790K processor. Every motherboard has its advantages and disadvantages compared to another motherboard. In the end the decision is yours. Hope I helped you a bit and feel free to ask further questions.
  16. Sorry, I have expressed myself wrong, I meant this method, modify the settings in the bios. Your i7-3930K has a TDP of 130W and your current cooling solution, the Noctua NH-D14, is designed to cool processors with 130W TDP. As mentioned before, overclocking on a cooling solution like this/on air with moderate temperatures is hard to achieve. You exceed the 130TDP rating easily, when you increase voltage and clockspeed on your 6core CPU, the Noctua NH-D14 reaches its limit.
  17. o.O Okay... :confused: In this case you'll have to buy a new motherboard anyway, because neither the i7-4770K nor the i7-4790K will work on a SandyBridge motherboard. Take the i7-4790K, it has better thermal compound and (possibly) better overclocking results. ShadowPlay......okay, the choice is up to you ...I have to say, Nvidia's marketing department has struck again ...
  18. Did you mean an i7-2600K instead of an i7-4790K? GPU choice : If you go for one of the two options that you have listed above, then definitely take the GTX760, because it's much more powerful than a GTX750Ti and has as mentioned SLI support. On the other maybe you have the time to wait a little bit longer, it's rumored that AMD is unleashing the "new" Tonga-based R9 285 by the end of August, this may lead to price adjustments for both manufacturers, Nvidia and AMD.
  19. Conker

    GeForce 340.52 WHQL

    From where did you get that? Quadro driver? Alpha driver? Any changelog details available?
  20. There's a noticeable difference in temperature, if one uses air cooling or a closed waterloop cooling solution. Especially if you want to run your 6core CPU with a preset overclocking. I would recommend you to change your cooling solution to a Corsair H100i or a Corsair H110. I'm using AS5 as well and the following two pictues will show, how the thermal compound eroded/burned off over time. This was after almost a year in use, after some time you'll have to do a repaste, it is virtually unevitable
  21. ...a little bit more information would be useful...maybe some pictures... What components are built-in? CPU-Model (i7-980X, i7-3930K,...) or generation (Westmere, SandyBridge-E,...) would already help a lot to determine what motherboard is installed.
  22. Your Asus G73JH should be upgradable with an AMD 6970m, AMD 6990m or an AMD 7970m. I've never seen a thread or benchmark result with a working AMD 8970m or a R9 290X. Probably you may need to (blind) flash the vBios of the card or you have to flash a modified G73JH bios to get everything working. I don't know exactly what steps are necessary in order to succeed:confused:... Some time back I read at NBR forums that someone managed to get an GTX770m working on his G73JH system, but as far as I remember he had to flash a custom zombie bios made from a G73JH and G73JW bios before the system worked. @svl7 and me tried several cards in my G73JW (dead) and had only success with an GTX660m. I think there's a problem too because the vBios is stored in the G73 bios or at least partly. Svl7 should be better able to provide information on this subject.
  23. Conker

    GeForce 340.52 WHQL

    Finally after more than two months since the last WHQL. Let's see how this one performs since I had to revert from the 340.43 BETA to the 337.88 WHQL driver, because the beta never worked correctly with Nvidia Surround enabled on my Asus MarsII (GTX 580 SLI)... "Best gaming experience for Metro: Redux" Lol, when I look at the release notes, Nvidia should still fix some issues on Metro2033 and MetroLL
  24. Okay, then it's not to serious hmm ok...I had higher temperatures as well, back when I used the Corsair H100 cooler and applied an overclock of 4.2 to 4.5Ghz on all 6 cores...I think it's normal... What's your cooling solution + thermal compound? When was the last time you repasted your CPU?
  25. What's the key point to wait for Broadwell? As far as I know there won't be any huge differences compared to Haswell and Broadwell is expected to be quickly followed by Skylake... One more question: Why Nvidia? Do you use a lot of programs, where CUDA is recommended? AMD cards crush Nvidia cards at the moment, when it comes to compute power. Here's the compatibility list for AE. I think you'll get more benefits and a better price/performance value, if you're going to take an AMD card. motherboard request: hmmm:confused:...compatibility list for G3258 hopefully it's correct ... Asus Z97 Deluxe Asus Z97 Pro AsRock Z97 Extreme6 AsRock Z97 Extreme4 I think with one of these you would be well served. They have Sata Express and M.2 interfaces directly on the motherboard and a lot of additional Sata connectors But there are certainly other good motherboards, that meet your needs and which are in your price range.
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